by rewatching it millionth time


Lost meme: [5/9] episodes

↳ The Constant

but can you imagine even sitting behind isak when emma came up to him talking about how “all the cool people @ kosegruppa” and even freaking out about how this lil girl gonna take his future man away so the only way he could think of how to get isaks attention was by stealing all the paper towels and offering him a used one from the bin

So like… I rewatched the true colors scene for the millionth time and like

We’ve discussed that greyness, or rather, perpetual greyness (because trolls have dimmed when they were upset, but never stayed that way like Branch did) is tied to self hatred, and a lot of critics of this movie didn’t like that Branch just suddenly jumped out of his greyness as if he suddenly was no longer depressed… 

and rewatching that scene… that doesn’t seem to be what happens.

If perpetual greyness is tied to self loathing, it kind of makes sense why Branch got his colors back in that scene, most importantly, why he got them back only after Poppy regained her colors.

Branch spent around two decades thinking he couldn’t do any good, and yet, now, because he doesn’t want Poppy to feel the same way, has managed to make someone else happy. He’s managed to do good, to bring her colors back, and it makes him hate himself less because he’s got living, breathing proof that he’s capable of doing something good. People have already pointed out that, while Poppy’s colors returned in the reverse order that they disappeared (feet first as opposed to head first), as does everyone else, Branch, who also lost his colors head first, instead gets his colors back starting where Poppy is touching him, and then spreading across his body. He’s getting his happiness from making her happy. 

That’s what makes the quote “Happiness is inside of all of us, you just need someone to help you find it” so meaningful. Poppy didn’t help Branch find his happiness by forcing him to do things that all the other trolls love, she helped him find happiness (and open up to things that other trolls love) by showing him that he isn’t a bad person, that he isn’t someone worth hating, because he can do good things, and he’s done good things. Branch wouldn’t have been able to do that alone. 

Love Confessions

I have rewatched the Bamon letter scene for the millionth time and there is no way in hell that that wasn’t an indirect love confession. It’s just not possible.”I’m absolutely terrified of failing you both ” my ass! He meant to say, “I’m absolutely terrified of falling for you both .” 

This is the look (below) of a man who recognizes what he could have had, but also realizes what he would have to do to get it. And knows he won’t because he’s a coward. 

And I just can’t!

I cannot stress how cute this part is

Rewatching pll for the millionth time and just picked up on something that proves cece lied to Ali in 6x10

In 4x22 “she’s come undone” Spencer has stolen some pages of ezras book and reads an excerpt

‘cece told me she stopped by the dilaurentis house to talk to Alison the night she went missing’

So why would she tell ezra (and one of the other plls in another episode I can’t remember) then lie to Ali about being there?
Im hoping this is something important and not just another mistake by the writers/marlene