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MTMTE Ultra Magnus, Megatron and Perceptor reacting to their s/o who does silly things to get their attention when they are too focused on their work

Ultra Magnus

  • He’s had plenty of practice ignoring Rodimus, so you’ll have to be persistent. 
  • However, if you do something extra cute he’ll put down his data pad.
  • He finally gives you the attention you’ve been working for, giving you kisses and laughing softly at your antics. 
  • Once you’re able to pull him away from his work, make sure he gets some rest! Snuggle up with him and invite him to take a nap with you. 
  • Later, he thanks you for reminding him to take a break.


  • Usually he gets angry when people interrupt him, but since it’s you he just asks for a few more minutes.
  • He gets huffy when you keep at it. He tells you to please let him be. He’s almost done…
  • You keep going and he finally snaps at you, yelling at you to hush. He immediately freezes and shame fills his spark.
  • He apologizes profusely. His servos hover in front of you, afraid to touch or startle you. If you start crying he practically begs for forgiveness. He’s absolutely horrified with himself. 
  • Once you’ve calmed down he cuddles you and gives you all the kisses you want, promising to make it up to you and never snap at you again. 


  • He’s so absorbed in his work he doesn’t even notice you. 
  • Or, you think he doesn’t, until he starts snickering at your the goofy faces you make at him. 
  • He’s still adamant about getting his work done, though. He goes right back to it. Time to pull out the big guns.
  • You give him Puppy Dog Eyes “Percy…”
  • He is weak. Come sit in his lap, he will give you all the attention you want.