by ross shields


“I’ve fought for the happiness of everyone around me. I’ve been willing to die for that happiness.”
-Wade Wilson

Marvel Meme - Emotions - Happiness


Ladies of the MCU + TV Tropes - Action Survivor  (guest starring Bobbi Morse as Action girl)

The Action Survivor is an Innocent Bystander in dangerous circumstances. He She won’t so much get The Call as be pinned by a telephone pole, thus trapping him her in an adventure that a more qualified Action Hero would have trouble sorting out.

Note that he’s she’s not just good at “merely” surviving the adventure like a mangled heap of bones, but is quite capable of surviving mostly unharmed while somehow managing to delay or disrupt the Evil Plan enough to foil the bad guy. In fact, said villain will likely be blindsided by their involvement, because they planned for everything except this Spanner in the Works.

I’ll Be There For You

Part 1 of the Agents of Shield Friends AU, cowritten with the ever so lovely fitzsimmmonsy :)

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The One With the Rehearsal Dinner

“I was laughing,” Simmons comforted, a hand quickly brushed against Fitz’ knee. His best man speech had not exactly gone over well (she was fairly positive everyone else simply misunderstood the joke about the interrupting coefficient of friction… though the one about the group of monkeys was a bit too farfetched for her tastes).

“Out loud?” Fitz grumbled.


He sighed, looking over at his best friend. “So, how are you doing?”

She shrugged. “My mum’s driving me crazy. You’d think that two PhDs would qualify as a life well spent… but apparently my scientific endeavors have hindered her chances of more grandchildren…” she rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. “But Lance is getting married and I’m happy. I’m not going to let anything spoil that.”

Which was just about when a rather drunk party guest walked over… and spoiled it all.

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