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Imagine Steve wasn't in love with Bucky Barnes before his big freeze, but now he's falling head over heels for the Winter Soldier

Steve wasn’t confused about his feelings.  Not really.  He’d been attracted to men just as much as he had been women.  He might’ve had to keep his attraction to men fairly quiet until he woke up in the twenty-first century, but he’d never been confused about feeling how he did.  

The confusing part was Bucky.  Or, maybe the confusing part was that it wasn’t Bucky. He wasn’t sure what the difference was, exactly, and what it meant that he hadn’t been attracted to Bucky before he was the Winter Solider, but he was now that Bucky wasn’t the Bucky he used to know.

He wasn’t sure if it was the hair, or that shared life experience he’d mentioned to Natasha once, or if it was something else that Steve thought, somewhere deep down, that he should feel bad about because the change in Bucky had come at the expense of so much.

Bucky wasn’t the Bucky he remembered and that difference made all the difference.  He was darker and haunted and as strong as –if not stronger- than Steve and there was something wily that shifted behind his eyes, sometimes, that made Steve’s stomach flip.

Bucky noticed.  And made sure to bring it up when he knew he’d catch Steve off-kilter enough to talk about it (exhausted after sparring.  Steve would be damned if Bucky hadn’t timed it perfectly because he knew how good Steve thought he looked exhausted and sweaty.)

“You wanna do something about it, or are you trying to see how frustrated you can make yourself?”

“What?”  Steve sputtered.  He wasn’t ready and didn’t know what to say and felt guilty that he was attracted to Bucky (the Winter Solider) now that he had seventy years of unspeakable horrors behind him.  Steve wondered what that said about himself.   

Bucky sighed.  “I see the way you watch me.  Did you always do that?”

“You mean did I do it when – Before?”  Steve managed to keep his voice even.  Mostly.  


Let it never be said that Steve Rogers backed down from a confrontation. “No.”

Bucky nodded, watching Steve carefully, searching his face for. Something.  When he finally spoke, it was much quieter, secret-sharing.  “I was hoping you’d say that.” 

“What?” Steve leaned back against his locker.  He was pretty sure the wold was tilting on it’s axis.  

“Steve, I – I’ve been wandering around thinking you’re mooning over someone I’m not anymore and – and it’s not true.  You want me, not him.  I mean – you know.”

Steve nodded.  “Yeah, Buck. I do.  But what does that say about—“

“-Stop.  We’re both different.  This might be the best excuse to finally forgive yourself for the fact that seventy years just happened to change us both.”

It was Steve’s turn to pick apart Bucky’s expression and when he’d done so to his satisfaction he reached out towards Bucky, who leaned in in kind.  

JARVIS ensured the locker room was off-limits for the next week. (First for the privacy of Captain Rogers and Sargent Barnes, and second for the repairs necessary to the space once they were through with it).  

BLUSH - Part 2

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Natasha and Wanda helped Y/N dress up. They found her a nice black dress, and accessories to go with it.

“Do I really have to put on makeup ?” Y/N asked for the hundredth time.

“Y/N, relax !” Natasha said. “ Just simple stuff ok ?”

“Ok” Y/N said.

                              * * *

The boys were already at the club when the girls arrived. Bucky’s eyes went straight to Y/N, and she waved at him, with a smile.

The girls joined them at their table.
Natasha headed straight to Clint. Y/N and Wanda sat between Bucky and Sam.

“I wanna dance !” Wanda said loudly over the music.

“Come on ! Me too !” Sam said, taking Wanda’s hand and leading her to the dancefloor.

“We’re going to get some drinks !” Natasha said, and glanced around with a frown.

“Wheres Steve, Buck?“she asked.

“He was talking to Sharon” Bucky said, looking around. “Was here a minute ago”

“Sharon Carter ?” Natasha asked with a smirk. “Come on, Clint”

Bucky and Y/N sat, watching Sam and Wanda dance.

“You look great, tonight, Y/N” Bucky said, looking at her.

“Thanks” Y/N said, blushing. “You too”

Bucky smiled.

Sam has created a chatroom.
Sam has invited Bucky, Y/N, Natasha, Wanda and Clint.

Sam: Guys ?
Y/N: Arent you supposed to be dancing with Wanda ?
Wanda: Well he was SUPPOSED to!
Nat: Whats going on?
Bucky: Hey, wheres Steve ?
Sam: Do you have any patience at all ?
Y/N: Say it Sammy !
Sam: Aww Y/N :*
Bucky: Do you want me to come over?
Sam: Dude, relax !
Clint: Really Sam, what are you upto?
Sam: Its not me ! Its Cap !
Bucky: What about him ?
Nat: Y/N ?
Sam: You saw that too ?
Y/N: You bet I did !

“What did you see Y/N ?” Bucky asked, looking up from his phone.

“Look, at the last table, at that corner!” Y/N said, pointing.

“I cant see ” Bucky said, stretching to look.

“Come here” Y/N said, grabbing the sleeve of his shirt, pulling him closer.

Well, she pulled too hard in excitment that, he fell towards her and their heads collided.

Y/N’s eyes went wide, and she turned deep red. Bucky blushed too, his face still close to hers. His warm breath fanned her face, setting butterflies free in her stomach.

“Sorry” Y/N whispered, realizing that she was still holding onto his sleeve, and letting go.

“Its…its alright” Bucky said.

“Do you want to see it ?” Y/N asked.

“Yeah” Bucky said, sliding closer to her,and looking at where she pointed.

A smirk spread onto his face.

Steve and Sharon were at the corner most table, kissing.

Bucky looked at Y/N, who had a smile on her face. She raised her eyebrows at him, and they burst out laughing.

“Team hangouts are NOT for making out !” Nat complained. “ And he didnt tell me about Sharon!”

“Let them be, Nat” Clint said. “At least they’re having fun”

Natasha handed Y/N her coke, and the others had their drinks.

The team had a fun night, at the end of which all of them ended up on the dancefloor, following Nat’s silly dance moves.

Bucky couldnt help himself, as he felt his eyes follow Y/N the entire night. Y/N felt the connection too, but she was far too nervous to act on it.

The only one who actually saw the little bit of tension between them was, of course, Nat. And Sam to an extend.

It was past midnight, when they decided to return to the tower.On reaching, Natasha wanted to play a game.

“Nat, really ?” Wanda asked, yawning.

“Come onnnnnnn !!” Natasha said, the alcohol making her words slur a bit.

“Alright alright” Sam said.

“Clint, get the bottle” Natasha ordered.

“Right away” Clint said, running off to fetch the bottle, and returning in a flash.

“What game are we playing ?” Steve asked.

“How aboutttt…truth or dare?” Natasha said with an evil grin.

“Ohhh” Wanda groaned.

“Cool !” Bucky said.

They sat around in a circle, and Natasha spun the bottle.

The game went on in quite a funny way.
When it landed on Steve, Natasha had wicked grin on her face.

“Ooooo” Natasha said. “Alright babe, truth or dare ?”

Steve glanced around the room, and saw that most of his friends had that look on their faces.

Steve nodded and said, “Ok, Truth”
Natasha pretended to think hard, and then smiled.

“You were kissing Sharon Carter at the pub” Natasha said, making Steve blush. “Are you two dating ? How long has this been going on?”

Y/N grinned, at Steve’s defeated expression.

“Nat, come on ! ” Steve said shaking his head.

“Come on sweetie, we deserve to know” Natasha winked at Steve.

Y/N’s eyes darted to Bucky, who raised his eyebrows at her.

“Spill it, Cap” Sam encouraged her.

“Alright alright !!” Steve said standing up. “Its true. We’re dating, but just started a week ago. I swear its the truth!”

Bucky smirked, at his friend, nudging him, and Steve punched him playfully.

The rest of the team cheered.

“Soooo” Clint said. “Spin it Cap”

Steve spun the bottle and the game continued. Until Sam spun, and it pointed at Bucky.

“Yes, baby !” Sam looked beyond excited. “So whats it gonna be Robocop?”

“Dare” Bucky said confidently.

“Sam, kill him, bro !” Clint said.

“I dare you to kiss any girl in this room” Sam said, smugly.

“Oh come on!” Bucky groaned shaking his head.

“You’re lucky I DIDN’T specify” Sam said with a wink, sitting back to enjoy the show.

“Buck” Steve said, shoving Bucky out of his chair.

“Ok, here goes” Bucky said, walking towards the girls.

They knew Bucky wouldnt try it on Nat. She was not his kind of person. And not Wanda. She was like a sister. That would be weird. Which left only Y/N.

Sensing him coming closer to her, Y/N stood up, shaking her head.

“Bucky, bad idea !” she said, raising her hands to stop him.

He gave her a smirk, trying to catch her.

“Oh no you DONT !” Y/N ran across the room, followed by Bucky. They ran around the entire room, with the rest of the team laughing and cheering.

“Seriously, Bucky ! You dont want Tony to kill you !” Y/N said, as she ran.

“I dont mind dying ‘coz of this !” Bucky said, finally grabbing her hand and stopping her.

“Yay ! Go Buck !” Natasha cheered.

“Bucky !!!” Y/N hissed.

“Shh” Bucky said. “Dont run”

He released her slowly. But held her hand in his.

“Do it !” Clint yelled.

Bucky grinned, his eyes locked with Y/N’s. He slowly raised her hand to his mouth, and kissed it gently, his lips lingering on her skin for a while.

Y/N smiled, as he let go, and then he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Awwwww” Wanda said. “ Thats a gentleman”

“Great going Buck” Steve said, laughing.

Sam and Nat gave them a knowing look, making them both blush.

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Caretaker - Bucky x Reader(f)

NOTES/WARNINGS: Broken bones, fluff

AUTHORS NOTES: One of my shorter fics but I loved all of the fluff in this!

PROMPT: Thanks to @thisisthelilith for this great prompt!

 The reader breaks her wrist on a mission and Bucky won’t let her do anything (i.e. pick things up, open things, carry things etc.) even though she can do most things.

Originally posted by enochianess


 You grunted as you tried to twist open the peanut butter, but with a broken wrist it was a hopeless attempt. You squirmed against the counter as you tried to hold the jar against your chest with your elbow.

 Last weeks mission to Italy had been successful but you came home with a broken wrist. There had been some confusion on the field and you accidentally punched Bucky right in the red star of his metal arm, breaking your wrist in two places and cracking a few knuckles.  

 You grinned when you remembered just how upset he had been. He rushed you back to the Quinjet, apologizing profusely, and insisted that you not move the entire flight back. He was kind of cute when he was worried about you. You have had worse injuries before but this one did suck.

 Bucky walked into the kitchen and quickly threw his bag of food on the table before rushing up behind you.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” He asked as he snatched the jar from you.

 “I’m making a sandwich…or at least I was trying to before you jumped in.” You rolled your eyes.

 “(Y/N), I told you I’ll take care of you. Just let me know what you need.” He put the peanut butter away and started cleaning up what little you had out in your attempt to do things on your own.

 “Buck, I can make my own food.”

 “Yeah, not by the looks of it.” He scoffed and put the bread back in the pantry.

 “Well, I almost had it open.”

 “I bought us Chinese, anyways. Way better than PB&J.” He winked.

 You walked over to the bag on the table and started to pull out the small, white boxes.

 “Ah-ah-ah!” Bucky was on your heel and took over for what seemed like the billionth time since you got your cast on.

 “Ugh! Buck, I can do it!” You rubbed your face with what small amount of fingers stuck out of your hard cast.

 “But I don’t want you to!” He smiled. He gave you, what you now called, the “Dollface” smile. The one Steve said he used to use in the 40’s to get dames to go out with him, the one that made all the ladies melt.

 “Don’t. Don’t you smile at me like that, James Barnes. I am a grown woman and I will take care of my self!” You stomped your foot and crossed your arms awkwardly. This cast wasn’t helping you look as determined as you felt.

 Bucky cupped your face in his hands and smiled down at you. “Sorry, not gonna happen.” He kissed your forehead and you smacked his chest with your good hand. “Ow, what was that for?”

 “Your treating me like I’m plagued. I was reminding you that I can still kick your-”

 “Language!” Steve called from the living room.

 “So, I can’t make my own food and I now I’ve lost the freedom of speech? What am I allowed to do?” You huffed, throwing your arms up then dropping them to your sides with a slap.

 Suddenly you were cradled in Bucky’s arms. “You can come watch movies with me.” He grinned. He grabbed the take out and carried you to the living room. He made you sit in his lap all night as you ate and watched movies with Steve until finally, you fell asleep cuddled up against him.

 Steve smiled at Bucky silently.

 “What?” Bucky whispered, tenderly rubbing your arm to make sure you were warm enough.

 Steve smirked and shook his head. “I’m just glad you finally got yourself a steady girl.”

 Bucky smiled and placed his lips lightly on the top of your head, careful to not disturb your rest. Steve was right and Bucky finally admitted to himself that you were definitely the one.

Hope you liked it! Feel free to send in any requests!

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Nothin’ Like You part 1

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Medium!Reader

Warning: Language, angst, fluff.

A/N: This is a mini series, only about 800 words a part, I will be posting the parts through out the day, keep your eyes peeled peaches.

In a world of Soul Mates, you manage to keep yours a secret. The initials on your wrist that appeared on your 18th birthday, you’ve taken every precaution to avoid letting anyone know who you were meant for. Captain Rogers is a firm believer in the initials on his wrist, even though you believe God has a sick sense of humor when it comes to your love life. Captain Rogers and a lowly assistant are a joke of a match. Even the ghost of Peggy Rogers agrees, how can you be meant for someone who still carries the ghost of his beloved ex with him?

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“He loves someone else...” Steve Rogers x Reader imagine Part 3

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Hi everyone! I hope you like this part! Probably next one, 4th, will be the last one.

I have many promts to do imagines but I can’t decide which ones to do so I’m going to post the list later and just let you decide :) Thanks for all the likes and reblogs, really, they make my days (which are being really shitty lately so thank you very much). As I always say, requests are open as well!

You wished you could answer Bucky’s question but you were as surprised as he was. You would have never expected Steve to kiss you. Not in a million years and certainly not when he was in love with someone else. But you just couldn’t shake the feeling of his over yours. They had been so strong but gentle at the same time, needy but passionate. It had been the best kiss in your life.

Silently, Bucky walked you to the place you had been assigned to. You would share the place with four other nurses so at least you wouldn’t be alone.

“I can talk to him, if you want me to.” Bucky said when you were almost at the doorstep.

“No… I have to talk to him. And talking. No yelling”, you sighed.

“Or kissing?” He teased you making you blush.

“I… I don’t even know why he did it. He loves Peggy…” You said looking at Bucky.

“Maybe he doesn’t love her as much as he loves you”, he replied smiling down at you.

You shook you head as you looked for your keys in your little bag. He didn’t love you. Not like he loved her. But then again, why had he kissed you?

“I’m so confused right now, Bucks”, you sighed running a hand through your hair.

Bucky chuckled a little before hugging you tight, giving you the comfort you needed at that moment. You were so lucky to have him. You kissed his cheek and walked to the door to open it.

“Thank you, James”, you said. He winked at you before vowing a little which made you laugh. “Good luck with the blondie”, you added with a small laugh.

“I’ll do my best”, he said laughing before turning around and walking away.

With a sigh you walked in and closed the door before locking it. You had been told to lock the door always since everyone had a spare key and it was safer that way. The place wasn’t big but at least it had a room for each one of you, even though it had just one bathroom. The house was silent so you tried to move as quietly as possible in case they were sleeping already. Once you were in your room, you changed into your pyjamas and got into the bed.

Next day you had to go to work to the nursery so your plan to look for Steve and talk to him would have to wait the whole morning. You were happy with your morning shift since nobody seemed to come so it was calmed for all of you. You spent most of the time talking to the others girls, getting to know each other since you were going to spend most of the time together.

At lunch time, Bucky showed up at the nursery, looking for you so you could have lunch with him. Of course you said yes and left the place with him, telling him all about your first day and listening how he talked about his duties.

“Steve is coming along”, he said when you were almost at the restaurant.

“What?” You said looking at him.

“I didn’t tell him you’re coming”, he added looking down at me. “(Y/N) you two need to talk.”

“James, this is not a good idea”, you sighed looking around, feeling so nervous now and not having a clue about how you were supposed to eat anything in this state.

“Look, if you want to avoid this, be my guest.” He snapped suddenly stopping and looking at you. “But maybe you’re throwing away the chance to…have something else with the guy you have always loved. Plus, I’m not willing to see my two best friends getting away from each other without trying anything else.”

You took a deep breath looking at him and then nodded. He had a point. You wanted to talk to Steve, that was true but you didn’t expect it to be so soon. Bucky smiled at started walking away but before you two could reach the door, Steve’s voice was just behind you.

“What does this mean?” You stopped on your tracks and turned around.

“Hey, pal!” Bucky said walking to him but all he was looking at was you, which really made you nervous. “You know, I thought it would be a brilliant idea if you two talk properly. You owe it to each other”, Bucks smiled.

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s a good idea”, he replied.

“She was going to look for you to talk, so I’ve just saved you hours of work. You’re welcome”, Bucky smiled happily. “I booked the table for you two. So go ahead and behave”

Not saying anything else he patted Steve’s back and walked away. He was one of a kind and no one could say otherwise. You and Steve looked at each other seriously until he was the first one looking away.

“Well…” he mumbled and looked at you. “Hungry?” He asked. You sighed relieved that he was willing to talk to you and nodded.

Walking pass you he opened the door of the restaurant so you could walk in first, followed by him. Soon you were both seated at a table next to the window, looking at the menu.

“I think I’ll just have a sandwich”, you commented trying to break the ice since the tension between you two could literally be cut with a knife.

“Diet again?” He asked. You shook and looked at him. “I’ll have a burger”, he said.

Setting down the menus you looked at him at the same time he looked at you. Before you had time to say anything, the waiter came to take your order and left again.

“You kissed me”, was all what you were able to say.

“And you kissed me back”, he replied. Taking a deep breath you looked out of the window. This wasn’t going to be easy. Luckily, your food arrived just then, giving you time to calm down as you thanked the guy. “And you said you love me”, he said.

You looked at him trying not to choke on your sandwich as he said that. Yeah, you had said that but you never thought he would bring it up.

“Was it true?” He asked locking his blue eyes with yours.

“Yes…” You whispered. He nodded looking down. “Why didn’t you write?” You asked.

“It was easier.” He said. You frowned confused. Easier for who? “(Y/N) I didn’t know if I was going to see you ever again and… I couldn’t focus on anything with that thought in my head. So… I just thought the easier way to let you go would be…that”

I frowned looking at him, not being sure of what he was talking about. So he actually wanted to forget about me? For real? It just didn’t have any sense.

“I’m not following you, Steve… What’s the point?” You said putting down the sandwich. He sighed putting down the burger as well and looked at you.

“You never saw it, don’t you?” He said smiling a little. Confused, you shook your head. “I have loved you for years, (Y/N). I spent days and days looking for the way to tell you how I felt but I couldn’t find the courage. You have always been so out of league. And coming here would help. I would be away from you so I would stop feeling this, but I didn’t. Every day I missed you more and more, with every letter you wrote I just wanted to leave everything and go back to you. So I just stopped writing.” You gulped as he talked, not being able to swallow all of this. So both of you felt the same for years and none of you said anything? “Then I met Peggy and I thought she was amazing, I thought I could forget about you and I was doing it. But then you appeared out of nothing and all my progress was in vain. Because the moment I saw you, I was yours again”

By the time he finished talking, your mouth was dry and you were completely speechless. You didn’t know how to react anymore, what to think. All you knew is that your heart was beating faster than ever, it felt like everyone in the room could hear it. Steve was looking at you intensely and you couldn’t look away from his eyes. He loved you. He had always loved you and you were too obsessed with your own feelings that you couldn’t even see his.

After a while he smiled a little embarrassed and looked down at his plate.

“Now is the moment when you are supposed to say something, you know?” He said.

You bit your lip and looked down for a moment before looking up at him. But just when you were about to say something, something shook everything and people out of the restaurant starting running down the street. Steve was on his feet and next to you in just a second.

“ROGERS!” You turned as you heard his name. A men dressed up in a formal suit had ran into the restaurant. “We need you. HYDRA”

HYDRA? What was that? You looked up at Steve at the same time he nodded and looked down at you.

“Take her with you, please”, he told the man after looking away from your eyes which were full of fear. The man nodded and took your arm, dragging you away from Steve.

“Steve! Steve, wait!” You yelled. He ran to you making the man stop and held your face. “Where are you going? What’s going on?” You asked taking his hands.

“Please, go with him. You will be safe, I promise, but… I have to go”, he said seriously. You shook your head but before you could say anything he kissed you for a few seconds and then looked at the man. “Please, protect her”

You weren’t able to say anything else. The man dragged you out and by the time you were able to look back again, you saw Steve running down the street, into the direction of where the bomb had exploded.

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Just once... -Bucky x reader(F)

Thanks for the request @azuraspyte PROMPT: “Just once, I want people to look at me, not you.” With Bucky.

Tony was throwing another elaborate party and you were finally going to try and make an impression. Natasha has tried and tried to get you to dress up for these occasions but it really isn’t your thing. However, tonight you wanted to give it a try. She came over early and helped you do your hair and makeup. She even bought you a dress, she didnt dare leave wardrobe up to you.
You paced outside the door and fidgeted with your fingers, twisting the coctail rings Nat lent you. You weren’t sure what brought on your sudden desire for attention but you wanted people to notice you tonight.
“You ready, doll?” Bucky placed a cold hand at the small of your back, which was exposed thanks to Nat’s dramatic fashion sense. “You look amazing.” He kissed your cheek.
You relaxed at his touch and leaned into him. “Thank you.” You smiled into his shirt. You leaned back and looked him once over. “You clean up pretty nice, Barnes.”
As per the invitation, Bucky was in full black tie dress. Allthe was down to the cumberbun. You scoffed when you noticed the sleeve of his metal arm was missing. It wasnt ripped off like he had most of his clothes it deliberately talored that way. “Really? Even on a tux?”
He laughed and took your hand in his. “I’m afraid its a bit of a signature, now.”
He opened the doors for you and you both stepped onto the scene. Your heart was pounding. For some reason you imagined a Cinderella moment. The kind where the whole room stops and looks at you. But only a few heads turned and they quickly returned to whatever they were doing before.
“Bucky!” Clint shouted. He stumbled once, clearly having taken advantage of the open bar.
“Hey, man.” Bucky grinned and patted Clint’s back.
“Hey, you mind if I steal your boyfriend for a minute. I think he neds a shot.” Clint chuckled.
Bucky gave you a tight smile. “Do you mind, babe?”
“Go ahead.” You grinned. Bucky gave you a quick kiss and helped Clint over to the bar.
You looked around the room but couldn’t find anyone you recognized. Feeling stupid for having gotten dressed up for nothing you made your way to the balcony. It was a cool evening and the breeze against your backless dress made you shiver but you didnt mind the cold. You kicked off your heels and grabbed the hem of your dress so you wouldn’t trip over it.
You climbed onto a bench and looked out over the balcony. Being up this high, with the wind blowing your freshly curled hair around, you though that this was what it must be like fly. You leaned over the railing just enough to quicken your heartbeat.
Suddenly, there was a hand around your waist, pulling you backwards.
“Don’t do that!” Bucky shouted from behind you. He pulled you toght against him and burried his head in your neck. He kissed your shoulder and spun you around to face him. “What were you doing?” He demanded.
“Nothing, Buck. I’m fine! I was perfectly fine.” You scrunched your face in defense.
Bucky immediately noticed that something was bothering you. “What’s wrong, doll?”
You huffed and hung your head. “It’s nothing…it’s stupid.”
He carefully pinched your chin and lifted your head, forcing you to look at him. “(Y/N), talk to me.”
“I just…” You huffed again. “I got all dressed up and I just expected people to notice and…no one did.”
Bucky frowned. “I noticed.”
“I know but Clint didnt and Nat isnt even here and… Just once, I want people to look at me, not you.”
Bucky grabbed your hand and started to pull you back inside.
“What are you doing?” You asked as you grabbed your dress again, hoping tpnot to trip.
“Come on,” Was his only reply. You had to practically run to keep up with him. He dragged you infront of the band that Tony hired and grabbed thmicrophone.
“Ladies and Gentleman,” He started.
“Buck, what are you doing?” You whispered.
He grinned at you but kept going. “We’re gonna kick things off a little early. I’d like to introduce to you the real reason we are gathered her tonight. She’s the light of my life and the center of my world and she deserves the moon. Guys?” Bucky looked to the right and your eyes followed his.
Natasha, Steve, and Tony were pushing a huge cake your direction.
“What is happening?” You asked yourself.
Bucky grabbed the mic again. “Lets raise our glasses and give a cheer for the birthday girl!” Bucky grabbed your face and kissed you hard. “For my girl.” He beamed.
“Buck, my birthday isn’t untill next week.” You giggled.
“Thats what makes it a surprise, doll.”

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Nobody (Part 6)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: Mentions of torture, detailed injuries, cursing

Words: 2709

A/N: Photos/gifs aren’t mine.

Bucky’s POV

Bucky didn’t know for how long he’d let the scalding water pelt his head and back but it didn’t matter; he didn’t feel any better.  Every time he closed his eyes he saw a broken creature crying out for him with tear stained cheeks.  And he had just let her be taken away.  Of course he knew that Dr Cho and her team were only going to help her, but she didn’t know that.  She had fought tooth and nail to get away from them, to get to him, and he just stood there.  

Bucky’s metal fist collided with the tile wall, leaving a large crater, and sending broken tile and bits of plaster into the tub.  “Fuck,” he groaned turning off the shower.  Explaining that to Tony would be fun.  He trudged angrily back into his room and threw on a clean t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans.  As he stuffed his feet into a pair of old work boots a knock sounded at the door. “Yeah?”

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Skating Bucky Barnes x Reader imagine

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Since James Buchanan Barnes had been woke up by Wanda and his memories we back, the only person he really trusted was you, Clint’s sister: (Y/N). There was something about you that calmed him down and helped him finding peace when he was about to lose it. The two of you met thanks to Bucky’s first mission with the Avengers when you literally saved him from being caught by HYDRA all over again.

You had helped him to fit into the team and into this new era, knowing from Steve how strange and out of place everything felt. Every day you tried to teach him something new about anything. He also made the job easy since he was eager to know more and more.

“Bucks!” You said running into his room in the complex. He was laying on the bed reading one of the books you had given to him. “I know what we are doing today”, you told him smiling widely.

He looked at you putting down the book. It was a Sunday morning and you looked like you had just left the bed. Plus, it was snowing outside so Bucky just couldn’t figure out what could be on your mind.

“So?” He said after a while. You smiled widely and jumped on the bed.

“We are going ice-skating!” You said excited.

“(Y/N), you know that I also went ice-skating back in my time, right? It’s not new”, he chuckled looking at you. He couldn’t help thinking how cute and adorable you were when you felt so excited.

“I know, you idiot”, you laughed. “That’s why I thought about it, actually. I was talking to Steve last night and he told me about how you used to take girls to the rink. It was like your move”, you laughed. Bucky laughed as well and sat up smiling.

“And you want to be one of those girls?” He teased you. You blushed but narrowed your eyes at him. He loved teasing you just to see you blushing.

“No, because I am the one taking you.” You said. He laughed out loud and laid down again.

“I don’t know (Y/N), it’s cold outside…” He said looking out of the window. He actually wanted to go with you but teasing you first wouldn’t hurt anyone.

“What? You spent 70 years literally frozen, you’re called The Winter Soldier, and you are telling me that you don’t want to go ice-skating because it’s cold?” You said trying not to give into his teasing.

“Yeah but you also told me how people just chill on Sundays”, he smirked at you.

“And didn’t I tell you how boring Sundays are because of that?” You said crossing your arms. He put both of his hands behind his head and shook his head still smirking. “Fine, fuck you.”

You were about to jump off the bed when Bucky laughed even louder and was fast to catch your arm and pulling you against his chest, hugging you.

“I was joking! Just joking!” He laughed against your shoulder. “Of course I want to go ice-skating with you”, he said. You stopped squirming and looked at him.

“Really?” You asked. He smiled and nodded before kissing your cheek.

“Of course, doll”, you rolled your eyes since you hated when he referred to you like that but smiled anyway.

“Great! There is a big rink in the city, I’m going to tell Tony to let us use one of his cars!” You said. “Get dressed!” You screamed as you ran out of the room.

Bucky shook his head smiling and got up from the bed stretching and yawning.

“Goodbye to your chilling plan?” He turned to find Steve at the door. Bucky laughed and shrugged.

“I wouldn’t change it for the world”, Bucky sighed as he walked to the closet. Thanks to you, he had a big amount of clothes to choose from which he loved.

“So… when will you tell her you like her?” The Cap asked as he walked into the room. Bucky chuckled and shrugged.

“I don’t know. She’s different from all those silly girls I used to be with you, you know?” Bucky commented as he picked up a blue sweater.

“Yeah, I noticed too”, Steve laughed. “I also know Clint would kill you if you hurt her, and…Tony too.”

“I won’t. Don’t worry”, Bucky said getting dressed quickly. Then he walked into the bathroom. “But I will kill you for telling her about the ice-skating dates, just saying”

He heard Steve laughing but when he emerged from the bathroom, the Cap wasn’t longer in the room. Bucky smiled to himself and finished getting ready before leaving the room to look for you.


“How did you manage to talk Tony into letting him drive his beloved Audi?” Bucky asked you as you two were going to get the skates.

“I pouted. A lot”, you admitted making him laugh.

“Why don’t you go a get the tickets while I get the skates?”  He suggested since there was a big queue. You nodded and hurried over the shorter line to get your tickets.

It was a chilly day but it wasn’t as cold as it could be. When you got the tickets, Bucky appeared with the skates and gave you yours. You thanked him as you looked for a place to sit and put them. Finally, 20 minutes later you both were in the rink. You started carefully since it had been a while since the last time you skated. Bucky, on the other hand, didn’t even wait for you and started skating around the place once before coming to you.

“Someone is skilled”, you commented as you skated slowly.

“Good to know I didn’t forget this”, he laughed taking your hand to make you go faster.

“Bucky! No, Bucky!” You screamed holding onto his hand tightly.

“C’mon! Trust me!” He said turning around, skating backwards, and holding both of your hands.

You looked at him and smiled as you realised how red his cheeks were due to the cold and the wind. His smile was there like it always was when he was with you so you smiled back at him, which was like a flash for him. He slowed down a little, making you stop eventually but didn’t let go of your hands.

“If you do that ever again, I swear I will cut your balls, James”, you said trying to sound serious. But you guessed you didn’t sound to threatening since he just laughed.

“I just love teasing you”, he said.

“Oh really? I didn’t notice that!” You said sarcastic. Making him laugh once. “You are always laughing and smiling”

“Not always”, he said letting go of one of your hands to keep on skating. “Just when I’m with you”

You smiled to yourself and looked up at him. He looked so much better since he cut his hair a bit. Just to tease him you used to tell him you were glad he didn’t look like a homeless anymore, but the truth is that he had never looked better.

“Was that one of your pick-up lines?” You joked.

“No. It’s just the truth”, he shrugged. “You have some effect on me, you know? You make me feel…human”, he said. You frowned and looked at him not knowing what he meant.

“You are human, Bucks…” You said.

He looked down at you and smiled a little before making you skate to one of the railings of the rink. You both stopped there and looked at each other, leaned against the railing.

“Despite getting my memories back and not having the HYDRA shit in my head anymore, the first time I felt human, I recognised myself in the mirror, was when I met you”, he said. For a moment he looked down which gave you time to take a breath before he looked at you again. “You have something and I would give anything to know what it is, that makes me want to be a better man. But I guess that’s part of your charm, right? It’s just a natural thing you do, you make people feel good, make them happy, I see that. And I wasn’t the exception”

“Bucky, that’s not true. I just…” You chuckled and looked away. “I just wanted to help you. You deserved to go back to a normal life after…HYDRA”

“And I couldn’t have done it without you”, he said moving a bit closer to you. “Thank you. Not just for showing me the secrets of this weird century, but also thank you for making me feel things I thought I would never be able to feel again. Plus, it’s so damn sexy when you call me James.”

You looked at him trying to figure out what the hell was he talking about. Was he talking about you two? Something else? You wanted to ask but the answer scared you. Bucky saw how confused you were but instead of opening up completely he just leaned in and placed a kiss on your cheek, just on the corner of your lips, leaving you even more shocked as he skated away and looked at you once again with a smirk.

“Damn you James…” You mumbled blushing.


the new music video for sister by carl barat and the jackals - filmed by roger sargent


Carl Barât and The Jackals - Sister

Video directed by Roger Sargent, Sister is taken from the ‘Harder They Fall’ EP out May 26th.

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 Requested by a-girl-who-loves-disney; Hi! I just read your You Need to Let Go story and it’s amazing! Would you consider writing a part 2? Maybe the reader became the winter soldier instead of bucky? Have a lovely day! :D

Warning (s) ; Cap 2 spoilers (again, rlly?), angst but fluff, mentions of torture?, blood mention, past before present, not much insert as wanted but hey…

A/N; this was utterly trash and I regret posting this. Any how send help bc i suck and keeping up with this blog and i had such bad writers block i suck. BUT YAY 2 POST IN A NIGGGHHTTT :))))))

Pairing (s); Steve x Reader x Bucky (platonic)

Read the first part ; You Need to Let Go

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The Libertines - You’re My Waterloo

You’re My Waterloo taken from the new album Anthems for Doomed Youth. Video directed by Roger Sargent and Carl Barat.