by sascha

Shinigamis and suicide

I’ve read several theories about how the shinigamis/ reapers in Black Butler committed suicide and would like to give my own interpretation. 

From the picture above it’s fair to say, that Sascha hanged herself. Her silhouette is the easiest to recognize.

For Grell I would guess, that she slashed her wrists, because she likes to “paint things red” and in the picture you can also see, that the nails seem to be manicured. Something Grell is apparently fond of. 

Othello probably didn’t get his name out of nowhere and in Shakespeare’s drama, Othello kills his wife Desdemona out of jealousy and than stabs himself. So I guess, that’s what exactly happened to our Othello.

Now it’s getting diffcult…

I would assume, that William jumped to death, because in the manga he’s often shown standing on high buidlings, which also gives some vibe of authority.

Ronald probably shot himself, as modern handguns weren’t invented until the middle of the 19th century and Ronald seems to be a newbie reaper and not long on the job.

For Alan I would guess that he overdosed, as he was already sick as a human and it would fit to the musical, where he’s infected with the Thorns of Death.

Eric is the hardest to guess in my opinion. I would ascribe the picture between what I would see as Sascha and Grell to him, which is barely recognizable. Given his cold demeanor in the musical, he probably chose a violent way like causing a horrible accident or something.

Ludger/ Rudgar is the only shinigami we’ve seen smoking so far. That’s why I would say, that he burnt himself to death, as cigarettes can be associated with fire.

Which leaves us with Undertaker. In my opinion he drowned, as he suddenly was very eager to leave the Compania, when the ship started to sink. I’m also picturing him to think, that drowning is the most romantic and artful way to die.