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Romanized Korean in Kpop Fanfics

I get it. Sometimes when you’re writing a Kpop fanfic, you want to make the experience as authentic for the reader as possible. And what better way to do that than to throw the occasional Korean in here and there?

Romanized Korean is great; there are certain colloquial things in Korean that you just can’t translate into English. So yes, all the power to you writers out there using romanized Korean - kudos to you for trying to incorporate another language into your writing in a way that makes your story flow more naturally in a certain cultural setting. But are you doing it correctly?

I can’t tell you how much I cringe when I find a well-written fic and am enjoying it… when the author drops some misused romanized Korean smack in the middle. For those of you scrunching their noses at this post and thinking, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a fic. Just ignore it.” I’d like to point out that yes it is slightly insulting when someone misuses your language, acts like it’s not a big deal, and continues to misuse your language even if they may or may not know that they are misusing it.

So to spread awareness on using proper romanized Korean, I am uploading this post to share several common mistakes that fanfic writers tend to make.

Hope you find this helpful!


- “Jongin-yah”x “Hwasa-ah”×
- Can you tell me why these are wrong?
- If these sound right to you, you are probably not using these suffixes correctly.
- RULE: -ah is used with names that end in a consonant sound while -yah is used with names that end in a vowel sound.
- RULE: you should only use -ah/-yah when directly addressing someone.
- “Jungkook-ah, we really need to hang out sometime!“
- “Hani-yah, let’s go study at the library later today.” 
- NEVER use these suffixes in the object form/to refer to someone.
- “Did our Sungmin-ah sleep well last night?”x 
- "I was with Sunny-yah at the club yesterday.“x


- Personally, I dislike seeing ‘jagi’ in fanfics because it does translate into ‘Honey’ or ‘Sweetheart’ and other similar terms of endearment. But if you must use it for whatever reason, make sure you’re using it correctly!
- “Our jagi-yah looks so cute today!”x
- “Is our jagi-yah sick?”x
- This is such a common mistake.
- As in the previous lesson, ‘jagi’ ends with a vowel sound, therefore the appropriate ending is? Yup. -Yah.
- So why is the above example wrong?
- As in the previous lesson, you should ONLY use -yah after ‘jagi’ when you are directly addressing someone and not commenting on their appearance/condition/etc.
- “Jagi-yah, let’s go eat something yummy today~”
- “I bought a pretty necklace for our jagi.”


- “I went on a date with Suhoie-ah yesterday.”x
- That actually killed me to type.
- RULE: Unlike -ah/-yah, you can use -ie in the object form/to refer to someone and to comment on someone’s appearance/condition/etc.
- RULE: Only use -ie if the name ends with a consonant sound.
- “Have I ever introduced you to Sebomie?”
- “Jiminie performed so well on stage today.”
- “Did you get Youngjaeie’s number?”x
- NEVER use -ie and -ah/-yah together
- “Kim Soohyunie-yah is my kdrama crush!”x
- Just. No.
- NEVER use the suffixes -ah/-yah outside of Kpop fanfics.  -ie is okay.
- For example, when commenting on a music video:
- “Sehunie is so good looking” is perfectly fine.
- “Kihyun-ah sings so well!” is not since you’re commenting on a quality of his and not directly addressing him.


- “Annyeong! Jeoneun Irene ibnida!”x
- Lit. Translated: “Hello! I am Irene!”
- Bottom line is, if you can translate directly into English, I implore you to stay away from romanized Korean.
- You might as well just type your whole story in Korean if you’re going to use romanized Korean so heavily.
- “Umma, how have you been?“x
- Lit. Translated: “Mom, how have you been?”
- ahem
- Sorry.  It needed to be said.
- Honestly speaking, using romanized Korean in your fics isn’t completely necessary.  If your story setting is in Korea and the majority of your characters are Korean, then it’s assumed that they are speaking Korean even though you’re writing in English.  You don’t see professional Dramafever subtitles using -ah/-yah or oppa in their subs do you?

Anywaaaaaays happy fanfic writing and I hope this wasn’t too confusing :)

Note: I am Korean

every 2010 2min fic

taemin: m-minho oppa oh i mean hyung *flips lucifer era hair behind his shoulder* saranghaeyo..i know you’re the coolest guy in school and i’m a nerd but you make my heart go dugeun you want me to tutor you in science?

minho, dribbling a basketball: what the hell is science

Something I found around my Facebook time line.
Seriously, anything can happen in the next 24 hours and I’m not prepared to let go. Thank you guys for being an inspiration, that you can achieve your dreams as long as you worked hard and did your best.

Good luck to all 101 trainees in their future endeavors

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What is your favorite thing about your girlfriend?”

taehyung: he has to choose one? (raising his eyebrows at kook)

jungkook: (shy laughter) she’s a very nice person

yoongi: i’m sure all of our girlfriends are very nice people

(entire group cackling offscreen)

jungkook: ah uh i’m very comfortable around her and i’m able to tell her if i’m insecure or worried about something and she listens very well 

yoongi: i think she has to listen because what else can she do she has ears

jungkook: (laughing at himself) 


jungkook: SARANGHAEYO JAGIYA ahhahaha i’m gonna die when i get home 

Big Bang Reaction Masterlist Post

Thanks to @jamlesschogiwawhisperingjyphoe for doing this for me!!! I’m glad you could get it done!

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-frowns- Before you read, aaah, I know there are a lot of different ways for this piece to be criticized… (I’m sorry, I’m still anxious that this piece will be taken negatively…) Ahah;; Still, it’s here, at least. Now you know what happens after MC holds the knife in her hand.



Highly Recommended to read Part 1 first: [Here]

MC Breaks Something Important to Yoosung: Sequel.

He never got the chance to apologize. He never got the chance to explain.

What was the truth behind it all? If only he could have been less stubborn, less scared, he would have told you.

After Rika had passed away years ago, Yoosung started to see a psychiatrist with Zen’s encouragement, and was diagnosed with depression. His psychiatrist claimed that it wasn’t abnormal that Yoosung’s grief developed into depression, after all, Rika had been an important figure in his life. It was no wonder that his loss could affect him so deeply.

It’s not that he loved her in the romantic sense—Yoosung knew that others often misunderstood, but he couldn’t care less about their misinterpretations. As long as he himself knew how he felt, then it didn’t matter. Yoosung treasured Rika as a person, because… he had never learned to love and value himself until he met her.

Before he had met her, Yoosung had always felt like there was nothing special about himself. He was just like every other kid out there. He went to school, he studied, he listened to his parents… He wasn’t special. There was no point to his existence. Anyone could replace him.

But Rika had made him realize that he was more than that.

“You really are a good kid!” Rika had said upon meeting him for the first time.

Yoosung furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. It’s not like he was doing anything special by volunteering today… His mom had convinced him to join Rika in doing this, with the benefit of getting community hours. He wasn’t the one who wanted to volunteer.

Rika noticed his dubious expression, and she smiled gently at him, putting down the stack of papers she had been carrying. She cradled his smaller hands in her own, gazing softly into his eyes.

“Yoosung-ah, what are you thinking?” she murmured, looking genuinely curious to hear his thoughts.

He faked a reassuring grin. “Ah, no, I was just thinking that you shouldn’t be complimenting me when you work even harder than me, noona!”

Rika chuckled quietly. “I wasn’t asking for a model-student answer, Yoosung, I was asking what YOU were thinking about.”

Yoosung felt confused by her response at first, but sighed when he realized that he probably couldn’t fool her. “Well, you called me a good kid, but it’s not like I’m the one who wanted to volunteer in the first place,” he admitted, frowning.

“Hmm~ So you don’t want to volunteer?” she said thoughtfully. “Then, what do you want to do?”

……He didn’t know the answer to that.

Wasn’t he just supposed to be a good friend, a good son, and a good student? Was there any merit in pursuing his own interests? Did he even have his own interests…? One that wasn’t influenced by someone else, but an interest that he desired all on his own?

“I-I don’t know,” he answered truthfully, averting his eyes in embarrassment.

“Well, if you don’t know yet, then that can only mean that you’re still on a journey to find out, right?”

“A journey?”

“Yes! I’m sure that as you come to experience many new things, you’ll be able to find something you truly love and have passion for, from the bottom of your heart. Aren’t you curious what it could be?”

“Uhm, I guess so?” He didn’t want to say it out loud, but his cousin’s words were seriously cringeworthy and cheesy.

Despite his unenthusiastic response, Rika beamed at him. “Perhaps you don’t believe me right now, but I’m certain that you’ll find the answer someday. When that time comes, make sure to tell me, okay?”

“Pfft. Okay, I promise.” Yoosung really didn’t understand how she could sound so sure of herself. Still, although he didn’t fully believe her, he did feel a small spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, she could be right. He couldn’t guarantee that she was wrong, just as much as she couldn’t guarantee that she was correct.

So, in an attempt to determine whether her ridiculously cheesy ideals were true, he decided to give it a try—opening his eyes to new experiences. It wouldn’t hurt to try. There was nothing about himself that he valued, so what could he possibly lose?

Yoosung began to volunteer more, meeting numerous people from senior citizens who respectively taught him many lessons, to little children who taught him patience. He put in more effort in his studies, which helped him to get along with the other students who were impressed by his sudden passion. He even helped out more at home, developing a better bond with his mother, too.

He didn’t really enjoy any of those things, though.

But the people he interacted with during these moments helped him in discovering himself. They’d tell him that he was full of potential, hardworking, passionate, reliable, friendly… They recognized multiple characteristics in him, praising him, admiring him. To be honest, Yoosung didn’t believe any of their compliments at first.

But having hundreds of people telling him the same things over and over again, Yoosung started to believe it, too.

“Yoosung-ah, has something good happened?” Rika asked curiously.

“Hm? Why do you ask, noona?”

“You’ve been smiling a lot more lately when you volunteer…”

Yoosung flashed a sheepish look at her. “Well, it turns out you were right…”

Her eyes lit up at this. “You’ve found it? The thing you love and have passion for?”

“Mmn, no,” he murmured, shaking his head, “But I do think you’re right that I simply haven’t discovered it yet. When we talked about it before… honestly, I was lost about who I am. But you suggested that I haven’t had enough experiences, so I tried to expand my world a bit, and I think I’m slowly starting to understand who I am.”

“And that is?” she urged him to continue with clear anticipation in her tone.

“I don’t think I can describe it easily… There isn’t really a black and white when it comes to a person’s identity and characteristics. I used to think that there wasn’t much substance to who I am, but now, I know that’s wrong. Through meeting others, helping others, and pushing myself to succeed, I’ve realized a lot of things about myself. And… I can be proud of who I am today because you led me to this answer.”

Rika’s eyes widened in surprise. She tried to deny it, “No, I didn’t really do anything at all!”

“That’s not true… You helped me face my insecurities, and you inspired me to volunteer. I know that… it might seem trivial to you, but it’s really important to me. And I’m sure that what you said about me finding something I can genuinely love someday will come true as well. Thank you, noona. For helping me. Thank you. You’re the best cousin I could ask for. Saranghaeyo, noona!”

When Yoosung fell in love with you, he hadn’t expected for you to return his feelings. Finding out that you loved him back made him feel like the happiest man in the world. He was determined to make you happy, too… and somewhere along the line, he realized: You were what he’d always been looking for. He loved you and cared for you from the bottom of his heart, he really did.

But this realization hit him like a double-edged sword. On one hand, he was more than thrilled that he finally found something he was strongly interested in. On the other hand… he couldn’t keep his promise to Rika. He had promised to tell her when he finally found it. But… she was dead.

This fact upset him for the longest time, and he lamented about it to his therapist a lot. But Yoosung knew that Rika wasn’t coming back. He just… he just needed time to move on.

She had made such a huge impact in his life. She was someone important to him. Rika was someone that he wanted to show you off to. To show that he wasn’t that same little boy who held no passion anymore. To show that he’d grown up.

And Yoosung wasn’t ready to spill all this to you. It was hard enough trying to live normally despite knowing that the cousin he had always looked up to and appreciated would no longer smile or laugh beside him. It’d be even harder recounting the whole story to you, because she really meant a lot to him.

That morning when he had awoken you upon discovering that you’d disrespected his privacy, that you’d treaded upon something he simply wasn’t ready to talk about yet… Yoosung just snapped. Did you not trust him? Hadn’t he told you numerous times not to go near that corner? He would have told you the truth when he was ready but he just wasn’t ready and he didn’t know how to explain without revealing everything.

In his anger, he’d left after yelling at you to leave, but once he walked outside, he regretted his words immediately. He didn’t mean a single word he’d said. But… Yoosung knew that he was still mad, and he needed to calm down first, so he refused to return so soon. He thought he would just apologize later, and then he would be able to explain to you.

When he finally got back home, he was ready to sit down to talk with you but…

You were on his kitchen floor, lying there in a pool of your own blood, and Yoosung felt his heart stop at the sight.

With his fingers shaking, he didn’t know what to do even as he fumbled for his phone while staring at your figure with wide eyes, guilt and shock overwhelming him. He had done this to you.

If only he had explained sooner.

If only he had been braver.

If only he hadn’t yelled this morning.

If only he’d come back sooner.

“If only.”

But the reality was that he’d been an idiot and what he’d done had hurt you and now here he was, being interrogated by the police.

I don’t know why she did it, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t know,” he pleaded, unable to think straight. He couldn’t answer any of their questions properly. He just couldn’t.

All he could think about right now was that he couldn’t lose you too.

The police gave up on him after hours of interrogation that went nowhere, so Yoosung was finally able to sit beside your hospital bed.

It was scary, staring at your motionless body on the sickeningly white bed, with an IV attached to your arm and an oxygen mask over your face. Your heartbeat monitor was stable… for now. But what if it stopped?

What if your heart stopped beating, and you left him, like Rika did?

This wasn’t one of those cliché movies where the heartbeat monitor would stop and then start again after a few sappy words from their lover. No, Yoosung knew better than that. Movies are movies for a reason. Life is much crueler than that.

Miracles like that don’t happen.

Rika never returned, no matter how hard he wished that her death was a lie.

“I’m sorry, MC, I’m sorry,” he sobbed, grasping onto your hand tightly.  “Please don’t leave me. I didn’t mean any of it. I was just mad, I was being childish. You know I’m a childish idiot like that. Please wake up, please.”

The doctors had said you were suffering from a large amount of blood loss. They had managed to find a blood donor in time, but for now, they would have to wait for you to wake up.

It was supposed to take a day or two, but Yoosung didn’t want to leave your side in case you woke up earlier.

He wanted to be the first person you saw when you woke up. He wanted to apologize immediately, and be the one to take care of you once you were awake again. He wanted to show you how sorry he was, and that he really did love you, and explain that his depression had gotten the better of him, that he wasn’t thinking straight…

He would’ve done anything to make it up to you. He knew that his words were too hurtful—if you had been the one to say it to him, he doubted he could take it either. He knew what he had done was unforgivable, but he refused to give up without trying. Even if you didn’t forgive him, Yoosung had to apologize, at the very least.

So he waited.

And waited.

And waited. And waited. And waited.

But you didn’t wake up.

Weeks passed, but you still slept there, in that very hospital bed, looking so peaceful and alive and yet… unconscious.

“WHY ISN’T SHE WAKING UP?!” Yoosung screamed at the doctors, his anxiety overwhelming him.

One of the doctors did his best to explain. “I-I’m not sure, Mr. Kim. The blood transfusion was successful, we’re sure of that… It could very likely be a psychological effect, though. This patient attempted suicide, did she not? There’s likely something that she doesn’t want to face, and she’s forcing herself to stay asleep subconsciously. There isn’t solid evidence but there’s nothing else I can think of.”

Yoosung blamed himself even more when he heard that possibility. It was his fault. All because he’d let his anger take over him… he’d said such hurtful things to you that he didn’t mean.

Would you ever wake up? Or would he never get the chance to explain himself? Would you leave the living world without ever learning the truth?

Would you die not knowing how much Yoosung really loved you? That he wasn’t in love with Rika? That he was depressed and struggling to tell you?

Would he never get the chance to apologize?

He would never know, because he was later forbidden access to your hospital room by your family, who learned that your suicide attempt was his fault. In the first place, it’s not like he was your immediate family… He couldn’t object or overrule their decision. Then he discovered that you didn’t stay in that room anymore—had you changed hospital rooms? Maybe you had woken up? Or… were you… gone?

He didn’t know. But the fact was, he couldn’t see you anymore, or even know if you were alive, safe and healthy. He couldn’t grieve for you because he wasn’t even allowed to know if you were dead. 

It was cruel, but maybe… maybe he deserved it.

His only hope was that maybe he’ll meet you again one day… Even if you were with someone else, even if you hated his guts, even if you continued to misunderstand, he’d be happy just to know that you were even alive.

Still, that chance would never come if you had already passed away.

But Yoosung would never know.