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  • Rose: Here you go Albus,have some more of my flowers all of the boys keep giving me roses.
  • Albus: They always give you roses Rosie.
  • Rose: and I always give them to you because i'm allergic.
  • Rose: if someone were to give a different flower maybe, i'd date them in a heart beat.
  • Scorpius walks in:
  • Scorpius: Hey Rose I got you some Azalea's, your favourite.
  • Rose: ...
  • Albus: ...What did you just say Roise? ;P
You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with, and if you’re OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who could make you happy, really happy, dancing on air happy. Someone who should have taken the chance to be with you years ago instead of getting scared and being too afraid to try

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I don't think Sherlock has ever lied to Roise. Even his exaggerated expression in TFP with her is not as exaggerated as it could be and looks to be the most normal out of his exaggerated expressions. What would be the point in lying to a baby be anyway?

“Why Sherlock would lie to Rosie in TFP?” I, literally, have no idea what you meant here. Sorry! 

Would you mind to elaborate a little? (or someone could throw me some ligth here…Maybe I’m seeing but not observing.)
Thank you!

Yeps, kahit na sabihin natin ang katotohanan na hindi sa mga utak namin ni partner Ela nanggaling ang kabuuhan ng #MillennialRage (variety show), ang sarap parin isipin na naging bahagi ako nito bilang manunulat. Hindi man kami nanalong Best Writer, nasamin naman ang Best Variety Show na sumisimbolo sa unity ng section namin na s’yang pinaka-importante sa lahat, na akala namin dati, akala din nila ay wala kami. Ang dami kong natutunan sa experience na ‘to, pero ayoko nang isa-isahin dahil iba ang gagawin ko. Magkwekwento ko ng happenings sa variety show. Hahaha.

Annie, Menchie (Best Drector, Best Female Host) and CP as the hosts of the show. 

Isa ang pinaka-favorite kong part ng variety show, ang pagcareer ng mga classmate kong sina Angel, Joevy, Lei and Roise sa “Shoutout to my Ex” at “Touch” ng Little Mix. ‘Yung Touch na hindi halatang ilang araw lang ni-rehearse. :D

Dahil kulang sa boys ang BAC 301, kinailangan naming mag-import ng male dancers para di naman magmukhang girls’ night out ang variety show namin, ayan sila sumasayaw ng Dawin’s viral hits. Talagang nagagamit ko ‘yung title ng segment dito sa ginagawa ko ha. Hahahah. 

Eto, kaya kulang ng boys ang 301 dahil sa the Queens hahaha. So proud of Maya nanalo s’yang Best Male Dancer and Best Choreographer. Clapclap! 

That’s Florence and Jherlyn showcasing the “new sexy.” They nailed it. Florence won the “Best Female Special Performer” award. Slaaaaaay! Hahahah.

Renz, another guy import from BAC 202. “The Prince of Spoken Word Poetry” Diba may pag title. ;) 

“Tuloy parin ang awit ng buhay ko.” Kasali dapat ako dito e. Medyo nanghinayang akong naginarte ako dahil di kasing ganda ng mga boses nila ang boses ko. Sayang exposure. Sayang. Hahahaha. #HugotMillennial

a moment of darkness and silence, definitely not dead air. Hehehe.

My girl, Shamsa performing Sarah Geronimo’s ballad “Minamahal.” She’s a fan of bebe ko btw.

and Annie&Jam doing a lyrical dance. Kileeeeeeeeeeeeeerg.

Opening prod with Roise and the Ultimate Millennial (bakit pala di ko ‘to inuna? hahaha) Sinisisi ko ang lights dito, wala tuloy exposure yung back-up dancers kong mga classmate. Tsk. 

Hannah’s part on the closing prod. Crowd’s most awaited performance. 

and finally, the Ultimate Millennial Party. 

Yeheeey! Hahahaha. Sulit lahat ng pagod at puyat kapag nasusuklian. :) Hindi magiging posible ‘to kung wala ang bawat isa. Sige na nga, ang daming drama. Hahahaha.

healthy habits challenge

surely I can actually finish this one, unlike the, um, 12,000 others I’ve attempted? thanks to @kc-drops-weight + @525600choices for running this!!

i have no accountability buddy as I am a sad, friendless soul (kidding! kind of)

ANYWAY: I’m Rosie (not Roise as 95% of my mail says) and I’m a 19 yr old Uni student in NZ. I spent most of last year running, did… something to my back and now exercise is Off Limits™ until I have full physio clearance (I have put SO much weight back on y’all) anyway I was EOOD and fully relapsed as a result of not having an out, so I want to build up some nice self care habits as a foundation for better self-esteem etc etc etc. 

Here’s ^^^ my fit chart (a little too perfectionist to hand draw it)

One of the big issues w/ mental health issues (I rlly dislike calling it that bc it seems like a nice way to push off all my responsibility as “I’m sick”) is that I have approximately 0 energy to do anything ever at all times. Which means sometimes I rely on my bud dry shampoo and I probably look like I’m homeless.  I want to get back into my skincare routine (exfoliate and wash!! + also look into (re)buying the Clinique water that my skin loved), get myself into a routine where I shower every day and I want to use both my fluoride mouthwash and special toothpaste when and how I’m supposed to (uni food + depressed + severe GAD flare up = actual malnutrition = weak spots on teeth :c) 

I also have stopped journalling (possibly bc my life is extremely dull at the moment) which means I have even less emotional outs. So I want to start journalling again. I have this really nice thick journal I got at the Vatican in 2014 and never used. I’m never going to be a bullet journal kinda gal, but I want to give it a shot. 

Finally I want to fully get my affairs in order. I currently run a blog about my attempt to not spend any money in 2017 (or, uh, from March 2017-2018.) I’d like to update this more regularly, maybe once a day. 

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Mrs. Hudson is at the tea party too.(She is one of Rosie's godparents.) She helped Roise with her hosting duties. She taught her how to be a hostess was well.

Rosie was taught by one of the best, and is an exquisite hostess because of it. It comes in handy in later years, too, when she has to serve tea to important people for various reasons and they marvel about how gracious and polite she is, and she lays all the credit at Martha Hudson’s feet.

It Takes All Of Sherlock’s Found Family To Raise Rosie Headcanons?

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