by rina

@kags-kun and i spent some time thinking about vegan keith

lance: wanna come over and eat what my mom made
keith: what did she make
lance: me ;3c
keith: im a vegan

Hunk: Keith can you help me with some repairs on-
Keith: I’m vegan

pidge: keith can you pass the salt
keith: i’m a vegan

keith, outside with nature: while you animal killers eat “meat” i’m going to have a healthy dinner that will keep me going *eats an entire twig*

Shiro: Keith, if I dont make it out of here, I want you to lead Voltron
Keith: I’m vegan

allura: “as the princess of altea i deMAND-”
keith: i’m vegan

Keith, living in the desert: I’m so one with nature it’s not even funny *shoves a piece of cactus down his throat*

keith: *listens to halsey and eats a leaf off a tree*

Keith: uhm, eucalyptus might be “poisonous” for you animal murderers with your polluted bodies, but my digestive system is CLEANSED and NATURAL and also koalas are like totally my spirit animal so

keith: for you MEAT LOVERS the spikes of a cactus may hurt but as a vegan i am IMMUNE to all danger a plant can have *licks a cactus*

Lance: if you love plants so much then why do you eat them?
Keith: excuse me I do not /eat/ plants, I consume them and our souls become bonded as one, giving me even more power that you meat eaters could never even dream of

keith: *lays in the sun*
hunk: hey buddy whatcha doin
keith: i’m photosynthesizing, something you MEAT LOVERS would never understand

Keith, doing yoga while taking intermittent bites of salad: I’ve achieved transcendence (just for fun imagine he’s wearing those red “are you nasty?“ booty shorts)