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Look at what finally showed up in the mail today :)

+100 points at Egoist for including a english translation in their booklet (and for doing a full eng ver of the op with even more Jeanne-centered lyrics)

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hi snooze! do you have any brush recommendations for csp? i just got it and am super excited to try it out! c:

these brush sets give a LOT of options and honestly cover like 80% of the brushes i use!

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I'm so sorry if you have answered this already but what are your brush settings? I love your art!!

thank you!! i use clip studio paint so these might only apply to that program?

for lineart brush my default size is around 5-7! but when it comes to painting brushes i tweak the size as i paint ‘u’

(some of my painting brushes come from here, like flat texture & watercolor SAI)

(my default lineart brush)

(i’m absolutely in love with the pencil 2B brush here. i also sometimes use marker/ink angular to line & watercolor to paint)


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・本文デザイン:森 大和(waonica)


・編集協力:新見 直(KAI-YOU)


愛☆まどんな/赤坂アカ/あき/秋 赤音/あさぎり/ASAKURA KOUHEI/akka/AYA KATO/荒川眞生/あんこ/今井キラ/うえむら/uki/usi/うとまる/えいひ/eimi/F*Kaori/遠田志帆/大川久志/OHGUSHI/大槻香奈/大沼もん/岡村優太/おぐち/おどり/おのしのぶ/ob/KagaMI/Cato Friend/上条 衿/榎宮 祐/川村淳平/キナコ/清原 紘/久保いさこ/くまおり純/倉花千夏/CHRIS/黒川ナイス/黒木仁史/げみ/けーしん/国道12号/GODTAIL/conix/近藤有稿/珈琲貴族/サイトウユウスケ/saitom/ざいん/坂本ヒメミ/sakizo/笹井一個/サマミヤアカザ/JNTHED/しきみ/しずまよしのり/しばふ/shimano/しめ子/下田ひかり/John Hathway/白井鋭利/シライシユウコ/新納英仁/スオウ/諏訪さやか/せきやゆりえ/0313/serori/爽々/染谷みのる/たえ/たかくらかずき/タカハシヒロユキ/高村真耶/田中大輔/谷口菜津子/たま/chiaki kohara/ちぃたん[さよならポニーテール]/ちゃもーい/釣巻 和/D[di:]/TNSK/寺本 愛/TOKIYA SAKBA/鳥羽史仁/トミイマサコ/なぎみそ/西尾雄太[STAG]/西塚em/新田美佳/ニリツ/ぬQ/ねこいた/猫将軍/長谷亮平/羽鳥好美/林香苗武/非/菱沼彩子/hima:// KAWAGOE/平沢下戸/ひらのりょう/フカヒレ/藤ちょこ/ふじのきともこ/舟岡/ふゆの春秋/ぶーた/へびつかい/pomodorosa/またよし/町田 肇/マツオヒロミ/マナカッコワライ/MAHARO[GROUNDRIDDIM]/マルイノ/マルミヤン/ミギー/水口 十/みずは/碧 風羽/miya/宮島亜希/mieze/六七質/mebae/MEMO[山根慶丈]/もか/百草常春/森 俊博/やぎともこ/山田 緑/憂/YUU菊池/友風子/ユエ/ユーコ・ラビット/U10/夜汽車/與座 巧/吉田ヨシツギ/loundraw/redjuice/YKBX/綿貫芳子/wogura


おぐち/岩屋民穂(GraphersRock) /mebae × TATSDESIGN

Some thoughts on drawing software

I’ve dabbled around with a few drawing applications over the past few years. This is my own subjective opinion, and the situation around each software is very likely to change down the road from here (August 2016)!

Painttool SAI -

It was my first drawing software back in 2010 and I do still love it a lot. I no longer use it much though -  the lack of filters and text input can be quite frustrating. However it’s still a really solid software to start with and tons of amazing artwork get produced on it (iirc the top chinese artists on pixiv all use SAI).

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