by rikke

haikyuu!! fic recs

♡ - recommended

♡♡ - highly recommended


sun above your shoulders by longleggedgit; (3k, completed)

♡  soft serve by tothemoon; (10k, completed)

don’t mind, one more by bepsi-chan; (3k, completed)

you can be king again by bisexualtrash; (1.5k, completed)

♡♡ ink and whiskey by quitana; (41k, completed)

wings by buu; (4.5k, completed)

gold star, ash sky by bigspoonnoya; (138k, ongoing)

The Way I See It by staticrocket; (18.5k, completed)

Painting with Words and Painted Words by iwillstillopenthewindow; (5k, completed)

oh, we’re so disarming, darling by balconys; (3k, completed)

Don’t run on wet wood by boxofwonder; (6.5k, completed)

♡♡ Crowchildren by crypsis; (58.5k, completed)

again by bigspoonnoya; (15k, completed)

where the night goes by bigspoonnoya; (21k, completed)

5 Times Kageyama Made Hinata Carry Him, and the One Time Kageyama Carried Hinata by bowlerhatfringe; (4k, completed)

Thaw by peppermint_wind; (40k, completed)

Anonymous asked a question by kageyama_drama; (24.5k, ongoing)

♡♡ maps, from me to you by tothemoon; (9.5k, completed)

over the pavement that we walked on by daisuga; (2k, completed)


♡♡ Four out of Six by sugamama_crowshi; (12.5k, completed)

somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond by themorninglark; (5k, completed)

from across the room by kingkageyama; (6k, completed)

winner in the whirlwind by tothemoon; (7k, completed)

snapshots by minijhi; (4k, completed)

Oh, Here We Go (Feel it in My Soul) by spatialsoloist; (7k, completed)

♡♡  Curse 49 by princesskit; (75.5k, completed)

I Don’t Love You (I Always Will) by shingekinoboyfriends; (9k, completed)

good intentions paving company by toyotas; (2.5k, completed)

i do (cherish you) by gabstar; (3k, completed)

cruel professor studying romances (or, our story in fragments of six) by toyotas; (14k, completed)

cardboard castles by Aetherdrive; (18k, completed)

butterfly in the subway by bigspoonnoya; (63k, completed)

4AM is not Sugawara Koushi’s favourite time by andraimon; (2k, completed)

The House Tells You To Close Your Eyes by cyrnkun; (4k, ongoing)

♡♡ You’d fit my lonely arms so perfectly by boxofwonder; (25k, completed)

♡♡ the blossoms, just in time by thewindraiser; (351k, completed)


For Too Long by spatialsoloist; (5.5k, completed)

Vienna Waits For You by poulerslashes; (126k, ongoing)

silica sand by lilienpasse; (32k, completed)

come and take a walk on the wild side by Authoress; (4k, completed)


Gutterflower by Aetherdrive; (2k, completed)

The Great Yamaguchi-Tsukishima Split (Capitalization Necessary) by WyYeuw; (2k, completed)

Do you see what I see? by superpapershark; (1k, completed)

Flecked with Blue and Silver by LazuliTears; (4k, completed)

♡♡ Redefining Routine (series) by skell; (194k, ongoing)

soulmate, dry your eyes by renaissance; (4k, completed)

over the setting horizon by crossbelladonna; (6k, completed)

fools of us all by MemeKonHQ; (2k, completed)

Protect Me (I’m Drowning) by dreamingunderthestars; (6.5k, completed)

♡♡ Blood by darkbluebox; (20k, completed)

♡♡ your voice is my favourite colour by princessofmind; (34k, ongoing)


♡♡ Burnt Fudge, Tequila Shots by Mehhh; (27k, completed)

A Couple O’ Cats by Crollalanza; (3k, completed)

♡♡ curiosity kills by newamsterdam; (41k, completed)

pretty girls make me nervous by ebenroot; (6k, completed)

the storm’s still raging, but we can take some shelter here by eternitysky; (6k, completed)

The Words I Can’t Say on orphan_account; (3k, completed)

♡♡ Water and Brimstone by Aetherdrive; (41.5k, completed)

komorebi by sheelia; (17k, completed)

Stay Close, Don’t Go by shions_heart; (3.5k, completed)

♡♡ saltwater room by hipster-yams; (60k, completed)

Sudden Shower by tsuruko; (3k, completed)

We Remain by sniper_wolf; (18.5k, ongoing)

How Kuroo Found Kenma by SuggestiveScribe; (37.5k, completed)


like we’re made of starlight by izayas; (6.5k, completed)

The PDA Jar by Poteto; (10k, completed)

Seventeen by lacepirate; (1.5k, completed)

♡♡ tongue tied  by izayas; (154k, ongoing)

If You Were Here by dboys; (2.5k, completed)

Shiver by Yuu-chi; (16k, completed)

storm sanctuary by pyrality; (1k, completed)

When You Wish Upon A Star by emerald1963; (32k, completed)

bad coffee & lemon bars by abillionstars; (6k, completed)

♡♡ Press ‘1’ To Get A Call From Your Drunk Best Friend by parasolghost; (5.5k, completed)

♡♡ in defence of our overgrown garden by carafin; (2.5k, completed)

♡♡ little star travellers (series) by bendtowardsthesun; (24k, ongoing)

new phone who dis by meruemsthighs; (57k, completed)

The Price Of Life by All_My_Characters_Are_Dead; (40k, completed)

find what you love and let it kill you by Matsinko; (2k, completed)

♡♡ Build A Temple In Me by Authoress; (40k, completed)

cross my heart and hope to die by TripsH; (58k, completed)

Food for the Heart by SharkbaitSekki; (28k, completed)

It’s Tradition by MelissaWritesStuff; (4k, completed)

let me count the ways by whitemiists; (4k, completed)

♡♡ ad astra (series) by tothemoon; (207k, ongoing)

putting the contact lenses in by tenmillontrinkets; (4k, completed)

Valhalla by SuggestiveScribe; (17k, completed)

dyspnea/arrhythmia by carafin; (11k, completed)

dear future you by bravely; (2k, completed)

♡  it’s lonely on jupiter by skyestial; (123k, completed)

not about to go looking by trashwriter; (2.5k, completed)

♡♡ the lifespan of asters by russianpotatofarm; (8k, completed)

In Defense of Reptiles (and Other Gross Things) by rikke; (9.5k, completed)

Leave Me Your Stardust by starlitcities; (14k, completed)

Equilibrium by laconicGhost; (3.5k, completed)

♡♡ bloom by newamsterdam; (27k, completed)

♡♡ to be first, to be best by kittebasu; (26k, completed)

10 ways iwaizumi hajme has said i love you by daisugass; (16k, completed)

Take Me To Church by dboys; (43k, completed)

♡♡ summer, a thousand years later by vellaude; (image based fic, completed)

it’s tradition. by hicsvntdracones (5.5k, completed)

antithesis by sundowns; (10k, completed)

All That Gold by minijhi; (6k, completed)

*can you tell i love iwaoi?


♡♡ pieces (series) by therabbitwhisperer; (37.5k, ongoing)

i’ll return home one day by awkwardedgeworth; (7k, completed)

bang! now we’re even by Authoress; (12k, completed)

Crisis Converted by Aetherdrive; (60k, completed)

Pizza is the most romantic food, after all” by phantomdieb; (11k, completed)

gravity holds us down (series) by awkwardedgeworth; (9k, completed)

love in the time of wifi by dalyeau; (4k, completed)

neo black by ephemeralsky; (17k, completed)

tea-stained polaroids by dalyeau; (6k, completed)

Pretend by Your_Friendly_Neighborhood_Pigeon; (6k, completed)

the jacket you never returned by daisuga; (5k, completed)

arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to  by earlgrey_milktea; (7k, completed)

♡♡ h(a)unting by claws and keptein; (16k, completed)

The Fears are Paper Owls by yaboykeji; (10k, completed)

♡♡ the right path by norio; (14k, completed)

35mm by tothemoon; (21k, completed)

Growing Pains by aerococonut; (8k, completed)

where will you stand (when all the lights go out) by therabbitwhisperer; (8k, completed)

♡♡ come sundown, say you’ll remember my name (3.5k, completed)

right in the head by Mysecretfanmoments; (52k, completed)

♡♡ Character Development by silvercistern; (76k, completed)


cold water, warm embrace by singingdevil; (513, completed)

it’s easier for you to let me go by burritosong; (6k, completed)

Yaku and the Beanstalk by Mysecretfanmoments; (4k, completed)


call me maybe by totooru; (32k, ongoing)

Things We Left On The Cutting Room Floor by tookumade; (6k, completed)

Only Need The Light When It’s Burning Low by tookumade; (9.5k, completed)

skating on thin ice by iwaoidk; (3k, completed)

plus one on orphan_account; (6k, completed)

Love Doesn’t Come with an Instruction Manual by plumtrees; (3k, completed)

♡♡ boiled frogs by idontknowwhatthisiseven; (91k, completed)

nebulas by tothemoon; (11k, completed)

rated m on orphan_account; (10.5k, completed)


sick of losing soulmates by esmaewrites; (7.5k, completed)

spirited away by merryfortune; (6k, completed)

sweet sunshine lives by sunny_umbrella; (1k, completed)


pings by barfs; (28.5k, completed)

heretic by Batman (12k, completed)

♡♡ jaywalkers (series) by Batman; (127k, completed)

♡♡ xiv by ronan; (7k, completed)

Leviticus 20:13 by Melissawritesstuff; (10k, ongoing)

The Hunt by WithLoweredVoices; (33k, ongoing)


♡♡ distantly, you hear him by InkWitch - kenma/hinata; (4k, completed)

connected by Tsucchi - tanaka/ennoshita; (170k, completed)

♡♡ Mannequin Men by surveycorpsjean - bokuto/akaashi/kuroo/tsukishima; (76k, completed)

gen fics

♡♡ but for me, there is a storm by Authoress; (276k, completed)

Saviour by dgalerab; (67k, completed)

♡♡ bell, book, and candle by skittidyne; (625k, ongoing)

Ask a Stupid Question by darkmagicalgirl; (2k, completed)

♡♡ Come Morning Light by SharkbaitSekki; (322k, ongoing)

♡♡ meet me halfway home (series) by awkwardedgeworth; (246k, completed)

Sendai Magnitude 10.0 by RussianSunflower3; (79k, completed)

♡♡ national hot dad alliance is now calling… by dicaeapolis and owlinaminor; (58k, completed)

Because these are always handy, here are some Hayikuu fic recommendations for amazing one shots

These are just my favourites I thought I should share with the world. 

Pairings: Iwaoi, Bokuaka, Kuroken, Matsuhana, Kyouhaba, Ennotana


untitled by snoqualmie -  Words: 1,092

Soft and cute Iwaoi.

Dinner and a Movie by rikke -  Words: 11,010

Fake relationship, do I need to say more?

Holding on to You by lahdolphin -  Words: 11,464

Harry Potter au with twists that left me speechless.

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anonymous asked:

hey do u have any neighbor aus?

Of course!

The Ultimate Wingman by Luna_Vulpes (Mature) (133,128 words)

Lance and Hunk have moved in to the new student apartments at Garrison University called The V at Garrison.

Living on their floor, they meet and befriend their neighbors: Pidge, a child prodigy in robotics. Matt, Allura, and Shiro, life time friends with the boys watching over their siblings. And Keith, the anti-social boy who hates change.

As time progresses, they all become friends and Lance finally finds someone to help him explore his bisexuality - his gay neighbor Keith.

They strike a deal = Lance helps Keith find a social life while Keith becomes Lance’s wingman, but what happens when both men realize that their deal has become more complicated than they expected.

(Slow burn, eventual romance and smut)

Daytime Star by Kytaen (Teen) (8,131 words)

Keith’s neighbor across the balcony is annoying. And not just annoying — Lance is get-on-your-nerves, make-you-want-to-punch-a-wall annoying. So when Lance announces he’s moving to Colorado, Keith finally feels as if the world is back to being just him and the night stars.

But things don’t go as planned: the paper airplanes, the scent of coffee at 1:00 a.m., the words inscribed on Keith’s neck, and the slow curl of a blue flame echoing in his chest. And maybe, just maybe —

— stars do exist in the day.

Must Have Done Something Right by DeerStalkerDeathFrisbee (Teen) (2,573 words)

“So that was…”
“If you say painless I’m shoving you into another snowdrift.”
“Okay, that’s fair. But you got a lollipop!”
“That you stole from pediatrics.”
“I’m a very good date.”

Lance accidentally crashes into his new neighbor in front of their mailboxes and somehow ends the night with a very attractive (and slightly concussed) date.

Castle on the Hill by GamerAlexis (Teen) (11,116 words)

“Hi, I’m Lance! Who are you?”

“Uh, Keith.”

“You’re going to be my new friend, Keith!” Lance cheered, resting both hands heavily on Keith’s wheelchair and jumping up and down. “I don’t have any friends here yet but I’m not worried. I make friends real fast, like you! You’re just the first, which makes you my best friend.”

“I’ve, uh, never had a best friend before,” Keith confessed softly.

“I guess I’ll have to be your first!” Lance declared

(Basically a slight AU where Lance and Keith are neighbors in a small town who grow up together)

Fics That I Read While Not Answering Your Asks (Sorry) Part 1

TBH, since I do this for fun I don’t really make myself stick to strictly reading fics while in search of things that will answer your asks. Anyways, here’s some awesome fics I’ve read recently!

Homesick at Space Camp by K0bot (Teen) (Complete, 74280 words)

“Lance realizes he’s been an asshole to Keith, and on a diplomatic mission to a key planet for the Voltron alliance he… overcompensates.”

break it with a kiss by ciuucalata (Teen) (complete, 1956 words)

“Lance drinks a love potion by mistake and Keith is a weak man.”

If I Ever Let You Down, Forgive Me by Katsudonace (teen) (Incomplete, 40441 words so far)

“ Former Pro-Bender and friend of Avatar Allura, Keith has finally secured his dream job of being on the Republic City police force as a detective. He’s taking down crime on the streets, and it looks like his life is finally getting back on track. That is until the civil war in the Water Tribe escalates beyond control. Keith is given the duty to watch the spoiled Tribe Prince, Lance, and make certain that no harm comes to him during his stay. That is if Keith doesn’t kill the annoying jerk first.”

Shadow of the Past and Ghost of the Future by wittyy_name and Zizzani (Not Rated) (incomplete, Shadow has 54246 words so far and Ghost has 49186 words so far)

Companion pieces, where in Shadow of the Past, Lance is transported to a year in the future and his counter part from the future is transported to a year in the past in Ghost of the Future.

Smokey the Bear Has Nothing On You by psychicScavenger (Not Rated)(Complete, 50804 words)

“ Keith Kogane is on the Altea Fire Department and while volunteering for Altea Elementary’s Safety day, he runs into his high school rival/crush Lance McClain.”

Flirting With Death by drippingpen (Teen) (Incomplete, 46879 words so far)

“Keith commits the ultimate taboo as a grim reaper: he saves a life.More specifically, he saves Lance’s life.Now they are forever linked, unable to survive without the other. Keith must protect Lance from the forces that are trying to right Keith’s wrong and kill Lance.”

**I just want to note that this author has an awesome style for writing, and this fic is amazing. The author has put a lot of thought into this and it shows, same for a lot of the other fics I’m recommending on this post**

anonymous asked:

Got any slow burn au's where Keith is a prince?

Sorry it took so long to answer this dude :/ Unfortunately there aren’t too many Prince Keith fics out there but that is not to say there aren’t some good ones! (Personally I like the Prince Keith head cannon a little more than Prince Lance, which seems to be the more popular of the two). Anyways, I’ll stop rambling. BTW I decided to include some that aren’t slow burn since the crop of Prince Keith fics is pretty small.

Perihelion by EclecticInkling (Teen) (Incomplete 45889 so far)

“ After growing up in the shadow of war, Prince Lance of Altea would give almost anything to bring peace back to his people. So when a Galran ambassador arrives with an offer to make that a reality, Lance knows he can’t refuse. Even if it means binding himself to his enemy’s prince for as long as they both shall live.”

Elusive Laughter by SelfAngst (Not Rated) (Incomplete 12343 words so far)

“There’s a Galran tradition that states that if you make the royalty laugh, you can have their hand in marriage. Keith is a Galran prince and hasn’t laughed since he was a child. Many people come to visit him and try to make him laugh, but Keith knows they’re all selfish. He does however, long for the day where he can truly be himself, and find someone that makes him feel like smiling at least. When will they show up?”

something tragic about you, something so magic about you by  paladincoolcats (Mature) (Incomplete 19659 words so far)

“Keith is a prince who doesn’t want to be a prince. Lance is a prince who wishes to do as he pleases. Upon a war victory, Keith all but wins Lance as a servant. It’s torture for all parties involved, truly.


The bonding between two princes; a prince, forced to serve a prince who wants nothing to do with being a prince.”

Wherever I Want by Trashness (Teen) (complete, 10609 words)

“ Keith is a sheltered prince who longs to see the outside world. On a rebellious expedition, he meets Lance and the two become fast friends. More than friends. But when it becomes apparent that the two will not be allowed to be together, Keith becomes desperate to find a solution.”

Wait a Tick… What? by Flightless_Wings (Not Rated) (complete, 39971 words)

“ Keith had a great idea, everyone knew it was a great idea, everyone! An alliance with the planet of Altea, perfect for trade and harmony between their solar system and the Galra Empire. So how did he get stuck with the arranged marriage out of all this? Totally unfair… Lance on the other hand is having trouble keeping it together over the fact his older sister Allura has to marry this guy she’s never met before. For him, this whole thing is just a riot! These two princes have a few shockers in store for them still.”

From the Ruins, We shall Rise by TheSpace_Dragon, thesearchingastronaut (Mature) (Incomplete, 49939 words so far) (Triggers: violence, torture

“This is a tale of two countries finding peace; a tale of a jealous emperor, of how a team was put together to save these two countries from their doom.

The kingdom of Altea seeks peace with its Galran Empire neighbor, but the tyrannic Emperor Zarkon refuses to let Altea flourish while his turns to sand. It takes a prince, a general, a hitman, an inventor, a smith, and a guild of assassins to ensure that peace will reign throughout the continent of Cygnus.”

anonymous asked:

and here comes the blushing room genuinely fucking killed me i felt in love even tho im alone lmao thanks for reccing it

No problem! That one is a lot of fun, though you got the title a little wrong, I’m glad you enjoyed it. (For anyone who might be interested I’ll post a link and description in this post as well).

and here comes the blushing groom by hiriki (Teen) (Complete, 37663 words)

“"Well, I’m just glad both of you are in no immediate danger.“
“Excuse me? I think marrying Keith counts as immediate danger?” Lance screams about his feelings through text messages.“

Norwegian / old norse names and places

Every now and then I come across a book, movie, TV-series, fanfic, game or whatever, that mention a fictional “Norwegian” or “norse” place or person, and it just sounds so wrong it makes me either cringe or ROFL. Really. I still haven’t recovered from the 1995 X-files episode, “Død Kalm”, which took us to the port of “Tildeskan” where we met “Henry Trondheim”, “Halverson” and “Olafsson”. 

Hopefully this list will keep others from being that “creative” with names. :)

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