by rikke

Because these are always handy, here are some Hayikuu fic recommendations for amazing one shots

These are just my favourites I thought I should share with the world. 

Pairings: Iwaoi, Bokuaka, Kuroken, Matsuhana, Kyouhaba, Ennotana


untitled by snoqualmie -  Words: 1,092

Soft and cute Iwaoi.

Dinner and a Movie by rikke -  Words: 11,010

Fake relationship, do I need to say more?

Holding on to You by lahdolphin -  Words: 11,464

Harry Potter au with twists that left me speechless.

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Iwaoi Fic Rec Compilation

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a somewhat-comprehensive list of 57 IwaOi fics that I’ve really enjoyed! This isn’t every fic I’ve loved of this pairing (since I’m disorganized and can’t find all of them), but hopefully these will kindle your love of the ship as much as they’ve fueled mine. (These are listed in alphabetical order within each rating.)

Note #1: Please check fic tags before reading as I cannot list them here.

Note #2: In general, other fics by the same authors not listed here are also recommended!

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HiJack one-shot:“Forever”.

Here you go, dear Anon: a proposal one-shot with Jack and Hiccup from There’s Always More. Thank you for the lovely compliments :) I hope you like what I’ve written.

Also posted on Ao3: Link.


Friends’ blood. Enemies’ cries. Children’s unseeing eyes. Jack’s eyelids felt sticky with sleep, and the blanket on his chest was trapping him in sweaty heat. He threw it off and forced his tired bones out of the bed. Pictures flashed and screamed behind his eyes. He rubbed them, imagining how simple things would be if he could just scrape those pictures out. It had been four years since the war, but there were certain kinds of pain, certain visions, that never fade.

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  • Rikki Rikki: FUCK YOU, Latibaer! If you’re dumb enough to buy a car this weekend, you’re a big enough schmuck to come to Rikki Rikki Hell’s Cars! Bad deals! Cars that break down! Thieves! If you think you’re gonna find a bargain at Rikki Rikki’s, you can kiss my ass! It’s hard to believe that you’re such a stupid motherfucker, you’ll fall for this bullshit, guaranteed! If you find a better deal, shove it up your ugly ass! You heard us right, shove it up your UGLY ASS! Bring your trade, bring your title, bring your wife! We’ll fuck ‘er! That’s right! We’ll fuck your wife! Because in Rikki Rikki Hell, you’re fucked six ways from Sunday! Take a hike, to Rikki Rikk Hell’s, Home of Challenge Pissing! That’s right, Challenge Pissing! How does it work?! If you can piss six feet in the air straight up and not get wet, you get NO down payments! Don’t wait! Don’t delay! DON’T FUCK WITH US! Or we’ll rip your nuts off! At Rikki Rikki Hell’s! The only dealer that tells you to fuck off! Hurry up, asshole! This event ends the minute after you write us a check! And it better not bounce or you’re a dead motherfucker! GO TO HELL! Rikki Rikki’s Cars! Latibaer’s filthiest and exclusive home of the meanest sons of bitches in the country of Iceland! GUARANTEED!