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Brownie the horse

Brownie is a little horse… so little he fits in my hand.  Brownie had an accident with his household’s dog, who likes eyes.  Brownie lost an eye, had a tear under the other eye, and had some ear injuries before his person got him away.  Fortunately, the injuries weren’t too severe:

Brownie was only in the hospital a few days.  Just the eye transplant and wound repair.  Here he is ready to fly home:

He flew home to Virginia earlier this month and his person wrote:

He’s home safe! He looks fabulous! Thank you again so much!

The Frogs

As some of you may know (or not) January and February are actually among the busiest times at the hospital… hence my radio silence recently.  But… that means I’ve been storing up lots of good stories!

First off is the story of the frogs.  This trio came to the hospital all the way from Florida.  They are 18 years old and had all had some serious injuries to their fur.  The plan was to fully recover the little ones, and recover the hands and eyelids on Herman.  They each came with a nametag attached.  First was Herman:

Here is Herman on arrival:

You can see his burnt hands, and the tops of his eyelids (I recovered the hole back).  First we agreed on a fabric for his hands:

Then it was on to his eyelids.  It’s amazing how many shades of green are out there!  All three frogs were different shades, and while the little ones were getting fully recovered, Herman needed a close match for his eyelids.  I finally found it in a donor from Missouri.  Here’s Herman all better:

And here’s a nice view of his new eyelids:

Next up was the littlest frog, Squirt.  Here’s his note:

And here he is on arrival:

p.s. that is not one of the Florida frogs in the background… it’s another donor. Here’s Squirt all better:

Last but not least was Freddie, the middle frog.  Here’s his note:

As noted, he was very faded!  He was supposed to be dark green with a white belly:

It literally took weeks, and lots of trips to various stores and over the web but… I finally found a good fabric!  I was so excited, I took the photo in my car when I left the store to send to the frogs’ family:

And then, Freddie was better too:

And the trio was ready to fly home:

Their people wrote:

The 3 frog just arrived home.  Thanks for packing them so well.   They said you took really good care of them.  Thanks again.

Now usually this would be the end of their story, but… a week later a big box arrived from Florida (not quite as big as the frogs’ box).  It was a box of fancy chocolate covered strawberries, with an additional thank you note from the frogs family!  Just another reason to smile that day. :-)


Kintsugi objects

Kintsugi (golden joinery) or Kintsukuroi (golden repair) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. As a philosophy it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.


Some Republicans are now calling to “repair” Obamacare

  • The longtime GOP mantra for the Affordable Care Act was “repeal and replace."Now, the same Republican leaders are using the term "repair” to describe their approach to the health care law.
  • The shift happened for a few reasons: Because Republicans do not have 60 votes in the Senate, they cannot repeal every word of the health care law. It also recognizes, from a policy standpoint, that a wholesale repeal may not be possible. 
  • Republicans have struggled to present a plan to preserve access to coverage for millions of Americans who gained it under the ACA, especially those with lower incomes. Read more
What types of diminished value exist after a car accident?

There are three types of Diminution in value claims.

1. Instant diminished value is before repairs are made, it is the repair cost plus loss in market value.  

2. Inherent Diminished Value is after repairs are made, the loss of market value because of a bad history report.

3. Repair Related Diminished Value is against the auto body shop or in rare cases the insurance company for bad repairs and possibly cheap replacement parts and paint mismatches.