by rob ball

Look if sasha had won this challenge people would be complaining shea was robbed and having the same reaction, there’s like no winning for us, someone’s always gonna be mad. TL;DR let’s all calm down and be super proud of both of them and so excited cuz this is the BEST TOP 4 EVER!!!

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Oh I just got what I think is a really cute thought, When Robbie is first made Chase is a bit weary of him. But since Anti has managed to lose the cuddler on a wild goose chase he runs into Chase and since he doesn't know much about him + is still trying to fit in he asks if he can do some trick shots. Chase being weary but allowing him when Rob throws the ball and his whole arm launches with it. Feeling like he just ruined a chance at a new friendship until Chase excited goes"Fucking sick bro!"

Chase would be ecstatic about having a new friend. Though obviously unsure of him, but he’d give Robbie a benefit of a doubt and spend time with him with an open mind.
I think those two would be good friends. Even ganging up on Anti when he gets too much.

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what does "¿a que no hay cojones?" mean?

it’s basically used to challenge someone to do something. ¿a que no hay cojones a robar un banco?” (do you have the balls to rob a bank?”)

note: if you ever tell a spaniard, “a que no hay cojones a _____?”, THEY’LL DO IT

A Well Needed Surprise (Rob Benedict x Reader)

Summary: You and Rob had been apart for more than 2 weeks, you decide to surprise him at a convention. 

Warnings: None
Word Count: 834

“Ok! Next question. You!” said Rich, pointing to the mic on the opposite side of where you were.

You stood in line at the other mic, carrying you and Rob’s 4 year old son, Michael. You and Rob had been married for 5 years. You were a traveling journalist, so you and Rob hadn’t seen each other in two and a half weeks. With Rob’s busy career, you had taken Michael with you.

However, you had finished your assignment early and decided to surprise Rob at the next convention, which is where you and Michael were at now.

“Remember what we practiced?” you whispered to your son. He looked up at you with his bright blue eyes, a trait he had luckily gotten from his father, and a wide smile. He nodded quickly.

“I missed Daddy Mommy.” said Michael. You pushed the brown hair out of his eyes, sighing in agreement. You kissed your son’s forehead. The past two and a half weeks had been hard for all three of you, Michael especially. Michael was a rough sleeper, and one of the only things that could calm him down at night was Rob’s singing. Recordings and phone calls hadn’t been enough.

It was finally you’re turn at the mic.

“Last question guys! You!” said Rich, pointing at the mic where you stood. You raised Michael up a bit in your arms so he could reach the mic, letting him speak.

“What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids?” asked Michael in his high pitched voice.

Rob’s head whipped up, instantly recognizing the sound of his son’s voice. Before he could do anything, Matt spoke up.

“Well since Macklin is only about a year and a half old, I say just being with him is my favorite thing to do.” The audience awed at Matt’s answer, obviously finding it adorable. Rich spoke up.

“My sons are in a big reading phase right now, which I hope they never grow out of, but my favorite thing to do is probably read books with them.” said Rich. The audience awed again.

“Robbie?” asked Rich, turning to him. Rob smiled wide, realizing what was happening.

“My favorite thing to do with my son is sing him to sleep. I usually sing him his favorite song. Do you happen to know what that song would be?” asked Rob. Rich and Matt looked at Rob in confusion.

“Honey Bee!” yelled Michael.

Michael started squirming in my arms, wanting to get to his father. I set him down. Michael ran up the stairs, straight into his Rob’s open arms. “Daddy!” The audience awed once again. Rich and Matt turned to your direction, beckoning you to come on stage. You slowly followed behind your son.

Rob stood on stage hugging Michael tightly. Someone handed you a mic from off stage. Rob opened his eyes and gasped as he saw you, pulling you into the hug with Michael.

“Please excuse the adorable family reunion. They haven’t seen each other in over two weeks.” said Matt.

Rob pulled away from the hug, still holding on to Michael.

“What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t supposed to fly back for another week?” asked Rob. You pulled the mic to your lips.

“I finished my assignment early and thought we’d surprise you.“ you said with a shrug.

Rob laughed throwing his arm around your shoulder. He kissed your forehead, then Michael’s.

“Alright, alright you three. Let’s let these three have a proper family reunion, shall we? Thank you guys for coming!” said Rich.

R2M bid their farewells to the crowd, Rob still carrying Michael in his arms.

The 4 of you with Michael headed off stage. Rich spoke up.

“Y/N, thank God you showed up today. I swear if I had to deal with Rob moping for another week I may have just exploded.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” said Matt. He walked over and gave you a side hug before sitting on the couch in the green room.

You turned to Rob, surprised that he had been moping that much publicly to the other boys. Rob sat in the corner of the room with your guy’s son, rolling a random ball back and forth between him and Michael. You walked over and sat down next to him, leaning your head on his shoulder.

“Did you like your surprise?” you asked, smiling into his shirt. Rob rolled the ball back to Michael, cheering as the boy caught it.

He turned and kissed you, kissing the top of your head. “You have no idea.” Michael suddenly rolled the ball back, bouncing it off of Rob’s foot. “Ha-ha! I win Daddy!” he ran up, jumping hard into Rob’s lap. You laughed as Rob groaned in the surprise pain.

“You sure did, buddy, you sure did.” Rob wrapped one arm around Michael, kissing the top of his head. The other arm went around you.

You caught Rob’s glance, surprised at how serious he looked.

“But I won too.”