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Your art style has such a warm and refreshing feeling with it. I absolutely love your One Piece fan art. You make everything look so pure and it's very heartwarming ( ;w;) And I was wondering, if you would like to. To draw Luffy in a sunny place (maybe a town) being his happy self? And also keep up the great work as well~~ヾ(*´∀`*) ☀ ☀

AHHHOW lovely thankYOU! *u*

Here’s a little Luf napping in the sun (loved painting this piece!)


at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D

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Dang! This blog is a total gift to the one piece fandom! Your work has such clarity of shape and tangibility of texture! It's simply fantastic! In addition to Matisse and Toulouse-Laurence, your work reminds me a lot of Maurice Brianchon and Bernard Cathelin both. Would you mind going into your influences? Also... as this is your side blog, do you have a normal blog as well? I'd love to see it! Uh... as for the prompt: Usopp and Goldenweek hold a life drawing session for all who want to attend.

Ahhhwhaatt this comment is seriously killing me!!! Thanks for those recs, such nice art!

Love this req! Franky was their model, cause who else but Franky would be!

+ Also here’s everyone’s fav pieces they did (cause I wanted to draw them allll)


The time spent in the Order passed on. I soon came to a point where I didn’t know whether my smiling face was a lie or not.”  | ✩ Lavi Bookman ✩ | Black Order Exorcist | ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ ★
↳ requested by my sweet Aidah! @psychohelmet​ (๑♡3♡๑) 


We’ve got to start at the bottom and work up! And if we don’t earnestly cheer each other on… we’ll never be top heroes!”  Creatie Hero | Yaoyorozu Momo | (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و
↳ requested by @mrgeekonthiswebsite​ ♥


Snow in the riverlands. If it was snowing here, it could well be snowing on Lannisport as well, and on King’s Landing. Winter is marching south, and half our granaries are empty. Any crops still in the fields were doomed. There would be no more plantings, no more hopes of one last harvest. He found himself wondering what his father would do to feed the realm, before he remembered that Tywin Lannister was dead. — Jaime VII, AFFC ♦ requested by joannalannister


★ “Stop talking. I will win. That’s… what heroes do.” | “So I’m going to be a hero. I’ll make that money… So that my mom and dad can have easier lives!” ★
Katsuki & Ochako | Brave Heroes | Requested by anon  o(〃^▽^〃)o