by rikke

Because these are always handy, here are some Hayikuu fic recommendations for amazing one shots

These are just my favourites I thought I should share with the world. 

Pairings: Iwaoi, Bokuaka, Kuroken, Matsuhana, Kyouhaba, Ennotana


untitled by snoqualmie -  Words: 1,092

Soft and cute Iwaoi.

Dinner and a Movie by rikke -  Words: 11,010

Fake relationship, do I need to say more?

Holding on to You by lahdolphin -  Words: 11,464

Harry Potter au with twists that left me speechless.

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Iwaoi Fic Rec Compilation

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a somewhat-comprehensive list of 57 IwaOi fics that I’ve really enjoyed! This isn’t every fic I’ve loved of this pairing (since I’m disorganized and can’t find all of them), but hopefully these will kindle your love of the ship as much as they’ve fueled mine. (These are listed in alphabetical order within each rating.)

Note #1: Please check fic tags before reading as I cannot list them here.

Note #2: In general, other fics by the same authors not listed here are also recommended!

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HiJack one-shot: “Blue Veins”

@frosttyjade requested a one-shot, where Jack has a panic attack, so here we go. Also posted on AO3.

Their eager legs powered them through the shimmering snow, the deep powder crunching under their winter boots. The sky stretched above them, crisp and a sharp blue that almost ached in Hiccup’s eyes against the blinding white landscape. He could hear Fishlegs’ heavy breathing from behind him, struggling to keep up.

“The last one to reach the bottom is a pile of penguin shit!” Jack yelled, rushing towards the edge of the giant hill that overlooked the lake below. Countless houses stretched on behind the water, distant, dark shapes. To Hiccup, they seemed small enough to crush with his fingers. Jack clutched his sled under his arm as he ran. It was just a cheap, blue, plastic sled but Jack carried it like he was in the Olympics and this would bring him victory.

Hiccup grinned. Bitter souls might find Jack’s childish glee grating and invasive, but to him, it would always be soothing and bubbly and endless, a permanent sanctuary. “Always so cocky, Snowcone!” he yelled and ran faster after his boyfriend. The snow was heavy against his foot and his prosthetic. The chilly breeze scraped his cheeks with its burning fingertips.

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