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Don’t I have some shit to talk

I have so many questions about Betty. Why did she save that video of Papa Blossom? I understand she was trying to save Juggie’s dad, but why would she do that to Cheryl? I was iffy about her on season 1, but now she’s gone too far. Like the previous post about Betty stated, she almost killed Chuck. Yes he is an absolute asshole, but if she wanted to get justice for those girls she could’ve handled that…..other ways. I’m about to point out all the shit that’s wrong with Elizabeth. Perfect girl next door my ass.

1. I don’t remember much about the very first episode of Riverdale, but I do recall her spilling the beans about her feelings to Archie. He kept it short and sweet (like me😜) and explained he didn’t like her like that. But Betty made him seem like a jerk for turning her down. What? Was he supposed to lie to her and say “oh Betts I feel the same😑” no.

2. When Cheryl came over and pressed her about Polly and Jason, she literally threatened to murder Cheryl. Now maybe Cheryl did it the wrong way, but she was just trying to understand who would want to do this to “sweet” ole Jay-Jay.

3. Deeper into that whole Chuck situation. She not only humiliated but assaulted him. The humiliation part, ye he deserved that. But being drowned? No. If she didn’t stop or if Veronica wasn’t there it would’ve been an murder. Btw, that’s not feminism(:

4. Jughead’s birthday. He didn’t want a birthday party but she went ahead and did it anyway. Shit went down, secrets came out. You have to understand he made it crystal clear that he didn’t want that.

5. Veronica and Archie kissed. Veronica literally apologized when shouldn’t have had to. If Betty was dating Jughead, I don’t think she’d should have still had feeling for Archie. DO NOT GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP IF YOU STILL HAVE FEELINGS FOR SOMEONE.

6. I really hate the fact that if Jughead were to become a Serpent that she was willing to end their relationship. If you truly loved someone, fuck what everyone else thinks. Go against the odds. A jacket shouldn’t be the end of your relationship. Plus I think that the Southside Serpents are misunderstood. They’re hated on for what? Doing things differently? Probably.

7. Hmm blackmailing someone? Be the bigger person here. She honestly should not have saved that video to Jughead’s laptop. She should not have used that to her advantage. Especially not if that could have caused harm. Cheryl had to relive the thought of her father murdering her brother. And it’s certainly not Betty’s right to release that type of information.

Betty isn’t a badass feminist. She’s dangerous. And not in a good way. Do not give me shit to stating my opinion. You don’t have to agree.

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last nights episode made me think that Cheryls new love interest is Josie idk why but i just got that feeling. also i dont think that Cheryls new love interest would be Toni topaz because in in recent interview kj was reading fan theory's and one said " I will be so upset if Toni and Cheryl dont get together" or something along those lines and kj just said something like " i guess you will be really upset" so yeah thats another reason i am leaning towards it being josie. thoughts?

I actually had a brief conversation about this today, and while I’m not going to take KJ for his word immediately, I did definitely have a little moment while watching episode two where I was like yup yup yup I would be so on board for this ship. Cheryl is impressed by strong women. She pushes for a reaction (and very often goes way too far) but does, a lot of the time, back down when she gets someone to fight her and push back. From the brief moments we saw last season they already have a super close bond and I think Josie would help her maintain the good aspects of being a headstrong woman while also helping to reign in some of the cruelty that gets tangled up in her attempts to maintain a position of power. Josie on her own is ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants and we could hope that together they could be good at balancing each other more (Cheryl may have a thing or two to say about dealing with controlling parents) - whether the relationship is romantic or not (but I would be so here for romantic) I wanna see more of it, for sure.

i’m finally watching riverdale and jasdlkfjsaldkjglkajs GOD cole is such a bad actor. why did they give him so many serious lines this episode…. i honestly cackled at his delivery of “how many. damn. years.”

Cuddling with the Queens Headcanons


• There were only two moods that made Betty want to cuddle

• One was when she was fed up with life and her mother

• The second was when everything is just so peaceful and you’re acting so cute

• Alice didn’t really like you (does she even like anybody?) so most of the time you had to sneak in to Betty’s room or she’d go to your house

• You two just lay in bed for hours and hours

• Sometimes it was just a comfortable silence and the two of you would just listen to your hearts beating (it’s usually Betty who loves to do that)

• And sometimes there’d be soft music playing in the background

• When she gets frustrated she grabs a fistful of your shirt and buries her head in your neck and you’d just have your arms around her

• She tells you all her problems and you’d come up with a solution or compromise together

• To make up for the problems she has you talk about your dreams of having a future with her preferably very far away from Alice

• Betty likes watching you play with her hands

• You like it when she leaves you kisses everywhere she can

• Cuddling with her is always the best and just so relaxing

• That is until Alice barges in Betty’s room and you two get separated and Alice throws you out


• This girl would deny that she loves cuddles

• But she so badly needs them

• Sometimes she’d act like she doesn’t want to cuddle

• When that happens you have to pull her down to bed or the couch and hold her till she stops complaining (it only lasts like a minute tops)

• Cuddles on rainy days

• Cuddles at night

• Cuddles whenever Penelope and Clifford starts shooting Cheryl down

• Cuddles after Jason’s death and before her father died

• Just cuddles all the time, man.

• She’d act like she’s the big spoon out in public and only the two of you know she’s the little spoon

• She absolutely enjoys the feeling of your arms around her

• She says it makes her feel at home and loved

• You love playing with her hair and she pretends to be bothered by it but you know she secretly enjoys it

• You don’t know how long or how many nights you held the crying redhead when the news about her brother’s death emerged

• Cheryl just barges into your room whenever bad thoughts and memories cloud her mind

• She falls asleep in your room more often than not (good thing your parents were cool with it or they were always away)

• Becoming so comfortable around each other whenever you two are in bed that you could just anticipate every move the other makes


• It doesn’t matter who the big spoon or little spoon is

• What matters is the two of you are in each others arms

• Veronica likes cuddling in front of the fireplace

• Usually the cuddles start when you two were watching a movie

• When you spend the night with her you’d fall asleep all cuddled up together

• In the morning you two would just be a mess of tangled limbs

• Kisses everywhere

• You two end up making out most of the time because you two could just not keep your hands or lips off of each other

• It didn’t matter where you two were. You’d cuddle everywhere. Betty’s room, the student lounge, the back of whoever’s truck, with people around, it didn’t matter.

• You two are very verbal when you cuddle

• Whenever one of you has a problem and wants to get it out, you’d usually cuddle first.

• Always talking about the future or at least what you’d do after graduating

• Veronica grew to really love Riverdale but you wanted out. But honestly you’d stay for her and she’d follow you anywhere.

• Talking about your ships in Riverdale and who should date who and just sharing gossip

• Just being at your happiest when you two are around each other

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you're ok with reggie being whitewashed in season 2?

Ross Butler’s dad is Dutch. Whitest of the white. He’s mixed race. Just like Charles Melton, who’s actually half Korean, half Cherokee + Caucasian. Yeah. As in less white. But more importantly than all of that bullshit, this is Charles Melton:

Does that really look like white-washing to you? But actually? Dig deep for this one, tumblr.

There are so many actual things to get mad about in this world, y’all - find them.