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EXO react to Xiumin’s lil’ strip show

EXO react to you waking them with kisses

EXO react to you laughing when their voice cracks

EXO react to being your first kiss

EXO react to you giving them a private dance *NSFW* (fem-ish)

EXO react to you having a terrible cold/migraine

EXO react to thinking another member is a mermaid

EXO react to you getting caught up in Beagle Line pranks

EXO react to you throwing a pillow at them

EXO react to you not answering the phone because you’re watching anime

EXO react to you catching them crying and they lie about why

EXO react to discovering your love for Disney

EXO react to you (an idol) struggling to act happy

EXO react to you sassing your best friend’s cheater boyfriend

EXO react to you lifting your shirt in your sleep

EXO react to you pulling a muscle in your back

EXO react to you moaning when they play with your hair

EXO react to you lifting their shirt in your sleep

EXO react to you having nyctophobia

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Your best friend Baekhyun

Your best friend Tao

Your best friend Luhan

Your best friend Sehun

Your boyfriend Chen (personalised)

Your boyfriend Sehun

Your boyfriend D.O

Fake Texts:

Best friend Yixing & Needy Xiumin *NSFW*ish

Tao texts *NSFW*ish

EXO M Halloween texts


MTL to prefer long hair over short hair

MTL to want a deep friendship before a romantic relationship

MTL to date a foreign singer

MTL to date a short person

MTL to like you riding them *NSFW*

MTL to have an international relationship

MTL to prefer dogs over cats

MTL to have a daddy kink *NSFW*

MTL to have an interracial relationship

MTL to be overwhlemed by cuteness when you hold your newborn baby

MTL to prefer to cute lingerie *NSFW* ish

MTL to be romantic

MTL to read a book to impress you

MTL to have a big dick *NSFW* ish


Tao as your best friend


Xiumin spam

Luhan spam


Cuddling with EXO (female ver.)

Cuddling with EXO (male ver.)

Favourite hair colours

How EXO would seduce you

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hello can you do a JB x JUNGKOOK x AMBW can the plot be that Jungkook has had a crush on the ambw whose his best friend and roommate but shes dating Jaebum and jaebum knows jungkook has a major crush on ambw and when jaebum walks out of ambw's bedroom and spots jungkook he mentions how he knows and says that he can join in. smut. sorry kinda confuting

Two in One(AMBW):

“Hey Jungkook.” You greeted smiling at your roommate once you were inside of your shared apartment. Your hand reached out to ruffle his hair and he smiled sheepishly up at you with chopsticks buried in his mouth as he sucked up his ramen.

“Hey noona.” He greeted you as his cheeks darkened ever so slightly before he spotted your boyfriend Jaebum. Jungkook cleared his throat bowing his head before he went back to eating on his noodles.

“Did you have a good day?” You asked the male kissing the top of his forehead making him blush more.

“Mm, it was good! Work let out early so I was hanging out with Yugyeom and then I came back home.” He admitted letting his eyes look back between you and Jaebum.

After a few more minutes of talking with him back and forth you went towards your room holding onto Jaebum’s hand leading him towards your bed. Jaebum rolled you onto your back helping you undress out of your work clothes slowly. Once you were undressed in just your panties you shuffled around your dresser until you found a loose fitting black shirt to place on your body combing your hair from your face. Jaebum pulled you onto the bed to pepper kisses along your lips and jaw biting softly onto your skin. He smirked sliding his hands up under your shirt running his fingers along your nipple piercings causing you to groan and grab at his shirt. You pressed yourself against him kissing his lips with needy tilting your head slightly to deepen the kiss. Jaebum slapped at your ass cheeks groping them licking on your lips.

“Let me go get the whip cream baby.” He mumbled slightly moving to push you down on your back and with a whine you let him go as you rested in the bed looking around your room stretching out on your back. Jaebum walked from your room with a smirk and he made his way towards the kitchen stopping when he saw Jungkook rummaging through the fridge. Jungkook didn’t say anything to him because he was afraid his voice would betray his jealously if he did.

“Hey what’s the matter? Or do you always look so tense and I just don’t notice?” Jaebum asked in a teasing tone bending down to get the whip cream catching Jungkook staring at it.

“I’m fine! I’m sorry if I seem off. I’m just a bit tired.” Jungkook muttered stretching out his limbs.

“Dammit.” Jaebum said snapping his fingers dramatically. “I was going to ask if you wanted to join me and baby girl in the other room.” He turned on his heels to walk off.

“W-what?” Jungkook asked or rather blurted out looking at Jaebum with reddened cheeks. Chuckling Jaebum looked back at him with a wink.

“I knew that would wake you up. Look, I know how you’ve checked her out. She’s fine and I know being best friends with someone can give you feelings and urges when you live with them. That’s how me and her got to fucking so much. And I wanted to let you in on that but if you’re too tired then..” Jaebum shrugged jutting out his lower lip.

“I’m sure I can manage it. If it’s really ok?” Jungkook asked not wanting this to be a joke. He was way too excited to question it or wait so he needed to know this was really happening.

“Yeah. I mean I would rather it be you that fucks her if I can’t or when I’m away. Just don’t steal my girl because then I’ll kick your ass for real.” Jaebum playfully ruffled the male’s hair leading him back to the bedroom where you lay with your legs spread wide open.

Seeing both of them walk back into the room, your pussy clenched and excitement was alive in your bones. Biting on your bottom lip you looked over at Jaebum smirking. “Baby, you’re finally going to let me play with him?” You asked sweetly batting your eyelashes.

“Of course, it seems you were right that Jungkook wanted you just as much as you wanted him. And like I’ve told him I will share but the moment feelings get involved that’s it. Got it?” Both of you nodding your head Jaebum smiled walking over to you once again. Lifting your shirt up he pulled it off your body tossing it somewhere before he did the same to your panties. Jungkook had managed to undress himself fully dick already erect and pressing against his lower stomach as he watched you. Jaebum sprayed your pierced breast with the white substance pushing Jungkook forward towards your body. Jungkook eyed your smooth brown skin and plump perky nipples leaning down to lap at them. His hungry gaze was enough to have you squirming but feeling the flattening of his wet tongue lick up and down the expanse of your sensitive nipples had you crying out for him. Fingers buried in his hair you pressed him closer to your body watching as his hands went to work groping and kneading your breast as he sucked and played with them. Pulling gently on the piercings and licking over the designs of the jewels he was causing you to pool in your panties. Jungkook pulled back with a pop licking over both your breast together before he kissed down your stomach. Jaebum reached his hand around Jungkook to spray a trail from your stomach towards your gleaming pink pussy and Jungkook let his tongue follow the trail twice not leaving any of the whip cream behind. Pressing your legs down against the bed, Jungkook grazed his thumb across your clit earning a moan of approval from you. He leaned his head forward running his tongue up and down your slit. Jaebum crawled on the bed spraying your breast again kissing your lips.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like having your pussy touched by Jungkook?” Once you nodded your head yeah, he smirked lazily biting on your bottom lip. “Tell Jungkook. Tell him how it feels.” Looking down at Jungkook with your hooded eyes you parted your lips to speak out and encourage him.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time. Many nights I’ve thought about having your tongue deep inside of my pussy or your dick and now that you’re finally touching me I don’t ever want you to stop. Please keep going and make me cum.”

Jungkook didn’t need any more words of motivation. Leaning down he pushed his tongue into your dripping warm pussy moaning at the taste the vibrations causing your back to arch. Slowly he tongue fucked you and Jaebum added to it leaning down to take your nipples in his mouth. Both males made you feel like you were on cloud nine. Hips rutting up and back arching your body was heated and on a wave of pleasure. Your hips circled as your hands reached down to tangle in Jungkook’s hair pushing him closer to your pussy. Jaebum didn’t need to be told what to do marking your breast with more hickeys you went back and forth calling out both names. Jaebum reached down to rub your clit in a circular motion with his index and middle fingers causing your pussy to leak more the juices getting onto Jungkook’s face who let his lips cover your wet center he didn’t care about the juices getting on his chin as long as he could please you. But after some time Jaebum was pulling back and taking Jungkook with him.

“On your knees baby. It’s our turn.” Jaebum smirked as he undressed in nothing leaving both males naked and hard before your eyes. You groaned looking at their toned bodies and how big each male was. Getting on your knees you looked up at Jaebum and he petted your head biting his lip. “Suck us both off. I know you can use that pretty mouth and those pretty little hands. Get us nice and wet for you. I have plans and you don’t want it to hurt.” Jaebum said that and you knew instantly what he meant. Whimpering in approval you gripped both shafts stroking them slowly watching as each male made a different reaction. Jaebum rolled his head back moaning into the air and Jungkook bit his lip watching you. Pure seduction on his face you couldn’t help but lick up and down the expanse of his slit, digging your tongue into the sensitive opening your hands moved faster stroking them off. You pulled back spitting on each dick rubbing your spit on their shaft to make them wetter so that it would be easier to stroke them off. You tapped both dicks on your face and then on your tongue wrapping your mouth around Jaebum’s head you slid your mouth all the way down to the base sucking harshly on it. Your mouth moved back and forward as you took him in moaning at the burn but being able to deepthroat him after practicing it for a while. Your hand moved quickly on Jungkook’s shaft earning you a soft moan of your name and you looked up at Jungkook to see him with hooded eyes and a clenching abdomen as he tried to be patient and wait his turn. When you felt Jaebum was wet enough you switched out letting your tongue swirl around Jungkook’s dick teasing him because it was your first time tasting him. His precum oozed out and you lapped at that as well the bitter sweet substance on your tongue wasn’t anything less of welcoming. Your warm mouth engulfed his shaft, sucking harshly on his skin you let your hand pick up the pace on Jaebum’s shaft. The wet noise of you jerking him off could be heard mixed in with their grunts and cries of pleasure. Jaebum was fucking your hand and Jungkook slowly fucked your mouth though he let you take on the rest by yourself.

Jaebum looked down at you seeing how well you took Jungkook, he patted your hand and when you looked up at him he bit his bottom lip. “Go ride Jungkook baby.” He motioned to the bed and you wanting to please them both slowly let your mouth come to a halting motion before you pulled back with a loud pop wiping your chin. You grabbed at Jungkook’s hand leading him to the bed you pushed him down on it gently and crawled over his body. Gripping at his shaft and placing one hand on his chest you rubbed his hardened dick up and down your slit. Pressing it at your entrance you slowly slid down onto him causing you both to moan. Your hands braced on his chest as he was buried inside of you and once you adjusted to him you slowly started to rock your hips up and down riding him. Your head rolled forward, his hands gripping on your thick hips to keep you on top of him. He thrusted up to match your movements, moans slipping past both of your lips. You got a bit faster, starting to slam yourself down on Jungkook who pounded up into you. Jaebum came up behind you pushing you forward by your back. Getting the hint, you leaned down to kiss Jungkook sliding your tongue into his mouth creating a heated make-out session between the two of you. Jaebum stroked his dick a bit more watching as Jungkook disappeared inside of you each time your hips met. He got on the bed on his knees straddling Jungkook’s knees he pushed himself inside of your tight asshole without any preparation. Whimpering into Jungkook’s mouth your back arched and you felt the painful burn creep up your spine, you loved every moment of it. Jungkook held still rubbing soothing circles into your hips letting his tongue glide against yours to distract you from the pain.

Jaebum waited for you to adjust before he started to create a slow lazy thrust in and out of you. Jungkook followed suit and together they created a rhythm that had you scratching down Jungkook’s chest and seeing starts. Your hips were still as each fucked into you stretching out your holes. Jaebum started to slam harder into your tight asshole his thick dick filling you up and pressing against your walls. You felt Jungkook throbbing inside of your pussy, rotating his hips to land against your spot. Jaebum pulled at your hair making you arch your back slightly so that they could both hear your cries of pleasure. Jungkook leaned up to suck on your breast again and with Jaebum’s free hand he rubbed your wet throbbing clit adding to your pleasure. Your body shook and you trembled trying to hold out but you couldn’t. A few more powerful snaps of both hips inside of you had you spilling your essence onto Jungkook’s dick. Jaebum praised you for cumming biting on your shoulder he filled up your asshole next. Snapping his hips harshly against yours causing your skin to redden his emptied his load into your ass causing you to whine and clench around him and Jungkook who forced himself to hold out so that he could enjoy this. Seeing you spent and sweaty and thoroughly fucked for him was the breaking point. And before he knew it he was releasing his own cum inside of your pussy pressing your hips down against his so that you could take every ounce of cum he had to give you. Leaning over him you tried to catch your breath playing in Jungkook’s sweaty hair. Laying against him Jaebum pulled out of you stroking your back leaning down to kiss across your ass cheeks before he laid on the bed beside Jungkook.

“Can we go again?” Jungkook asked softly causing you to give a tired laugh as Jaebum slapped your ass.

“Of course, we can. Maybe this time you ride me?” You teased kissing his lips repeatedly.

Sex with Draco Would Include...
  • Biting.
  • Him being extremely dominant.
  • Him trying to be sexy, but falling over when he walked into the room.
  • Public sex.
  • Teasing.
  • Having really nice passionite sex once in-awhile.
  • Being so awkward during your first time.
  • “Fuck yes!”
  • Hair pulling.
  • Hickeys.
  • “Stop leaving hickeys oh my god.”
  • Rough sex.
  • Teasing each other in class.

Peter Parker x Reader

Request/Summary: a peter Parker imagine where peter has been ignoring the reader and she gets really sad and depressed about it. And then he notices this and comes to comfort you by knocking on the window and then have a really deep convo.

Warnings: Mentions of depression and medication. 

A/N: STOP AND READ THIS PLEASE! I actually suffer from depression, anxiety, and OCD. So I am really, really, really sorry if someone gets offended by the way this is depicted. I drew from my personal experience a tad and if anyone has anything against the way I wrote this, please message me. So sorry for anything I did wrong!

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Traditionally speaking, relationships didn’t work this way. Although, traditionally speaking, girls didn’t date Spiderman. As much as you loved Peter, you weren’t sure how much you loved Spider-Man. 

It took away from the couple time, which itself was rare. When you did see him in school, it wasn’t as though you could make out with him or fall asleep in his arms while Star Wars played on the TV. 

As time went on, you noticed you both drifted apart more and more. The special bond you had started to slip through your fingers like water and the more you tried to grab it, the more you felt it leaving you. 

You sat on your bed, wrapped up in a blanket. Your eyes were locked onto the TV screen, which featured the Amazing Spider-Man, fighting off some bank robbers or something. It just made you feel even more sad. 

You could hear your mom in the kitchen, scraping food off dishes and shoving leftovers into the fridge. You’d excused yourself early and she didn’t make any move to stop you. 

Yahoo answers advised you to eat ice cream and cry. Although crying was the last thing you really wanted to do. So, you’d opted for ice cream. 

You stumbled out and grabbed the entire carton. “Sweetie?” your mom asked. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” you mumbled, taking a spoon. “Alright,” she said warily. “Goodnight.”

“Night,” you replied quietly, elbowing the bedroom door open. The air swirling in through the open window made you shiver. You quickly went over to shut it and as you’d gone to lock it up, a figure jumped down onto the fire escape. 

You squealed, seizing the spoon as a weapon as you peered outside. 

“What the hell,” you grumbled, setting down your comfort food and opening the window again. “What are you doing?” you demanded, sticking your head out the window. 

Peter pulled off his mask and smiled at you. “I came to see you,” he said softly. “You’re brother called me and told me you weren’t doing so well.”

You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. “Micah needs to learn to keep secrets,” you mumbled. “What’s wrong?” he asked, climbing into the room. 

“Nothing,” you said. “I’m fine.” He narrowed his eyes at you. “You only say that when you’re not fine.” You rubbed your cold arms. “I’m peachy,” you corrected. “Can you close the window, please?”

He nodded and you sat on the bed, watching him. “Tell me what’s wrong,” Peter sighed, sitting beside you. His brown hair was ruffled sweetly, allowing you a perfect view of his brown eyes and long lashes. 

“I’m just a bit sad,” you told him. “It’s really nothing.” He frowned. “Have you been taking your medicine?” he asked. “Yes,” you lied, averting your eyes. “You mean no,” he sighed. “[Y/n], how long have you been off of them?”

You looked up at the light fixtures, tilting your head side to side as you thought. “Couple of weeks.”

“Weeks?!” he exclaimed. You put a finger on his lips, eyes wide with warning. “My mom and Micah are home,” you told him. “Sorry,” he mouthed. You pulled away and reached for your ice cream. “I just forgot and didn’t bother to take them again,” you explained. 

“Is there something else you aren’t telling me?” he asked worriedly. 

Peter was always the person you confided in, besides your therapist. You trusted him dearly and he returned the feeling. He was always there for you and there wasn’t a version of your life you could dream of that didn’t include him. 

“Do you still love me?” you whispered. His eyes went wide. “Of course I do!” he quickly said. “Why would you think that I don’t?”

You shrugged. “I dunno…it’s just like. Well. It’s like, uh.” You became a stuttering mess. You’d never done so well with straight out saying “Hey, I have a fucking problem.”

“You sorta have been acting like we’re not…you know, dating.”

Peter bit his lip. “Oh, my god. I’m so sorry.” He took your hand to his, placing kisses on your knuckles. 

You sat there, a blushing mess. 

It was a shock to you that Peter could display such prominent and affectionate kisses towards you when you had ratty, unbrushed hair that sat in a messy knot on the crown of your head, the same pair of pajamas you’d been wearing since Thursday, and your eyes had old makeup underneath. 

 “Are you okay?” he asked, pulling you into a frantic hug. “I didn’t mean to avoid you and make you feel like shit and also didn’t mean to ignore you and I also didn’t mean to avoid you and-”

You pulled away, giving him an amused look. “Okay, calm down and breathe,” you laughed. “You said ‘and’ about a million times. It’s okay, Pete. You have Spider-Man responsibilities. I’m not mad at you.” 

“But I’m mad at me,” he said with sad, wide eyes. “Don’t be,” you assured him. “I swear that I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure you feel better,” he declared. “What should we do first?” 

You looked at him. “Can we watch Star Wars?” 

He grinned at you. “Of course. I’m going to go home and change first.” He softly kissed you, leaving you in a daze. “Take your medicine,” he chastised, pulling on his mask and opening the window. “Also, save some ice cream for me.”

Basically Peter towards the end there:

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for the weekend

Group/Member: BTS // Hoseok

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 3.326

Prompt: AU w/ Hobi 11
You’re pretending to be my significant other so my mum gets off my case only she’s assuming we’re going to be sleeping in the same bed together oh dear. 

Summary: Hobi agrees to be your fake boyfriend for the weekend…aka I feel like I ramble on for over 3k words and drive you all into the ground with boredom…whoops

Masterlist // AU Prompt List // Dialogue Prompt List // Rules

“I promise that I’ll take full responsibility for it. And I’ll pay you back in full as soon as I possibly can.”

“I thought that you said your friend hit it though.”

“He did, but he doesn’t have insurance and he really can’t afford to get caught in a mess like that.”

Letting out a slow breath you cross your arms and look up at the sky above you. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. It was a perfect blue; the sun was out. It should be against the laws of nature for bad things to happen on days like these. Save it for grey skied days, and rainy days. You shouldn’t be looking at the now dented backside of your car, the paint completely scratched up. Of course, this hadn’t happened this morning. According to your neighbor, Hoseok, it had happened last night when his friend had been leaving, not noticing your car parked so closely to his and hitting into it pretty hard. It could have been worse though, you thought. He could have torn the entire bumper off or put a much larger dent in.

“It’s fine, we’ll figure something out. At least this is the only damage it did,” you said, giving Hoseok a small shrug, translating that there really was nothing more you could do.

“If it makes you feel any better, his got a lot larger of a dent,” he said with a small smile, ultimately making you smile as well.

You and Hoseok had been neighbors for the last year now, and had become pretty good friends. It wasn’t unusual for one of you to invite the other over for a movie or to have dinner. Hoseok was one of those people that was just easy to be around. He didn’t make you feel uncomfortable and feel that you had to worry about developing a crush on him or vice versa. Sure you had thought multiple times that maybe you would be a good pair for one another, who wouldn’t when you spend that much time together with an attractive single guy, but in the end friends worked out perfectly for you.

“That does make me feel better,” you say with a smile. “Jungkook seriously needs to learn how to drive,” you said, making him laugh and nod in agreement. “He’s trying,” Hoseok said as you both made your way back into the building and up the stairs to your respective apartments. Half way up the stairs you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, pulling it out to find a text from your mother.

From: Mom

Hello sweetie!! Can’t wait to see you this weekend.
Hopefully we’ll get to meet a sweet boy?!
Love you!

Letting out a sigh you simply shoved the phone back in your pocket, really not in the mood to have that conversation with you mom again. She had been on your case for months about whether or not you were meeting any guys, and whether you were going on dates, and as much as you loved your mom you weren’t sure how much more you could take. After you’d reached your floor you looked back towards Hoseok was unlocking his door and ready to go in when suddenly the idea hit you.

“Wait Hoseok!”

Immediately he paused, giving you a curious look before stepping back out into the hallway. “I think I may know how you can repay me for my car,” you said taking a few steps forward, hands fiddling together in front of you as you looked at him. Hopefully this didn’t turn out to be the stupidest idea of your life.

“Really? What is it? I’ll do anything,” he said, still feeling extremely guilty for what had happened even though it was his friend who had caused the damage. Giving him a small smile you couldn’t believe that you even knew somebody this nice. “I’m going home this weekend to spend time with my family,” you started, wondering how exactly you should pose this question.

“Oh…do you need me to house sit or something?” he asked, leaning against the wall as he looked at you.

Shaking your head, you took one deep breath and decided to just put it out there. If he said no then it wouldn’t be a problem, you’d just have to deal with your mother nagging you the entire time, and hope that it doesn’t make things awkward between you and Hoseok. “My mom has been…on my case about bringing a guy home, and I know this is a little out there but…would you maybe come with me? Pretend to be my boyfriend for the weekend so that she’ll lay off for a little while?” The last part came out in one long gush you looking away out of fear that Hoseok would be weirded out by the offer, but instead of being greeted with the silence that you had been expecting you instead heard Hoseok’s small laugh.

“Yeah! Sure, that’s no problem at all.” Your head literally snapped back, shocked to see that he was even smiling at you, arms casually crossed across his chest. “I still feel like I owe you some money to help repair for the car, something that can actually go towards fixing it,” still a little shocked that he had agreed to your proposal you simply nodded dumbly at him.

“O-oh, yeah sure if it’ll make you feel better,” you said tucking a strand of hair behind your ear before giving him a small smile. “Thanks Hoseok, I know that this is kind of a strange request, and I don’t want to make you do anything that you aren’t comfortable with.” He simply waved a hand at you, brushing off the notion that it would be awkward. “Please, families love me, it’s no big deal at all. Plus, this is what friends do,” he said, that large smile coming out again. “Just text me about the time and when you want to leave then, and I’ll make sure that I have my stuff packed,” he said with a smile, giving you a small wave before going into his own apartment. Letting out a deep breath you smiled to yourself and pulled your phone out, sending your mom a quick text letting her know that she should be prepared for another visitor besides yourself.

You and Hoseok took off on Friday afternoon, catching the train that you would take you out of the city and to the town you had grown up in. On the way, you filled him in on everything he would need to know about your parents and two younger siblings that still lived at home. You both also decided to say that you had only been dating two months, in case your mother brought up the fact that you had never mentioned him. You’d simply tell her that you both weren’t sure what you wanted, but decided that now would be a great time to introduce him to the family since things were feeling good. In a way, it was kind of fun to make up the story. Just like with all the times that you and Hoseok had hung out with one another, nothing felt awkward. You both laughed and joked, teasing each other for what you were doing, Hoseok at one point asking you if you thought it was too soon to adopt a dog together. By the time the train had pulled up you weren’t even nervous to face your family.

Stepping onto the platform you and Hoseok took a moment to look around, your mother having said that she was going to pick the two of you up. It didn’t take long before you spotted her along with your father waving your way, large smiles on their face. Smiling back, you hurried over, Hoseok taking your bag from you so that you could rush ahead and hug both of them, exchanging your greetings and ‘I miss yous’. “And this must be Hoseok,” your mother finally said as she took a good look at Hoseok who was standing a few steps behind you, politely smiling at your parents.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” he said giving each of your parents a respectful bow, your mother already swooning. “Oh sweetheart that isn’t necessary,” she said patting his shoulder before pulling him into a hug. Ready to intervene, you only stopped when you realized that Hoseok simply hugged her back, letting out a warm laugh. Letting out a sigh, you realized that Hoseok had by far been your best choice when it came to bringing a fake boyfriend. “Now come on, both of you, I’ve got a large dinner waiting for everybody.”

While walking to the car, you went ahead with your mother, glancing over your shoulder to see that your father and Hoseok were comfortable talking, helping one another carry the luggage. “He’s very good looking,” you heard your mother whisper to you, looking over as she gave you a wink, making you chuckle and shake your head. “Don’t embarrass him too much,” you said, knowing your mother well enough. Placing her hand over her chest as if you had insulted her, she gave you a dramatic gasp, “Me? Embarrassing? I feel insulted [Y/N],” you both laughed, your heart feeling light at how happy you really were to be home.

The night went by extremely smoothly to your amazement. Hoseok amazingly had wooed your entire family. Your mother was the easy one, your father was much trickier, but by the time that dinner was finishing, Hoseok had successfully made your father bust a few buttons from how hard he was laughing, his gruff hands slapping Hoseok hard on the back. Even both of your siblings, both teenagers and rather moody at that, were smiling at him and loading him with plenty of questions. Not once did he falter though. Throughout the dinner you two would look up occasionally, flashing each other a knowing smile before turning back to the food and conversation. Hoseok immediately began helping your mother in the kitchen, clearing plates and setting them in the sink for her, making sure that there wasn’t anything he could do before she had literally shoved him out. “Sweetheart you two had a long trip, go rest.”

When everybody was pretty well distracted you’d found Hoseok, giving him a sigh of relief. “You are like a professional I swear,” you said giving him a smile. “Are you sure you don’t do this as like a side job? Pretend to be girl’s parents, woo their family? Get some free home cooked meals?” He laughed at this, shaking his head, though a small blush managed to creep across his cheeks. “Nope, this is my first time actually.”

Smiling back at him you nodded towards his bags. “You may wanna consider making this you’re main come. C’mon, I’ll show you where the guest bedroom is,” you said as you lead him down the hallway and to one of the rooms. Opening the door, you immediately stopped. There was no longer a bed inside, but instead multiple boxes, a desk set up with a computer and a number of other miscellaneous things. “Hey mom?” you called, making your way back down the hall. “What happened to the guest room?” poking her head out from the kitchen she gave you a surprised look. “Oh I didn’t tell you? We’re working on making that a new office for your father.”

“Where will Hoseok be able to stay then?” you asked curiously, your mother only giving you a surprised look. “What do you mean where will he stay? Sweetheart, he can sleep in you room with you…oh don’t give me that look, what do you take me for? Some prude? Sweetheart, you guys are dating, I trust you to be safe,” she said ducking away before she could see your jaw fall open, a little unnerved by what she had just implied to you. Turning back around and to where Hoseok was standing you pointed to the door on the other side of the hall. “Well…looks like we’ll be sharing this room for the night,” you say as you push it open and walk in immediately being hit with your teenage years. “This was your room?” you hear Hoseok ask as he steps in and immediately sets his bags down beginning to look around, a small smile spreading across his face as he sees the number of stuffed animals on your bed. Your parents and surprisingly your siblings, hadn’t touched anything since you’d moved out. Letting out an embarrassed groan you nod your head, realizing that you had quite a few things in here that could be extremely embarrassing. Hoseok only looked back at you though and gave you a smile, “I think this is really cute. I didn’t know that there was this sort of side to you [Y/N],” but of course this only makes you blush more as you try to busy yourself by pulling your own bag onto your bed.

“I hope that you’re okay sharing the room. If you want I can just pull out an air mattress for one of us or something.”

“It really doesn’t both me,” Hoseok said, now looking at all the pictures that you had hanging on your vanity. “You’ve fallen asleep on my shoulder plenty of times while watching movies, so I’m sure this won’t be any different.” There it was again, that magic ability that Hoseok seemed to have, all the awkwardness suddenly evaporating from the moment, you just feeling silly for thinking that it was awkward. “You’re right,” you say, giving him a small smile.

Later that night after spending a few more hours with your family, everybody retreats to their own room, Hoseok using the bathroom to wash up while you change into your pajamas and climb into bed. When Hoseok finally makes his way in you’ve pulled out one of the many photo albums in your room, nostalgically flipping through the pages, looking at old pictures. Climbing onto the bed next to you, he pokes his head in and looks as well, his finger shooting out. “Is that you?” he asks, pointing at a picture from the last formal you had attended in high school, hair elaborately styled while wearing a fancy dress. “It is. Hard to believe, isn’t it?”

“No I didn’t mean it like that,” he said, not wanting to think he had insulted you. “You still look just as beautiful, I just don’t think I’ve ever seen you dressed up like that,” he said, the compliment making you blush. “I haven’t had a lot of reasons to,” you say back before flipping the page, a few childhood pictures on this page. “Oh, look here’s a picture of me and my little sister,” you say pointing to one of you smiling at the camera, two teeth missing while your sister is clearly bawling and in distress next to you. “I had just dared her to eat a worm and after she did I told her that it was going to probably crawl out of her belly button.” Hoseok busts up at this, pushing your shoulder lightly. “That isn’t nice,” he says only making you smile. “Oh and this one,” you say as you flip to another picture. This one was of you when you were about three years old, your hair down, jagged looking bangs laying across your forehead. “I had just given myself a haircut. I think I did a pretty good job,” you say wiggling your eyebrows at Hoseok and making him laugh again.

“You were a pretty cute kid,” he teases again, poking you in the side and making you snort. “What on earth ever happened,” you say as you close the book and get up to put it away. “I really do like your room,” you hear him say as he lays back and admires it. “I can tell that this was a place you loved to be.” He’s completely right with the statement, your room holding lots of dear memories. Slumber parties, sneaking out and then back in, even kissing your first boy here. “Yeah, it really was,” you say, voice soft and content. Hoseok lays where he is, eyes watching you, smiling at the gentle look on your face. Just like you had with him, he also had imagined what it would be like to date you. He was sure that it would be nice, the two of you already getting along so well and feeling comfortable with one another, but there was always the risk of ruining what you both already had as friends. He’d even thought that maybe pretending to be a couple on this trip would give you a little insight on what it would be like to date.

“Oh wait!” he hears you call, snapping him out of his thoughts. “I’ll show you the best part of my room. Lay down on your back and look up at the ceiling,” you say as you go over towards the light switch. “Hopefully they still work,” you say as you flick the switch down. A few seconds later you see the gentle glow, getting slightly brighter as the seconds go, of glow in the dark stars that you had stuck all across your ceiling. “Aha! They do still work,” you say excitedly as you make your way towards the bed and climb in next to him. “These were always my favorite part about falling asleep at night,” you say, you shoulder touching his as you both look up.

“They’re so cool,” Hoseok says, marveling at all the little stars that were shining down on him. “It’s sort of like we’re sleeping outside, expect there’s no annoying bugs,” he says making you laugh. “Right?”

Letting out a sigh you roll onto your side and look at him, Hoseok following your lead and rolling over so that you’re both facing each other. “Thank you again for doing this.”

“It’s no problem. I have to admit I really like your family.”

“They really like you too, I can tell.”

A few moments of silence go by, the two of you just looking at once another, sentences hanging on the both of your tongues, waiting cautiously to see what the other says. “I think I kind of like being your fake boyfriend.” Hoseok finally says, scooting just a little bit closer to you.

“I think I like being your fake girlfriend,” you reply, also scooting a little closer.

“Maybe…you’d like to be my real girlfriend then?” he asks tentatively, holding his breath, hoping that he didn’t just make a mistake.

“I think I’d like to try that,” you say back, glad that the stars weren’t bright enough to reveal the blush on your cheeks. You could however see the large smile that spread across Hoseok’s face, that smile always managing to brighten any place.

“Perfect, then I’ll tell my mom that I have somebody to join me when I go home in a few weeks,” he says making you laugh as you roll over onto your other side and scoot back, allowing your back to press against his chest, his arms wrapping easily around you and holding onto your hand. “Goodnight Hoseok,” you say, smiling as you feel his lips kiss the back of your head.

“Sleep tight [Y/N].”

[Werewolf AU] When You Ask if Starting a Family/Pack With Them Means Having 5+ Kids (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: He’d start laughing at the look on your face when you asked (’I gotta push 5 of those things out? god help me’) but he would give you a serious answer, since he did eventually want to start a family with you. He wouldn’t expect you to have any more kids than you wanted to have

YOONGI: Yoongi would fucking love the fact that you were even thinking about starting a family/pack with him, but he knew it was quite a bit to handle, so he’d be very understanding if you weren’t ready quite yet. Once you did start, I feel he would really only want two kids max (but thats imo)

HOSEOK: He’d melt at the mention of having kids (pups) with you. Honestly, I think he’d be happy with any number of kids you were willing to have with him, packs don’t always have to be big. 

SEOKJIN: He would be absolutely thrilled that you’d be open to talking to him about these sorts of things. I think he’d sit down with you and have a serious (but you could obviously see how excited he was) talk about it. It wouldn’t matter to him the number, as long as it was with you

JIMIN: He’d get so giggly, his cheeks would go pink no lie. It would make his heart swell when he thought of seeing you carrying his child. I think he’d tell you he’d want a few (not an actual number because he wouldn’t want to scare you)

TAEHYUNG: Yes, most definitely he would say yes lol but in all honesty, even though he’d want lots and lots of kids, he wouldn’t pressure you into anything you weren’t ready for (because honestly, He’d be one of those like ‘I want a dozen kids’ and you’d be like ‘Taehyung, my body is mortal’)

JUNGKOOK: I think he’d be a bit surprised that you weren’t afraid (like he was, shit) to talk about stuff like that. He would really like that you were thinking of spending your life with him, like how he was thinking of you as his mate, but he would want to make sure you were totally down (also he’d prob just wanna start with one kid)


now for the last christmas reqeust, the by far most popular request; the ninja in ugly christmas sweaters.
headcanon that Edna made them all for Jay and his friends :p

Merry christmas, happy holidays and hope you all have a great day no mather what you may or may not celebrate!

(I might make some bonus requests because some days were lost where I just couldn’t draw anything, also there were just so many requests and many I looked forward to drawing!)

wrong prescription

Group/Member: BTS // Taehyung

Genre: Humor

Word Count: 1.780

Prompt: AU w/ Taehyung 1
You’re the optometrist and I’m supposed to be getting my eyes checked but you’re just so darn cute that I’m having a hard time concentrating. 

A/N: okay but who seriously wouldn’t turn into a thirtsty mess if Taehyung was their doctor? And can I just say that typing Dr. Kim made me very happy~ *not proofread, will do so soon*

Masterlist // Dialogue Prompt List // AU Prompt List // Rules

“Hi, I have an eleven AM appointment with Dr. Kim,” you said to the receptionist as you leaned against the counter, watching as woman quickly typed something into her computer and then give you a small nod.

“He’s with another someone right now, but he shouldn’t be much longer if you’d like to just take a seat,” she says. Nodding you turn and sit in one of the chair in the waiting room, looking around at all the different glasses on the wall. Growing up it had been your worst fear as a child to have to get glasses. You’d seen plenty of kids get picked on and teased for having to wear the lenses, and because of it you’d done everything in your power to make sure that you kept a set of healthy eyes. Lord knows how many damn carrots you ate growing up, and you’d even done your best to limit screen time. In the end, here you were though, waiting to see the optometrist, and desperately hoping that you would only need reading glasses and not a prescription that you’d have to wear consistently throughout the day.

Looking around at all the other employees you found it strange how every single one of them had a pair of glasses on. Was that a requirement to work in a place like this? Maybe they weren’t even allowed to wear contacts and had to constantly wear frames in order to try and sell them to customers.

“Miss [Y/N]?” you heard, snapping you out of your daydreams and making you look back towards the receptionist’s desk, where there was now a young man standing there. Blinking a few times, you only gave a puzzled look, not standing right away. “I’m Dr. Kim, you can come back with me now,” your jaw unintentionally opening as you realized that this was the optometrist. Damn he was young…and extremely cute, the afterthought bursting through before your conscious could stop it. Standing up from the waiting room chair you followed him back into one of the exam rooms where there was one of the large chairs and a phoropter hanging from the ceiling. You’d always found those things to be quite intimidating as a child…you weren’t surprised to find that your opinion hadn’t changed.

“You can just have a seat right there and feel free to make yourself comfortable,” you heard Dr. Kim say, quickly nodding at him and taking a seat. You watched him as he turned his back to you and typed a few things into his computer. Even his shoulders were amazing to look at. The perfect width, but also quite strong looking through the sweater that he was wearing. Letting your eyes wonder down the length of his back you let them skin just above his butt before diving and admiring the shape. ‘Holy hell, he has a better ass than me,’ you thought in your head, biting your lip slightly before registering that he had turned around you were no longer look at his butt but now his front side…. ‘oh damn.’

“Miss [Y/N] I’m going to have you look straight ahead for me at the letter chart in front of you. Using both eyes can you read as many of the lines out loud for me as you can?” snapping your eyes up to his, your cheeks flushed a deep red as you nodded, cupping your hands together and trying as hard as you could to look forward. “U-umm…yeah of course,” you say flinching at the stutter.

“A, U, M, S, T, V, B, A, E, G, H, I, P….H? R? X?” you say, the letters coming out now more as a question.

“Alright, you can stop now,” Dr. Kim says as he writes something down, your head turning back to look at him, your thoughts having been wanting to soak up more of his figure the entire time that you had been reading from the chart. Letting your eyes meander back down again you let your thoughts run wild again. ‘Seriously how big is-.”

“Alright Miss [Y/N], let’s try again but while only using one eye,” Making his way towards the letter chart he holds his pen out and points towards the first letter. “Close your right eye first.”

Biting your lip, you do as told and begin to read off the letters once again. “A…,” a quick glance over at Dr. Kim, “U…” another glace, this time at his thighs. Holy hell they were nice. “M, S, T…U, I mean V,” you say quickly, having been trying to sneak another glance at him. You finish off, Dr. Kim stopping you when you begin to mess up around the same spot, and then having you switch eyes. This time you mess up a lot sooner and are told to stop, leaning back in your set and biting your lip hard. What in the hell were you doing? You were acting like a thirty teenager! Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath you do your best to clear your thoughts, but when you feel a presence directly above you they snap open again, a small gasp leaving your mouth at the sight of Dr. Kim leaning directly over you in the chair, his arms reached out and grabbing hold of the phoropter.

His tongue was poked out slightly as he reached for the device, and the smell of his cologne was nearly intoxicating, your salivary glands kicking into gear, you tongue becoming wet, along with other parts of your body. Taking a deep and calming breath you’re can’t help but frown when he pulls away having placed the large machine directly in front of your eyes.

“Okay Miss [Y/N], I’m going to show you a series of imagines and you’re going to tell me which image appears to be clearer to you.

“Okay,” you breathe out, realizing that he would be standing directly next to the chair to change the imagines, the strong smell of his cologne still intoxicating you.

“Alright, so starting with Imagine A….and now Image B. Which is clearer for you?” he asks, changing them back and forth periodically for you.

“B,” you say, taking a moment to inhale deeply but quietly through your nose, eyes fluttering shut for a moment and how good he smells.

“Alright, and from these two, A or B?” you don’t even register the question at first, your eyes still shut against the machine. “Miss [Y/N]?” you hear him ask, your eyes opening immediately.

“Oh umm…A. A is clearer,” you say, not even having remembered what either of the two images appeared like. Moving through more of the images, you find yourself distracted on multiple times, calling off random images, embarrassed that you have been so distracted by your optometrist that you can’t even concentrate through a simple eye exam.

“Alright,” you hear Dr. Taehyung say as he flips down a few of the lenses on the machine and then goes to write on his piece of paper. “It looks like your vision isn’t horrible, but you will need to have these glasses on when you’re driving and when you’re using a computer or reading,” he says as he writes down all of the numbers he had collected. “I’ll send this to the lab and you can pick out any frames you like and then they should be ready for you in the next couple of hours.”

Pushing yourself to the edge of your chair you nod you head, feeling slightly uncomfortable from how turned on this damn eye exam has made you. “I’ll give you a sheet with all the numbers and results from today’s exam,” he says with a smile as he collects a small pile of papers from his printer, writing on top sheet before handing them to you. “Have a good day Miss [Y/N],” he says with a small smile, his eyebrows raising ever so slightly as he watches the red spread across your cheek, managing a small smile and an awkward thank you before you shuffle out of exam room and back out into the main area of the building where all of the frames are. Distractedly you look through the frames selection, grabbing the first pair that you think would match before filling out all the paperwork and paying, being told you could drop by later to pick them up.

It isn’t until you’re in your car that you look at the papers he’s given you. To you it’s just a bunch of nonsense that you don’t really understand, having gotten summaries of visits just like this from the doctor, always agreeing to take home a printed copy and then finding them under the seats of your car where they’ve been kicked. On the top page however you notice the neat lines of ink from where Dr. Kim has written something, your hands immediately pulling the paper closer to see what he’s written.

‘Miss [Y/N], I know that today’s appointment was a little distracting, so when the glasses don’t work like they should, feel free to call this number…’

-Kim Taehyung

Firstly, you blush at the fact that Dr. Kim, Taehyung as you know knew, had been completely aware of your wondering eye. Secondly however you look at the number that was written. Digging quickly through your purse you find the business card that you had used to first make your appointment and compare it with the number that was written. It takes you a moment but not long before you realize that this wasn’t the office’s number…this was a personal cell number…Kim Taehyung’s number. “Holy shit,” you breathe, a wide smile spreading across your.

Later that day as you return to pick up your glasses, the employee has you try on the frames before you leave and just as Taehyung had predicted you’re unable to see anything, having chosen the wrong images during your exam because of how distracted you had been. Being a young doctor, and an attractive one at that, Taehyung was used to this sort of thing. Usually he would correct his patients and get their attention where it needed to be, but unbeknownst to you, you hadn’t been the only one with a wondering eye that day in the exam room, and maybe it hadn’t been the most professional idea but sitting back at home later that night, with a glass of wine in hand, Taehyung had been more than happy to answer the phone call from an unknown caller. A call from a young woman who had received a pair of glasses that day but was unable to wear them because they weren’t the right prescription.


“Hey, whose that over there?”  Craig asked, slapping J’s shoulder and nodding in your direction as you stood at the door of the school watching the students leave for the day.

“My teacher.”  J replied.  “Why?”  He glanced over at his Uncle.

“Jesus Christ, she’s your teacher?”  J nodded.  “Are you to old for parent teacher conferences?  That’s still a thing right?”


“Don’t tell Smurf when one comes up.  Tell me.”  J chuckled and Craig sent you one last glance before he pulled out of the schools parking lot and started up the road.

this is a long one

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

Could you please write an imagine where after mount weather you (the reader) is super jumpy, and has major ptsd. Something triggers her, and she goes into a full panic attack. Bellamy and her have been friends since before than they can remember, and his feelings go back just as far. He calms her down and she tells him what happened to her at mount weather (something traumatic) and he ends up crying, and tells her how much he loves her, and they kiss and fall asleep to each other’s heart beats.


It had been a month since the traumatic events in Mount Weather, but she still couldn’t remember a thing. People told her what the Mountain Men had done to her, and the scars on her hips, knees, back, shoulders were a constant reminder that something had happened to her. Something bad, and she couldn’t help but always feel on edge, almost as if she was constantly watched and danger was at every corner.

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Daddy.// Draco x Reader Smut.

Title: Daddy.

Request:Hi! I was wondering if I could have an imagine where Draco is kind of a pervert towards you and you act disgusted by him but secretly you love it when he talks dirty to you? Sorry if that’s too gross lol
Paring: Draco x Reader

Warning: SMUUUUUUT, daddy kink bc why not? Draco being a perv.

A/N: imma start taking requests and ONLY reqeusts, I FEEL DIRTY AFTER WRITING THIS AND MY SMUTS ARE HORRIBLE! okay, do you guys want me to do anything special for when i hit 1k or just be normal and thank you guys? pls send me owls about it and your requests (which will be done slowly, im sorry.)

I sat in Professor Snape’s class. It was dreadful. Not because Snape absolutely hated me but because of Draco. He always teased me. Always said something dirty. I mean, I wouldn’t care if it didn’t affect me, and I know he knows it affects me.

Today wasn’t any different. I walked into Snape’s class before anyone getting out my Potions book, I sat in my normal seat waiting for the brilliant Hermione Granger, to sit next to me. I started reading the chapter we were on. Hermione didn’t sit by me today, but Draco did. And damn he looked good. “Hey sexy,” he whispered.

 I took a deep breath waiting for him to go on, “You look so good today, those knee socks and you’re skirt being a bit too short. I think daddy should teach you a lesson.” I turned towards him and gave him a disgusted look “Fuck off Malfoy.” I rolled my eyes, trying to not allow him to see what an effect he had on me.

 I spent the two and a half hours in Potions. “Why did it have to be so bloody long?” I couldn’t help mumble to myself as I brewed the potion. “Hey, Y/N” Draco’s voice came out lower than before, “Do you know how bad I want you right now? To have you grinding on me and grinding until you cum on my leg. Oh god, the way your tight little pussy must fee-” I turned quickly towards Draco. “Stop doing that!” I pointed my finger at him, he smirked as I sat down. “I know the affect I have, let me help you with it.” he whispered, trailing his hand up my thigh making my breath catch in my throat. “Meet me in the empty classroom later tonight,” I muttered pushing his hand away from me. “That’s daddy’s girl.” he gave me a devilish smile, “I’m not ‘daddy’s girl.’” I said harshly. Snape let us go and I walked quickly down the halls.

 I spent most of my day ignoring everyone. Draco would come up and say something dirty in my ear like “daddy’s gonna fuck you so hard,” or “do you know how bad daddy wants to fuck you against the desks.” and more. Making me want him more.

 After supper, I walked down to the dungeons and into the only classroom we don’t use for class. I saw Draco walk out and follow me as I walked away, but I didn’t know where he was, so I simply shut the door and sat on the desk, Draco came in a little after me. Opening and locking the door. “Hey babygirl,” he smirked as he saw I didn’t have my robe on, and only had the button up white shirt, my tie, my skirt, and the knee socks I wore. “You look so sexy sitting here waiting like a good girl.” he smiled, making me blush. He came closer before pulling out his wand, enchanting the room so no one can hear the noises from the room. He sat his wand beside me before lifting my head up so he could kiss me. It wasn’t very deep at first or anything, but it slowly got really deep.

 My hands wandered to his hair, and I pulled on it as he kissed me harder, deeper, with more passion than before. He started moving his hands up and down my chest, before he actually unbuttoned my shirt. When we pulled away I pulled the black coat and black button down off of him, throwing it somewhere on the other side of the room, with my top and bra. He slowly started trailing kisses down my neck, sucking on random little places, “Draco don’t leave hickeys,” I muttered. He moved his head and looked at me “Who am I?” he asked, my eyebrows knitted together not knowing what to say, before my lips turned into a ‘o’ shape. “Daddy,” I whispered, “What will you call me?” he asked, “Daddy.” I replied. “And who do you belong to?” “You daddy.” I moaned as he sucked on my sweet spot. “Such a good little girl.” he muttered.

 He kept doing what he was doing, driving me crazy.

He slowly trailed his hands up my sides to my breasts, flicking my nipples with his thumb. “Daddy,” I moaned as he moved to suck on my right nipple as he teased my left with his right hand. I started to push his trousers down, he stopped me unbuckling the belt, my eyes traveled down to look at his tight boxers, his erection was straining against the fabric. “Come on, kitten.” He teased, he pulled his boxers off his body, my mouth watered as I finally saw his erection. “I don’t want to foreplay,” he began a new sentence, smirking. “We can do that later.” My eyes traveled back to his, “Okay daddy,” my voice came out more as a whisper then I had intended it to, he smiled wickedly at me. “Brilliant.”

He pushed my back to the top of the desk, pulling the black jeans, and white panties I had on. “Such a pretty pussy,” he smirked, my face grew a bright red as I looked at him, “Thank you daddy.” I whispered, he stroked his erection, looking at me in the eyes, “Are you ready?” his softer side coming out, I nodded quickly. “Good!” he muttered, thrusting into me. A loud moan sounded from me, as Draco growled. He started off on a short pace; making me beg for me, by the time he had quickened his pace, he and I both were close to the edge.

“Daddy please!” I whined as he shook his head, “Not yet, Princess.” Whining again, I bucked my hips up. “Okay,” he let out a deep breath, “Now!” he commanded, my legs shook as a powerful orgasm came over me, moaning loudly, my eyes rolled into the back of my head as he came inside me. “That was amazing,” Draco huffed; I nodded looking up at him. “You’re so pretty when you have sweat on you.” He whispered before kissing my forehead, pulling out. “You too.” I whispered.

anonymous asked:

Headcannon for dating Craig Cody

  • Spending days at the beach
    • Surfing together
    • Lounging in the sun and tanning
    • Sometimes even just sleeping over on the beach.  Spending the night on a beach towel staring up at the stars
    • Skinny dipping when the sun goes down
  • Being really close to his family
    • Deran crashing your dates more often than not
    • Smurf treating you like another member of her family
    • Crashing at Smurfs house with Craig nine times out of ten
    • Prank wars with Deran and Craig
      • One time Pope accidently walked into a prank that you had set up for Deran and you laughed so hard you almost peed your pants.  Pope, on the other hand, was not happy.
  • Him keeping you in the dark about his work for the longest time
  • Getting matching tattoos
    • Something symbolic to the both of you
    • Something small so it’s not all that noticeable, but you both know that they’re there and that’s the important part.
  • Always having fun together
    • Making funny faces to get the other to laugh
    • Comedy movies are your favorite date night movies to watch
    • Craig playfully nipping at your neck when cuddling, making you giggle
  • Hot sex
    • Sneaking away during pool parties to hook up in Craig’s room
    • Trying out different positions and having sex in a variety of places
      • His apartment
      • Your place
      • Smurfs house
      • The beach
      • The car
    • He likes it rough and fast
    • Sloppy kisses
      • Not to mention the scratch marks you’ve left all down his back
      • So many hickies across your neck the next day