by real i mean down to earth

Character Sheet

//Witter here with a character sheet that I use. I hope it comes in handy!

“A quote from or about your character.”

     - Book, Chapter, Thought, Etc.

   General Information

Name: [The name you call them and they call themselves mainly; but if it isn’t their real biological name, make sure you note that information down somewhere]
Name Meaning: [Self explanatory]
Pronunciation: [Self explanatory]
Other Names: [Nicknames? Aliases?]
Titles: [A title they might have earned? Like ‘The Trouble Maker’ or ‘General’?]

Sex: [Self explanatory]
Gender: [Self explanatory]
Age: [Can add what they look like in terms of age]

Birth Date: [Were they born on Earth with our terms of years?]
Birth Place: [Self explanatory; where were they born?]

Species: [Human? Shape shifter? Alien?]
Home-Planet: [Earth? Mars? Completely made up planet?]
Nationality: [I think this goes without saying]
Occupation: [Space janitor? Mortician? Artist?]

Dominant Hand: [Ambi? Left? Right? Third Hand?]
Astrological Sign: [Leo? Cancer? Virgo? A completely new one?]
Blood Type: [Might come in handy]


Main Appearance: [Here’s where I put a detailed paragraph or two talking about the general description of my character, from skin color, to facial shape, to height/weight, hair color, birthmarks, scars, skin conditions, eye color, etc.]

Alternative Appearances: [This refers to other forms your character might have. Like, say they have a disguise or they’re a shape shifter]


Wardrobe: [Self explanatory]

Accessories: [Self explanatory]
Musical Instruments: [Self explanatory]
Piercings: [Self explanatory]
Hygiene: [Self explanatory]
Makeup: [Self explanatory]
Perfume / Cologne: [Self explanatory]
Scent: [Natural]
Tattoos: [Self explanatory- I usually put this and piercings up in Appearance, but if it’s feeling cluttered to you, this is fine]


Diet: [Self explanatory]
Exercise: [Self explanatory; how frequently?]
Fitness: [Self explanatory; Are they ‘in shape’?]
Posture: [Self explanatory]

Abnormalities: [In their health]
Aids: [Medicines, coping habits, Glasses, Hearing Aids, etc?]
Allergies: [Include their severity]
Diseases: [If they have any]
Illnesses: [If they have any]
Disorders: [If they have any]
Broken Bones: [If they have any]
Reason for Health: [This is a general explanation of how they might have come to have what they have, hereditary or if they fell from a tree and got a broken bone]


Accent / Dialect: [Self explanatory]
Voice: [Self explanatory; rough/delicate/raspy, etc]
Laughter: [Self explanatory; is it breathy? Bubbly? Almost too soft to hear?]
Impediments: [Self explanatory; stutters, etc.]


Languages: [Languages they might know]
Personality: [Self explanatory; this usually gets really long]


Outlook on Life: [Self explanatory]
Philosophy / Motto: [Self explanatory]


Priorities: [Self explanatory; goals they have in mind?]
Self Confidence: [Self explanatory; how they outwardly show it]
Self Control: [Self explanatory]
Self Esteem: [Self explanatory; this is how they feel deep inside]

Quirks: [Self explanatory; like, do they rub their neck a lot? Always fiddle with stuff?]
Hobbies: [Self explanatory]
Closet Hobbies: [Self explanatory; stuff they aren’t too keen on sharing]
Guilty Pleasures: [Self explanatory]

Habits: [Self explanatory]
Nervous Tics: [Self explanatory]
Soft Spots: [Self explanatory]

Most Prized Possession: [Self explanatory]
Collections: [Self explanatory]

Regrets: [Self explanatory]
Secrets: [Self explanatory]
Darkest Secret: [Self explanatory]
Pet Peeves: [Self explanatory]

Phobias: [Self explanatory]


Likes: [Self explanatory]
Dislikes: [Self explanatory]

Favorites: [Self explanatory; general things, such as favorite food, movie genre, music, etc]
Least Favorites: [Self explanatory]


Ability: [Self explanatory]
Position: [Self explanatory; position they find themselves when in combat, defense or offense, as well as if they’re leader, etc]
Weapon: [Self explanatory]
Element: [Self explanatory]
Martial Arts: [Self explanatory]
Strengths: [Self explanatory]
Weaknesses: [Self explanatory]
Restrictions: [Self explanatory]

   Home, Work, and Education

Abode: [What kind of place do they live in? Apartment? Duplex? House? What does the interior look like?]

Pets: [Self explanatory]
Roommates: [Self explanatory]

Sleep Patterns: [Self explanatory]
Eating Habits: [Self explanatory]


Mother: [Self explanatory]
Father: [Self explanatory]
Guardians: [Self explanatory]
Siblings: [Self explanatory]
Children: [Self explanatory]
Best Friend: [Self explanatory]
Close Friends: [Self explanatory]
Friends: [Self explanatory]
Team: [Self explanatory]
Acquaintances: [Self explanatory]
Rivals: [Self explanatory]
Enemies: [Self explanatory]


First Love: [Self explanatory]
Love Interests: [Self explanatory]
Significant Other: [Self explanatory]
Sexual and Romantic Orientation(s): [Self explanatory]


(Optional; but generally, this is how they react to what they’re feeling)



Background: [Self explanatory, but basically how they’ve grown up- their past, etc. that leads up to their story]

Earliest Memory: [Self explanatory]
Fondest Memory: [Self explanatory]
Worst Memory: [Self explanatory]


  • [If you’ve missed anything, you can add it here! Fun things to add: MBTI types, temperament, Hogwarts House, Pokemon Team, etc.]
12x15 Coda

Destiel, angst but happy ending, 847

“I’m going home.”

 Silence falls in the bunker as Sam and Dean share a look.

“C-Cas,” Dean breaks the heavy stillness. “You are home.”

“No, I mean Heaven, Dean. I’m going back to Heaven,” he finishes quietly.

Dean looks over at Sam, not wanting to ask the obvious question.

“But Cas,” Sam says, “Heaven… the angels… they-”

“They hate me. I know,” Cas concedes, dropping his head down. “But I’ve been given another chance. I’m going to be an angel again; a real one.” He looks over at Dean, his eyes wide as though he’s pleading for acceptance.

“What about us? What about life down here on Earth? What about-,” Dean gestures vaguely at Cas’ body, “what about you?“

Cas pulls at his trenchcoat. “I’ll be back. I just need to get my bearings back in Heaven.”

“That could take forever!” Dean protests. “And I don’t think that going back and forth to Earth is gonna help you get back into their good books. Especially not if you come to us.”

“I’ll make them understand.”

“No, you won’t. The other angels are just dicks, and once you’re up in Heaven, they’re never going to let you back down again.”

Cas sighs. He was expecting this response from Dean, but it still hurts to hear his anger. “I’m sorry, I have to go.”

“Cas,” Sam says, “how do you know this isn’t a trap and that you won’t be imprisoned or killed even, when you go back.”

“I don’t,” Cas admits. “I just have to put some trust them again. They are my family after all.”

Dean snaps. “No, Cas! We’re your family. What’s up there that isn’t down here? What’s up there that’s so much better than staying down here with people who actually care about you?”

“I’m sorry, Dean,” Cas repeats. “I know you don’t understand, but I have to do this.” He looks desperately at Dean, but Dean just turns away.

Sam clears his throat, catching Cas’ attention. “Ok, but if you get in trouble, Cas, if you need our help we’ll be here.”

Cas nods gratefully and turns to leave. Neither of the Winchesters move until they hear the door to the bunker slam. Sam flinches, and in an instant Dean has pushed back from the table and started bounding up the stairs. He practically throws himself out of the bunker just as Cas is putting his key in the truck’s ignition.

“Cas!” Dean takes minute to compose himself. Cas takes his hand away from his keys, but does not look over at Dean. “I can’t let you leave.”

“I’m going where I belong,” Cas murmurs in reply.

“No, you’re not! The angels haven’t been your family for years, and Heaven hasn’t been your home for even longer. You said it yourself; we’re family. Do you not believe that?”

“I guess it was easier for me to tell you that when we were apart so often. But I can’t let these words go without consequence. When I told you I loved you back in that barn I meant it.”

“And now you’re running away from that?”

“It’s just that whenever I stay in the bunker with you and your family… It only serves to remind me that I’m not human.”

“You don’t need to be human,” Dean starts, but he sees Cas clench his jaw and decides that this is a bad argument. “Cas, just, get out of the car. Please.”

Cas sighs, though he does as Dean asks. The wall of the door no longer separates them, but Cas hunches inward slightly.

“We can fix this. Just stay. You can… you can come hunting with us.”

“Work for the British Men of Letters?” Cas frowns.

Dean shrugs. “I know, I don’t like them either. But all they do is find the cases.”

“So you’re on board with them killing all the supernatural creatures on Earth?”

Dean hesitates, sensing Cas’ change in tone from wary to bitter. “We’re only hunting monsters,” he says. “Like we always have.”

“Where will that end?” Cas’ face twists in pain and his voice lowers further than Dean thought was possible. “I’ve killed so many… I am a monster.”

Dean understands immediately. “And I would burn them all down if they so much as touch a hair on your head. I would rip their lungs out if they even-”

“It’s ok, Dean,” Cas stops him. A small smile flickers on his face.

“Is that what this is about?” Dean says softly. “You think I’m making this into an ‘us vs. them’ and you’re a part of the ‘them’? I’ve been a monster too, and so has Sam. We’ve started apocalypses, and there’s been so many people we haven’t been able to save.”

Dean steps in closer and grips Cas’ shoulder. The angel looks up at him, expression unreadable but gentle enough that Dean thinks he’s getting through to him.

“Stay. For us. For me,” Dean pleads. “Please, Cas. Just once more; choose me over them. You know I’ll always do the same for you.”

“I’ll stay, Dean. For you.”


Imagine Sherlock frightening you.

**Based off of Mountaintop Removal by Lissie**

You flinched as John approached you, curling your arms tighter around your legs.

“What’s wrong, [f/n]?” John asked, crouching next to you. “Did Sherlock…?”

You looked away and your silence was answer enough.

John sighed as he sat down next to you, “I’m sorry, [f/n]. Sherlock can be a real twat. Do you want to talk about it? I’m a pretty good listener.”

You swallowed, wiping at your tear-stained cheeks. “I went to the mountain but the mountaintop was gone,” you mumbled, staring straight ahead.

“What do you mean?”

“Remember those trees back when we were kids? They tore them down and built a factory. Then the plant closed and all the workers left and some kids died when it burnt down.” You swallowed, picturing in your mind the dead earth you had stood before a week earlier when you had gone home to visit. “Nothing’ll grow there now. It’s just dirt.”

John blinked, his confusion clear. “What does that have to do with Sherlock?”

You licked your lips, annoyed as fresh tears trickled down your cheeks, “I can’t stand it,” you whispered harshly, “What’s the use of making something new if everything that made us gets destroyed? How did we get here, John? What are we doing?” You hung your head, “I tried to talk to Sherlock about it but he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t remember the trees. He doesn’t care that the mountaintop is gone. He doesn’t care that the world is messed up.”

John sighed, his hand finding yours and giving it a comforting squeeze, “He sees things differently than the rest of us.”

“He shouldn’t. He should care,” you mumbled, sniffling. “He shouldn’t get angry for the rest of us for having emotions. For caring. And I know I can’t make him feel things. I can’t just demand that he change but I can’t help but wonder what the hell we’re doing.”

John snaked his arm around your shoulders, rubbing your arm. “He really can be a prick, can’t he?”

You forced a weary smile, “That he can be.”

Gif Credit: Sherlock

im laughing bcs this dude i spoke to before was like astrology isnt real and i was like ok ill try guess your star sign and i was like Virgo and he’s like yes but then he was like still doesn’t mean anything jus lucky guess? N I’m like ok but listen the fact you were skeptical automatically narrowed it down to earth signs so and he’s like i didn’t say I was skeptical I said I didn’t believe in it n im like same shit different smell fam?


he’s so real and down to earth like his words are so pure you know he means what he says i am in tears

The Signs When Cuddling:

Aries: Lots and Lots of spooning is what you can expect.

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Taurus: These guys will beg to cuddle up with you and watch a movie rather than going out for a night on the town.

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Gemini: They would probably rather talk then cuddle, but when you finally get to cuddle them its impossible to break away.

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Cancer: tons and tons of cuddles Like forget about not cuddling cause these guys love to cuddle like no joke.

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Leo: Agressive cuddles.

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Virgo: They are likely to just hold your hand in a very sensual manor of course

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Libra: All they want at the end of the day is to come home at the end of the day and curl up on the sofa with their lover.

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Scorpio: You just know where that cuddling session is going. If you know what I mean.

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Sagittarius: They will probably start a pillow fight with you.

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Capricorn: Real down to earth cuddles

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Aquarius: They make you feel so safe and warm and shut out from the outside world like the two of you are the only thing in the world. Again so safe.

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Pisces: At first they’ll be kinda awkward and shy when they cuddle, but once they warm up to you they will full on body hug you. literally a giant teddy bear.

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Is it me or can Marco be quite pessimistic?

I was just rewatching Fortune Cookies and I noticed that at the end when Star realises fortune Cookies aren’t real Marco and Star have this exchange;

“Marco: You know what this means, don’t you, Star?

Star: Oh, yeah. Love is never the answer.

Marco: Aw, man. I wanted to say it.”

And this seems to continue, for example in the episode Trickstar;

“Star, it’s not real. The point of Earth magic is to allow yourself to be entertained by pretending that it’s real. Just like love.”

I mean they don’t always express it, but Marco does quite often strike me as being quite low. I mean sure they have their up moments but they seem to have an awful lot of down moments even when there is no real reason to be down.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Plus I don’t get why Marco feels the way they do about love, they come from such a ridiculously loving household.

I was talking to this guy and he said I’m real chill and down to earth and was giving me all these compliments, but since compliments don’t pay the bills and he was saying all this nice shit about me I was like “okay let’s go to VIP” and his dumbass asked “is this because you want to chill or you want money?” And I said “well I’m at work, so…..” he ended up giving me $200 🙂

Tom Scharpling Is My Hero.

I can count the “mortals,” the “real life” people on that list on one hand. There’s a reason Batman and Superman and Chief Brody and Holly Martins are my heroes - they aren’t real. They’re all flawed and complex like real people. But they’re crystalized in a moment (or moments) where they do the right thing, no matter how hard it is. You don’t have to watch them walk around and say or do a bunch of gross things afterward that force you to overlook the fact that they saved Gotham, or saved EARTH, or blew up a killer shark, or brought a infamous racketeer to justice. Real people’s flaws come through a little too often. People, even good, well-meaning people, let you down. And so I’ve never understood people who idolize real people. I get being a fan of a person. I even get being obsessed with people. But I never understand it when people worship other people (ESPECIALLY celebrities and politicians.) 

And yet…I find myself stuck in a position here that makes me a bit of a hypocrite. Because I’m listening to The Best Show right now, and Tom is weaving in and out of segments where he’s talking about what the best candy bar is, and then segments where he’s genuinely lamenting the events in Orlando, and wondering out loud about how you stay hopeful after things like that, and re-establishing for himself and for us, what the Best Show means to him, as both a creative outlet, but also as a community that is inclusive and welcoming, and he’s talking about how if those things aren’t at the center - there is no show. And as he weaves in and out, it becomes clear that the candy bar topic is not just a silly thing to talk about…it IS that, but it’s more, too. He’s orchestrating this giant metaphor about how we deal with tragedy, and yet he’s making the metaphor the actual text of the show, too. His words of tribute are very clearly from the heart. And his thoughts on candy bars are too. And the sum of it all is brilliant, and very sweet and rather moving to me. And so yeah, I’m finding it really hard now not to think of Tom as one of my heroes. Tom is just as flawed as any of us. He can be cranky and curmudgeonly. Sometimes he’s really short with callers (in fairness, they’re usually dudes who deserve it) Sometimes he makes fun of stuff that I like, and I get a little sore about it. But in my 8 or so years of listening to the show, I’ve noticed that in his realest moments, often when the chips are down in some way or another, his giant heart comes through. I won’t try to psychoanalyze where that comes from - I don’t know him personally. But it becomes clear in those moments that people mean a lot to him: people that are close to him, and people he doesn’t even know. He cares about what he does. And he cares, very much, that his work is something that is, ultimately, inclusive: a place for everyone who wants to, to come together for a few hours a week, and find a little joy in this strange, goofy world that he (and Jon) have created. 

That is a heroic thing. It has certainly saved me from doom more times than I can count. 

Mr. (Fred) Rogers (another “IRL” hero of mine) once said: “The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self.”

I think Tom does this every week. But some weeks it’s extra special, and it means more. 

It’s what makes it easy for me to call Tom my hero. 

GOT7 Drama

All of this honestly makes me sick to my stomach. I’m really not gonna talk about Mark’s tattoo because WHO CARES?!? It’s his body. However, his snake friends won’t escape so easily. No level of anger will truly mask how I feel towards them, and their aspiring to get their “5 seconds of fame”. They are truly disgusting, and scum of the Earth friends. True friends don’t try to ruin careers. True friends don’t tell a person (who is not fully aware of a culture) that a heavy, discriminatory, racial slur means “bro”, and so it’s cool to use(if that’s what in fact went down). However, if you look at the music BamBam listens to you’d know he’s heard the N word before. REAL friends don’t try and put an intoxicated friend on blast. Mark, please realize that these aren’t your real friends, and drop them real quick. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not making an excuse for BamBam. What he said was wrong, and I’ll be awaiting an apology. But, when I sit down to think about the whole scenario I’m hurting. Under all the anger, and absolute rage I’m hurt. I’m hurt by the repercussions that are likely to follow, and I truly expected more from the boys. I’ll always be an IGOT7, I’ll always support them, and love them. But, right now. I’m just disappointed.

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             No. No.  H o r r o r  and  MORAL TERROR can never be exonerated. They have no real value. Pure evil has no real place. And that means, doesn’t it, that I have no place. Except, perhaps, the art that repudiates evil-the vampire comics, the horror novels, the old gothic tales-or in the roaring chants of the rock stars who dramatize the battles against evil that each mortal fights within himself. It was enough to make an old world monster go back into the earth, this stunning irrelevance to the mighty scheme of things, enough to make him lie down and weep. Or enough to make him become a  ROCK SINGER,  when you think about it ….

Real talk ladies and gents

Now this is a general PSA to everyone:

1. find someone who can handle your ABSOLUTE worst. Like i dont mean getting a teensy bit jealous or being prone to crying a lot. I mean sobbing hysterically, mascara racing to your goddamn knees, throwing a tantrum, and yelling irrational things. And once you find the person who can love you and bring you down to earth despite it all, go to step #2.

2. snatch that bitch up.

And you might be thinking to yourself,
“No im too crazy/awful, no one can handle all of me and my baggage. I cant even handle me.” I wish to counter your claim with the following,

You’ve probably gone through tough shit before. whether it be moving to a new home, school work, anxiety, family loss, or all of the above, you’ve handled it all before. And like you, everyone in the world has a slice of shit cake that they are forced to eat. and everyone has overcome each hardship bite after bite. If a person could handle the cruelties that life can throw, then that person can no doubt handle your worst because your worst will be a cakewalk to them.

Dont try to protect them like they’re a wilting dandelion. Your partner chose to be with you and so they need to accept you. If you express yourself in a non harmful manner, and they dont like what you say, drop that bitch like a bath bomb. You DESERVE to have someone that loves all of you.

However, heres a disclaimer: if your worst is physically or mentally harmful to your partner, please find a healthier way to express all the demons inside of you without slurs or hitting. Your significant other will understand you better if you properly explain yourself. you dont need to hurt them to make them understand how you feel like they wronged you, you just need to find the right words to express yourself. A good way to do it is “i feel _____ when you ____.” And if you cant do it in words, then perhaps you’re not mature enough to have a relationship yet.

But TL;DR,
Show your loved one the worst sides of you like your jealousy, spitefulness, curtness, etc. if they don’t know how to handle that then they’re not the one. But with all the shit humans have had to deal with in all of history, ill be damned if someone can’t handle your worst.

A conversation with my mother
  • Me: So, mom my hobbit obsession led me home on Saturday. When I got lost, I took Greenwood drive, because Mirkwood used to be called Greenwood and I sort of hoped it would lead to Mirkwood.
  • Her: You mean to tell me that you made a real decision based on a fictional character?
  • Me: No one said anything about Thranduil, but yes. Yes I did
  • Her: I swear to God, you are about to be 18 and are still acting like you fell down the rabbit hole.
  • Me: *mutters* and landed in Middle-earth.