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I hope Smrookie Herin and Nct's Ten's families are safe and sound in Manchester and Bangkok. I hope they have been kept from harm and the danger. I hope Herin and Ten are making sure their families are safe and are both emotionally okay. I hope they are taking the hard hit with a strong heart. Saranghaeyo to you both, I love you, hwaiting!

reblog if you chogi wa danbeone neukkyeo
neol hannibe chijeucheoreom jibeoneoeul teda
hyanggil matgo saekkal eummihago
wainboda uahage jabameogeul teda

Ah geureonde baltobe himi ppajeo
immatkkaji eu eopseojeo
hokshi naega apeun geonga byeongirado geollin geoni
(Yeah keunil natji) Hey jeongshin charyeo
eojjeoda inganege mameul ppaetgyeo beoryeonna
(geunyeon hannip georippunirago)

Hey hwak mureo
geudaeum mak mak heundeureo jeongshin ilke
Hey ja an hae bon seutaillo
jeo keun boreumttari jigi jeone haechiweora

geurae Wolf naega Wolf awoo
(Ah saranghaeyo) nan neukdaego neon minyeo
geurae Wolf naega Wolf awoo
(Ah saranghaeyo) nan neukdaego neon minyeo

geobuhal su eopshi gangnyeolhan
i neukkime ppajeo beoryeo nareul nwasseo
nan dansunhan ge joa
nae soge sumeo itteon geoshi jigeum nuntteosseo

geunyeol jom bwa gongpoe ppajeo
nunape shichueisheon ihae motae motae
jeo deoreoun neukdae nomi gyeolguk nal jabameokketji
geuge aninde sarange ppajin geomnida

neomu areumda-areumda-areumdaun
geudae nae nima nae nima nae nima Whoo
nareul duryeoweo duryeoweo duryeoweo ma (Aha)
naneun teukbyeolhan teukbyeolhan teukbyeolhan Wolf
geudael saranghan saranghan saranghan Wolf
nege nuni meon nuni meon nuni meon Wolf

Hey hwak mureo
geudaeum mak mak heundeureo jeongshin ilke
Hey ja an hae bon seutaillo
jeo keun boreumttari jigi jeone haechiweora

geurae Wolf naega Wolf awoo
(Ah saranghaeyo) nan neukdaego neon minyeo
geurae Wolf naega Wolf awoo
(Ah saranghaeyo) nan neukdaego neon minyeo

neol mot kkeunkesseo keunil nasseo (Oh woah)
neol mot kkeunkesseo keunil nasseo (Yeah yeah)
jeo noran dari nareul nollyeo
neol gajil su eopdago
nan geunyang geochin yasuinde
geuttan mal hal kkeomyeon kkeojeo
piryohadamyeon nal bakkweo
geunyeol jeolttae bonael suga eopseo

geobuhal su eopshi gangnyeolhan
i neukkime ppajeo beoryeo nareul nwasseo
nan dansunhan ge joa
[Baek/Chen] nae soge sumeo itteon geoshi jigeum nuntteosseo

geobuhal su eopshi gangnyeolhan
Hey hwak mureo
i neukkime ppajeo beoryeo nareul nwasseo
geudaeum mak mak heundeureo jeongshin ilke
[Baek/Chen] nan dansunhan ge joa
Hey ja an hae bon seutaillo
[Baek/Chen] nae soge sumeo itteon geoshi jigeum nuntteosseo

geurae Wolf naega Wolf awoo (Yeah yeah)
(Ah saranghaeyo) nan neukdaego neon minyeo
geurae Wolf naega Wolf awoo
(Ah saranghaeyo) nan neukdaego neon minyeo

Romanized Korean in Kpop Fanfics

I get it. Sometimes when you’re writing a Kpop fanfic, you want to make the experience as authentic for the reader as possible. And what better way to do that than to throw the occasional Korean in here and there?

Romanized Korean is great; there are certain colloquial things in Korean that you just can’t translate into English. So yes, all the power to you writers out there using romanized Korean - kudos to you for trying to incorporate another language into your writing in a way that makes your story flow more naturally in a certain cultural setting. But are you doing it correctly?

I can’t tell you how much I cringe when I find a well-written fic and am enjoying it… when the author drops some misused romanized Korean smack in the middle. For those of you scrunching their noses at this post and thinking, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a fic. Just ignore it.” I’d like to point out that yes it is slightly insulting when someone misuses your language, acts like it’s not a big deal, and continues to misuse your language even if they may or may not know that they are misusing it.

So to spread awareness on using proper romanized Korean, I am uploading this post to share several common mistakes that fanfic writers tend to make.

Hope you find this helpful!


- “Jongin-yah”x “Hwasa-ah”×
- Can you tell me why these are wrong?
- If these sound right to you, you are probably not using these suffixes correctly.
- RULE: -ah is used with names that end in a consonant sound while -yah is used with names that end in a vowel sound.
- RULE: you should only use -ah/-yah when directly addressing someone.
- “Jungkook-ah, we really need to hang out sometime!“
- “Hani-yah, let’s go study at the library later today.” 
- NEVER use these suffixes in the object form/to refer to someone.
- “Did our Sungmin-ah sleep well last night?”x 
- "I was with Sunny-yah at the club yesterday.“x


- Personally, I dislike seeing ‘jagi’ in fanfics because it does translate into ‘Honey’ or ‘Sweetheart’ and other similar terms of endearment. But if you must use it for whatever reason, make sure you’re using it correctly!
- “Our jagi-yah looks so cute today!”x
- “Is our jagi-yah sick?”x
- This is such a common mistake.
- As in the previous lesson, ‘jagi’ ends with a vowel sound, therefore the appropriate ending is? Yup. -Yah.
- So why is the above example wrong?
- As in the previous lesson, you should ONLY use -yah after ‘jagi’ when you are directly addressing someone and not commenting on their appearance/condition/etc.
- “Jagi-yah, let’s go eat something yummy today~”
- “I bought a pretty necklace for our jagi.”


- “I went on a date with Suhoie-ah yesterday.”x
- That actually killed me to type.
- RULE: Unlike -ah/-yah, you can use -ie in the object form/to refer to someone and to comment on someone’s appearance/condition/etc.
- RULE: Only use -ie if the name ends with a consonant sound.
- “Have I ever introduced you to Sebomie?”
- “Jiminie performed so well on stage today.”
- “Did you get Youngjaeie’s number?”x
- NEVER use -ie and -ah/-yah together
- “Kim Soohyunie-yah is my kdrama crush!”x
- Just. No.
- NEVER use the suffixes -ah/-yah outside of Kpop fanfics.  -ie is okay.
- For example, when commenting on a music video:
- “Sehunie is so good looking” is perfectly fine.
- “Kihyun-ah sings so well!” is not since you’re commenting on a quality of his and not directly addressing him.


- “Annyeong! Jeoneun Irene ibnida!”x
- Lit. Translated: “Hello! I am Irene!”
- Bottom line is, if you can translate directly into English, I implore you to stay away from romanized Korean.
- You might as well just type your whole story in Korean if you’re going to use romanized Korean so heavily.
- “Umma, how have you been?“x
- Lit. Translated: “Mom, how have you been?”
- ahem
- Sorry.  It needed to be said.
- Honestly speaking, using romanized Korean in your fics isn’t completely necessary.  If your story setting is in Korea and the majority of your characters are Korean, then it’s assumed that they are speaking Korean even though you’re writing in English.  You don’t see professional Dramafever subtitles using -ah/-yah or oppa in their subs do you?

Anywaaaaaays happy fanfic writing and I hope this wasn’t too confusing :)

Note: I am Korean

every 2010 2min fic

taemin: m-minho oppa oh i mean hyung *flips lucifer era hair behind his shoulder* saranghaeyo..i know you’re the coolest guy in school and i’m a nerd but you make my heart go dugeun you want me to tutor you in science?

minho, dribbling a basketball: what the hell is science


What is your favorite thing about your girlfriend?”

taehyung: he has to choose one? (raising his eyebrows at kook)

jungkook: (shy laughter) she’s a very nice person

yoongi: i’m sure all of our girlfriends are very nice people

(entire group cackling offscreen)

jungkook: ah uh i’m very comfortable around her and i’m able to tell her if i’m insecure or worried about something and she listens very well 

yoongi: i think she has to listen because what else can she do she has ears

jungkook: (laughing at himself) 


jungkook: SARANGHAEYO JAGIYA ahhahaha i’m gonna die when i get home 

  • Santa (BANG PD): What do YOU want for Christmas Hobi?
  • Santa (BANG PD): *removes fake beard* Jung Hoseok what the fuck

OMGGGGGG this appa n son is TOO CUTE GOSHHHH


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Ten years later, Chogiwa and Admin were living peacefully somewhere in South Korea. They had three children: Ye, Xing and De. When they were born, they didn't cry. Instead, they had sang EXO's Wolf until they were out. It reminded Admin of their wedding when the said kpop band had showed up to sing the same song. Luhan, Kris and Tao had also showed up.

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I see you got lost on the way of leaving my blog anon… Write a full fanfic and send it to me why dontcha

for the love of god this is sarcasm please don’t actually do it

Big Bang Reaction Masterlist Post

Thanks to @jamlesschogiwawhisperingjyphoe for doing this for me!!! I’m glad you could get it done!