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Bet On Me

Reggie x Reader

A/N: This is my first ever fic and I hope you all like it!! Requests for all other Riverdale characters are open!! (This is my first fic because Reggie is bae)

Word Count: 3369

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, violence, heavy make-out session (is that even a warning?)

Summary: Reggie is dared to date Y/N, the sweet and popular untouched cheerleader. He does so, although not expecting to fall for her in the process.

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The Spoils of War aka the ship sails

You ever feel mildly annoyed when you happen to read an anti’s stupidly illogical comment on your ship? And by mildly of course I mean majorly bothered so that the only cure is repeatedly watching your favorite Jonerys scenes until you’re so immersed in the beauty of their love that nothing can get to you anymore? 😍💖

And then of course, you just have to write about it because how else will you be able to get a handle on the mishmash of emotions that just take over you like? 💖💖😍

And this episode man. Just. This. This episode I tell you!!! I’m a regular GoT fan, which basically means that I’ve learnt to have certain expectations from the show, especially regarding love. And I can honestly say that never in my life could I have imagined that GoT would give me a romance as sweet as this!

The first Jonerys scene in this episode:

Had me laughing so hard! 

The look on Dany’s face, it’s just so suggestive! And Jon’s interruption itself is so timely just.. We aren’t ever going to forget Jon’s first cave episode ever are we? And the particular expertise he surprised us all by? 😂👏🏻 I mean how much more of a throwback could this be to to the Jon/Ygritte cave sequence? And as if that by itself wasn’t enough, he takes her to a cave! My boy Jon is unbeatable at cuteness, fight me!

By this time, it’s obvious that a considerable amount of time has already passed since Jon arrived on Dragonstone, and also that their relationship has definitely improved since the whole initial ‘bend the knee’ scene, and the cave scene totally shows this! Now I know that people have been complaining that their love is so rushed, and doesn’t make sense but I strongly disagree. With fewer (Stannis and Davos simultaneously approve) episodes and the decision to only show the focal interactions between Jonerys, what’s illogical is to assume that they have had no interaction offscreen which got them to the point that Dany doesn’t need her whole entourage to tag along when Jon wants to show her something. 

Which gets me to the ‘hoooolyyy shiiiiiiit, I ship them and I ship them hard dammit!!’ moment of the entire show!!! Look at this!!


Remember my favorite romantic trope of ‘looking when the other person is not’?? The only thing that ups that is ‘looking while the other person is completely fascinated by something else! There is legit nothing else which can make me melt as fast as this! Because it’s so simply pure! Like, you’re watching the other person be mesmerized by something you’re showing them! You’re watching them lost in wonder, so taken by what they’re seeing. And they’re so absorbed in their own world at that moment, they don’t even notice you doing that while I’m here completely losing it!!!

Plus, it also totally reminded me of one of my favoritest Disney movies ever!


And this look!!! You know, I think this is probably one of the first times when Jon Snow was giving off the ‘you know nothing, but you’re so cute when you’re clueless and I get to show off’ vibes! 😂💖 

And this scene, oh my heart!!

This has to be the most non sexual and romantic physical contact on GoT ever! I can’t imagine any other moment when a simple arm touch like that (totally unnecessary, by the way, Jon. my boy’s got the moves though!) has got me shipping people so hard!!

Another thing which got me was how it was Jon who held her arm, our Jon (I’m never going to get over this!), reaching out to her in such a familiar comfortable gesture, when he could simply have walked ahead and shown her that. Basically, our Jon having the confidence to just take her arm like that, and the closeness (which lasts 0.00001 seconds, but it’s enough for a lifetime for me!💖), and the delicateness and the intense feels! 

And the softness? Apart from the way Jon kept looking at Dany and the arm touch, what I loved was how soft and mellow they both were around each other. Even though Dany still wanted him to ‘bend the knee’, not only was she softer, but she was so much more reasonable than in her throne room, where the attitude was ‘bend the knee you rebel, or i’ll destroy you after i’m finished with Cersei’; here, she is nudging him so much more gently than she had earlier. Jon, on his part, gives her an actual reason as to why he can’t submit to her, as opposed to his own stance earlier - ‘why would i give the north to you, stranger?’ Jon knows his people, and he knows they are not going to accept a Southern ruler, especially not a Targaryen. (which is realistic, those Northern lords are a task), he’s basically telling her that he’s not refusing because he wants to keep his title or anything so shallow as all that, it’s his people. And the puppy eyes in this scene only make it sooooo much better! 

And then there’s this!

The symbolism of ‘ice and fire’ being reinforced aside, they are shown so beautifully to be equals here, in sync, working towards the same goals! If that isn’t enough to start wanting them together…

This whole cave scene basically set up that Jon is definitely starting to develop feelings for her, which is only to be expected because she’s beautiful enough to warrant that attraction, and plus, Jon is starting to know her and realize that she’s not her father, or Cerse,i or bad or evil or batshit crazy or any of those things Targaryens are reputed to be. Dany’s trust in Jon is shown right in the following scene, when she disregards all her other advisors and turns to Jon, because she has come to know, that this is a man who will always put the realm first, a man whom she can trust to give her the truth keeping the people in mind, a man with no other motive than to save his people against all odds. 

Then again, there are the neverending parallels between them:

It is emphasized again and again how, despite their seeming differences, they share certain values and experiences with each other, which again serves to bring them closer together.

Now what I found really important was this:

I live for Ser Davos’ dialogues! But what’s important to note is Jon’s reply:

There’s no time for that.

Now, if he had really been trying to seduce Dany according to the antis (which I am definitely not going to believe in), it would have been far more natural for him to just be quiet about this.

If Mister Honor Incarnate is actually setting aside his honor for the greater good, it is definitely not going to come without an internal struggle. This guy has lived all his life by a strict moral code, and to set it aside will not be easy, especially considering manipulation is not his forte. 

So, if he had been trying to seduce her, he would be ashamed of it, he would hate himself for doing that, and when Ser Davos would have teased him about it, he definitely wouldn’t have replied with “there’s no time for that,” since according to some antis, that is his exact plan and there’s all the time for it!

But Jon doesn’t look pensive or even slightly uncomfortable. He doesn’t deny it, or even stare blankly at Davos like ‘what are you talking about?’. 


He simply says there is no time for it, and you know why he does that? Because right now, his sole mission in life is taking down the Night King, ensure the survival of the living, he doesn’t have time to fall in love and allow himself to be sidetracked. 

Jon basically is treating his second life as some sort of ‘serving the greater cause’, he doesn’t seem to think he can focus on anything other than the Night King, especially not something personal as fall for Daenerys. Also, he knows that falling for her will only lead to complications, since the North is staunchly against the Targaryens. He doesn’t want to analyse his feelings for her because it will lead him down a rabbit hole he doesn’t think he should be ‘wasting’ his time on. God, he has such a heroic aura around him, turning away from any possible personal desire for the greater good. Jon, why do you have to be so good! Of course, he’ll eventually end up changing his mind in the most glorious way possible and I just! 💖😍

Also, they have the epicest couple line! 

*jonerys feels intensify*


Hey, it’s Emily here from MEA3Gaming. After reading through the game theory and matpat tag recently, I decided enough was enough and I was going to finally speak what’s on my mind instead of keeping my mouth shut.

When I saw the Gaster video yesterday, I knew the hate (or what you people call ‘Jokes’) to come was inevitable. It broke my heart before I even clicked on the video to watch it as I knew that he was trying to do something he once loved again but it was only going encourage the people who made ‘memes’ or ‘jokes’ of him last time. However, seeing Mat look so helpless and upset just put the icing on the cake for me. I can already see the anons now raising their pitchforks screaming at me to ‘kys’ (real mature by the way) and that he was ‘being a pussy over the fact that people didn’t find his gift the best’. To the people who are saying this, have you even watched the video? Honestly have you? If not or have a hard job understanding it I can post everything he said in a different post and explain each and every sentence if that helps. For the Sans is Ness theory, do I think Sans is Ness? No, of course not, heck mat doesn’t himself! He made it as a joke, to try something new with his favourite games. In the most recent theory Mat even says ‘Did I in anyway think that this was cannon lure to the series, no. Of course not I didn’t think that Sans is actually Ness, but at the end of the day these are theories meant to get you to think about things from a different perspective.’. 

For the Pope video, I was actually extremely proud of Mat. He was asked to give the pope something that represents his community, which is of course games. I’m glad he didn’t just give the pope a flag or something that just have no deep meaning for what he stands for, but something a lot of people within the indie gaming community can relate to. (Before everyone jumps on my back saying ‘It was just a meme!!!’, “Don’t be butt hurt!!!’ just read the rest of the post, even though most of you won’t and will just jump to conclusions like you do with the theories.) For years gamers have been linked to violence (heck as I kid I wasn’t allowed to play any games unless my parents have made sure there was nothing in it) but this game is just a breath of fresh air. Don’t get my wrong I’m not a huge fan of the game in anyway, I understand why people like it its just not for me, but for a lot of people in the undertale community the game are their lives! So why are you all so upset that he gave the pope your favourite game? If someone gave something to the man who I have grown up to loving and being a huge deal within my family, I would be ecstatic. A game no less that breaks the mold of what people stereotypically think of us. But of course some of you find something to gang up on him with. He actually did not talk about game with the pope but rather online bullying, I actually can send you the link if you still don’t believe me or even type out everything he said in a different post from when he spoke to the Pope!

Lastly, the reason why I am so mad about this is the fact that I have experienced bullying, in fact at a young age. I’m not looking for pity, heck it was years ago and I take that experience with me to help others, but I know how crushing it feels. I won’t give details just as it’s personal to me but I was told to grow up and that it was ‘just a joke’. That the names, the taunts, the pushing was just ‘playground banter’, that it was ‘just what happens’ but it’s not. A joke is to make someone laugh, not cry. A joke is to make someone happy, not that they feel like they are useless. So to the people who are still calling it a ‘joke’ just stop for a moment, think about everything you have said and think to yourself what if that was me who was receiving this? What if I woke up everyday to messages saying that I am useless, that I am am unloved. And just grow up and be mature for once, as for people like me who have experienced this first hand, it is something you honestly wouldn’t wish on ANYONE. Sorry it’s so long, I had a lot on my mind and if any of you guys have been bullied or are being bullied, or if you just want to ever talk, you are always welcome to message me.

Emily xx

Open When You Want to Breakup

I hope you never read this, but in case you do, I understand. I don’t want this to end, but if it’s what will make you happier, then it’s worth it. I might not be calm and cool about it in the moment, but I would do literally anything to know that you’re happy, even if it means without me or with someone else. I love you so very much, Elliott. And if it comes down to it and you do decide to leave me, just promise you won’t forget me, alright? You mean so much to me and I know that you’ll always be in the back of my mind. So please don’t just forget about me. I also hope you can at least look back at this relationship and smile, because I definitely can. I don’t know what’s been going on that made you want to read this letter, but as of right now, were great. We had a pillow fight last night and fell asleep together after I watched you play your game. Life is great right now, and I know i’ll remember these moments happily. But of course, things can change, and people can change. So I’m sorry for anything I’ve done to change your feelings for me. But if you don’t love me anymore, let me go. I want you to be happy. I want you to be the happiest guy in the world, even if it hurts me for a while. But I love you, El. Do whatever feels right.


NDRV3 Transcripts: Chapter 5 Post-Trial

Firstly, many thanks to everyone who’s been reading and enjoying these translated transcripts. Chapter 5 in particular has so many noteworthy moments that I want to get them all done before I jump into Chapter 6.

For the better part of the 5th class trial, Saihara and the others are convinced that Momota is dead and Ouma is the killer. As the discussion progresses, however, they begin to realise that maybe Ouma isn’t the ringleader after all, and that all their initial assumptions about this case were wrong. The conclusion is absolutely devastating, for the characters and the player. Everyone is literally speechless as the culprit climbs out of the Exisal at the end, finally revealing his identity and putting an end to the discussion.

So that we don’t get lost in this back-and-forth: bold on the names means present time and italics means flashback. Please enjoy!

Okay, so first off, I want to note that this is actually more like a submission from two people, rather than one. First off, @ne0dym has provided me with a wonderful partial transcript as always! For anyone looking for a full, uninterrupted explanation of Momota and Ouma’s collaboration in Chapter 5, please read this.

However, I also received a Google doc with a transcription of the full scene from @shinjiroaragaki! The scene is very, very long, but it’s incredibly important, and full of details about Momota’s illness, the killing game show, the ringleader’s identity, and of course, Ouma’s true mindset. I can’t include the full transcript here because it’d get way too long, but I don’t want all their hard work to go to waste.

I translated the whole Google doc from start to finish, although I’ve removed the Japanese text from there for the sake of length. Here, the Japanese text is left in like always for the partial transcript, just so people can compare my translation to the original text if they’d like. Of course, I’ll also include some meta of my own at the end like always.

I know the scene is long, but please give it a read if you have a chance. It’s very, very interesting, and anyone curious about clearing up fake spoilers and rumors should check it out, because I’ve made it as accurate of a translation as possible and included all the facts.

So, if anyone is interested in seeing the full, complete translation of Chapter 5′s post-trial, please read this Google doc!

More translated transcripts.

We’ve all worked very hard to bring you this, so I’d really appreciate it if this post could get reblogged and spread around! If this is well-received, we’re planning on translating even more scenes in full like this. So please spread this around, and enjoy!

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Mystic Messenger - V Route Confession

While I was driving home from work today, I had the most horrifying revelation: I am absolutely terrified of what V’s Bad Endings are going to be like. Hands. Down. Terrified

Will he stay with Rika? Will we be unable to save him? Will we lose ourselves trying? Will other RFA members get hurt…?

From there, things just snowballed into manic over-thinking…

I am also absolutely terrified of how much suffering Saeran may endure during V’s route. I am not ready for flashbacks of Rika drugging him, hurting him, manipulating him. I am not prepared to watch V not doing enough to stop it.

Part of me (a huge, HUGE nerd-that-reads-too-much-into-this-game part of me) also feels so guilty when it comes to Jumin. Just… as a fan who loves the addition of Jumin to the Reset Theory (and already has a hard time choosing him over Seven and vice versa), it crushes me to imagine him watching MC a person towards whom he feels so much confusing, awkward affection choosing his best friend instead… again. Rika was never his, of course, but MC…

Finally, overall, I’m just nervous about the way the entire route is going to play out. I mean, really… How in the world will MC (and friends) realistically dismantle the toxic, debilitating obsession that V has confused for love for so long and build a new, healthy (and romantic?) relationship with him in the span of 11 days? I can’t even

When Cheritz originally announced they wouldn’t be making a V route, I confess I was disappointed, but I also kind of understood. Considering V’s very intense characterization, creating a route for him must have been a massive undertaking. I don’t even know how I would cohesively write a fan fiction – something that exists without the game’s time limitations and rating restraints – that would effectively destroy Rika’s hold on V, allow him time to earn forgiveness (and he does need to earn it. I love him, but he’s both done and allowed horrible things to be done to people who trusted him) and accept that forgiveness, heal, and then enter a phase of his life in which he would be mentally ready to experience new love. The sheer magnitude and complexity of that task alone are enough to make me put down my pen – and then to make it all happen in 11 days?!

Man. More power to Chertiz. Really. Despite everything I’m worried about, I am so very grateful to have new content coming and the opportunity to save our sad, blue boi. It also makes me optimistic, just a little bit, that they might (maybepossiblyPLEASE) renege their stance on a Saeran route as well, though I understand creating a route for our mentally shattered troubled Unknown would be an equally if not more grueling ordeal. 

If I could, I would give Cheritz all the coffee and all the hugs for this gift. Unfortunately, they’ll just have to settle for all of my money…

“I won’t allow it.” Hux says, as if he has any authority on the issue. It makes Kylo scoff in response, his anger bubbling to the surface the longer Hux speaks. He wishes he had his helmet, something to keep the General from seeing his visual displeasure at the other’s words. But his helmet is gone; one of the many losses from Starkiller he would rather forget.

Unfortunately, the failure Hux and him share binds them together, forces them to work side by side longer and try to save the First Order from drowning in Its own embarrassment.

A weapon fired once; a regime dismantled by a handful of rebels.

Hux has become especially intolerable, hyper focusing his energy on proving himself in the aftermath, giving Kylo little leeway to do as he wishes. Yet Hux has no control over Kylo, not really, but the Knight cannot simply ignore him, not when the Supreme Leader himself has chastised Kylo for his inability to see beyond his own selfish desires. No, he is forced to work with Hux, as amicably as possible, a feat Kylo is finding more and more impossible as the weeks go by.

It feels like Hux is actively trying to sabotage him, throwing a wrench in every plan and move of Kylo’s. It’s a jarring reversal of roles; Hux refusing to bend and Kylo attempting to reason.

“You cannot stop me. I will go, whether you give me clearance or not.” Kylo replies, trying to keep his tone from becoming petulant; a childish whine.

“We cannot spare troops at this moment for you to explore some abandoned moon. In case you forgot, our numbers are suffering from our losses on Starkiller.” Hux spits out the word Starkiller, and Kylo can feel Hux’s disgust toward the word. Kylo can at least understand that, at hating something that you once loved. It’s how he feels when he recalls memories of Ben’s, how they leave a sour taste in his mouth when once the memories were sweet.

They shouldn’t be arguing like this, not on the bridge. It make the crew tense, and Hux used to actively move their transgressions to conference rooms or the General’s office just to save moral. But that was Hux before Starkiller, this is Hux now.

Now, Kylo is expected to do this, to hold himself to a higher standard on his own. Hux no longer wastes energy trying to reason with Kylo, subdue him. It leaves Kylo to policing his own emotions and reactions, which he has never done well. He should be glad, happy even, that Hux no longer wastes time treating him like a kriffing child. Yet all he can muster is confusion and annoyance, off balance from the change in their interactions. He had not realized how much Hux was holding back Kylo’s inner monsters until they were allowed to run free.

“There is power there: I can feel it. If you will not approve than I will go to the Supreme Leader. I cannot expect someone like you to understand the force.”

“I have already spoken to him. He agrees it is a foolish waste of resources.” Hux replies in his cold, clinical tone. But Kylo can feel the smugness, see the slight upturn of his lips at besting the Knight, making him look the fool. It sends a fresh wave of anger through him, his fists curling and uncurling at his sides.

He longs to ignite his saber, to cut the grin off of the General’s face. How dare he think he is above Kylo, as if Kylo is some lowly officer with no real power. As if he doesn’t have a fearful control of the force.

Kylo steps forward, looms in the Generals space; the height difference is slight, but Kylo is larger, massive compared to Hux’s small frame. He uses it to his advantage as he crowds near him; intimidating by sheer size alone.

Hux, impressively, does not flinch. He has the gall to look bored, his expression hard as he keeps eye contact with the Knight. Even a quick surface read of Hux’s mind shows the General knows Kylo won’t hurt him; cannot do it. Hux knows that Snoke has forbid it, though Hux has never explicitly heard the Supreme leader say it. He just knows in his core that if Kylo could hurt him he would have already, probably on their very first meeting.

Kylo isn’t sure what angers him more, Hux’s presumptuousness or the fact that he is right. He isn’t allowed to harm Hux, as much as every fiber of his being wants too, yearns too.

“You think,” Kylo starts to say, voice low with warning. Hux does not move. “That you are safe from me. That the Supreme Leader will always agree to put your safety above my desires. You are wrong. You are replaceable, nothing but one of many officers on this ship. You are nothing, nothing but the Bastard son of-”

Kylo doesn’t get to finish as Hux slaps him suddenly, and with full force. The leather of Hux’s glove makes it sting even more, and briefly Kylo is thankful it is not on the side with his scar.

He’s stunned. To stunned to respond. No one has ever dared to lay a hand on him before. In all his battles and training no one has ever slapped him, and he is so shocked he can feel tears pin prick his eyes from the burn of it. Hux stands there, shaking with anger instead of fear after daring to lay a hand on Snoke’s apprentice.

The bridge is deathly silent with the weight of what happened. Three officers stand from their seats and point their blasters at Kylo, even though Hux is the one who attacked him. A quick scan of their minds show they are afraid Kylo will retaliate; will harm Hux for his insubordination. And Kylo has every right to punish Hux, to choke him where he  stands for daring to humiliate him in front of the crew. Yet everyone in the room is on Hux’s side, ready to shoot Kylo down should he dare make a move.

Kylo stands there looking bewildered, and the tension in the atmosphere is so palpable he threatens to choke on it. He has verbally sparred with Hux many times over the years, said horrible degrading things to the General. Why now did he choose to get so offended as to risk his life to punish Kylo? The Knight barely has to graze Hux’s surface thoughts to see the word ‘bastard’ shining at the forefront, consuming Hux with rage. Kylo had never said it before now, unknowing of the effect it would have on the man.

He looks around the room, at the officers scared for their lives as well as Hux’s, to the man himself staring daggers at Kylo.

He should punish Hux, no one in this room can truly stop him. Kylo is far too powerful both physically and mystically. Even the Supreme Leader would forgive him, for Hux truly deserves retribution for his slight.

He went too far, he knows this now. What little civility they had is gone, and any feelings of co-commandership Hux felt is replaced with pure hatred for Kylo. Kylo didn’t realize they had anything left to lose until now; he can feel the rage and pure animosity rolling off of Hux.

Kylo turns, marching off the bridge and away from the scene, leaving Hux and his officers to deal with the aftermath. Surely they are more shocked at Kylo’s non-reaction than anything else.

It takes a week after the incident for Kylo to finally address it. Hux has been treating him colder; ignoring him and answering in short, to-the-point sentences. Kylo didn’t think it was possible for Hux to be even more dismissive and cold to him, yet the General is always full of surprises.

More shocking is how Kylo himself feels about the change.

He misses his interactions with Hux, as limited as they were. He misses how before Starkiller, the General would stop Kylo’s tantrums, would calm him simply by being. How Hux could spar verbally with him, often winning with his cunning and leaving Kylo frustrated at losing. But as much as he misses that, after the ‘incident’ things have only gotten worse. Hux has become almost droid like in his conversations with Kylo, a machine who answers his inquiry, and nothing more.

Its maddening, especially as Hux occupies most of his human interactions on the Finalizer. He has no one now, nor does he want anyone else.

Finally reaching his breaking point, he corners Hux in his office, somewhere the General can not easily escape him.

“We have something to discuss.” He says simply, standing in front of Hux’s desk; neat and orderly like the man himself.

Hux doesn’t look up from his data pad. “And what is that, Ren?” It’s cold, impersonal. Kylo can feel the resentment rolling off of Hux, feel his surprise at how Kylo has still not retaliated after what he did barely a week ago.

“I’ve…come to apologize.” It’s hard to say; admit. He hasn’t apologized since leaving Ben behind. So sure in his purpose and actions, uncaring who his rage is aimed at or hurts.

Hux actually looks up from his data pad at that, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. “For what, may I ask?”

Kylo can feel that Hux knows what, but refuses to say. Hux is just as shocked as Kylo is at the declaration; neither of them sure what the next step is.

“For what I said, on the bridge. It was….uncalled for; untrue. I went to far. I…I’m sorry.” He had thought he would feel shame at admitting being wrong, but instead he feels…relief, as if a weight has been lifted. Hux continues to stare, hard eyes judgmental as they take in Kylo’s words. Finally he stands, comes to be in front of Kylo. It is similar to how they were on the Bridge the day of the incident, but the energy is different.

Hux’s eyes search him, as if looking for a hidden deception. “Do you mean it? Or is this some game of yours?”

“I’m telling the truth. I swear it.”

Hux’s shoulders relax, the tension leaving his body. A quick read of his mind finds him accepting of the apology, although still shocked by it.

“I can’t change what I said,” Kylo continues, emboldened by the positive response. “But I can prevent it from happening again.  Perhaps we can meet at my quarters for dinner, discuss how to make this co-commandership work?”

Hux gives a curt nod, but lets slip a soft smile. “Of course. I will see you after my shift.” The General returns to his desk, to his work. To anyone else it would have looked like Hux was indifferent to the entire situation, but Kylo can see the small shift in behavior. The casual way he is sitting, the thrum of energy surrounding him. Kylo smiles, dismissing himself from Hux’s office. He feels this is the start of something new between them, something more than just begrudging acceptance. He isn’t sure what, but he is excited, looking forward to a new chapter between them that isn’t just heated rivalry.

If his steps are a little lighter, his face less severe as he walks down the halls, the troopers dare not say anything about it.


GoT Season 7 - Petyr Baelish

I don’t really see why Game of Thrones fans seem to hate on Petyr with pure evil. I mean, he’s played by a truly wonderful & artistic actor in Aidan Gillen, plus Petyr Baelish is such an interesting character.

Any show and book would be boring if it only had the ‘hero’ characters. There needs to be characters that are a little dark in nature as well.

I’m not just a casual GoT watcher because I have read the books also, and Petyr is just so intriguing in the books too. He also has a painful childhood, which of course affected/helped him to who he is.

Its like Hannibal Lecter, whenever I watch ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ I can’t hate him, because he’s such a great character played by a great actor.

Just enjoy the depth of all the characters, every character has their good & bad in GoT.


This happened. I don’t play Reinhardt often but I happened to have a good game.

When solo queuing, I’ve NEVER heard a female voice on the teamchat, and I’m not surprised. Keeping quiet means less chance of being harassed, hit on, or treated differently in general. It is kinda funny when folks playing assume everyone on their team must naturally be a dude though.

If I was braver I’d voicechat on solo queue. Someday.

O’ course if you’d rather read this as being Rein’s a transwoman and hasn’t transitioned/kept the beard, that’s ok too.

Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 12

Originally posted by smallkpoplove

Okay so I legit had a dream where someone on anon requested a “Namjoon bathroom fic” like what does that even mean? xD
But thank you to everyone who is reading! I hope this part is enjoyable even if truth or dare is super cliche I’m sorry lol

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 4,400+
Genre: flufffff and angst

Part 1 - Part 11 - Part 13

> Masterlist <

“So Nari,” Kiseung started the game as Nari raised her eyebrows, “Truth or Dare?”

Nari took a deep breath, “Truth.”

“Of course,” Hyomin laughed, “you’ll never choose dare, will you?”

Nari frowned, “it’s a lot easier to tell the truth than to do something embarrassing.”

“Who said it would be embarrassing?” Taehyung asked her as she started to blush.

“It always is!” She slightly cried and pouted. The group just laughed and Kiseung shushed everyone.

“Okay, so… how did you and Taehyung meet? And I don’t want a short answer, I want a long one.”

Nari’s face flushed, “uh… oh. W-Well… I met him at work. He’s the head of my department and he was teaching me stuff when we started to get along. He asked me out and I agreed to it.”

Kiseung smiled, “awww, where was your first date?”

“Only one truth per turn,” she frowned, “if you want to know, you’ll have to ask me another time.”

Kiseung stuck her tongue out at her friend as Nari started looking around the room for someone to ask. Her eyes landed on Chaerin’s as both of them froze. Does she call her out? Should she really?

“Chaerin, truth or dare?” She asked as Taehyung stiffened next to her. He didn’t seem to approve of what she was possibly about to say, and it made her lose confidence. She shouldn’t ask her anything like that…

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anonymous asked:

so let me get this straight *no pun intended*. Irene Adler is gay but when she said "look at us both" to John, means that she's lesbian but in love with Sherlock? but then again, what about the "I'm just playing the game?"

Maybe Irene really fell for sherlock in a way. I am saying “in a way’ because i don’t believe all attractions can fall between the two categories of either sexual or romantic.Sometimes there are other things. I am not saying this with my shipping goggles on. Two of my family members, who are pretty casuals, have never seen Irene as romantic interest. More of an intellectual interest. Someone who is as sharp as sherlock. I mean Irene blatantly said “brainy is the new sexy”. i totally read that as her attraction towards sherlock being intellectual. Finding someone who is as brainy as you is exciting believe me. It even does not has to be related to sexuality.

Maybe my reading is wrong. Maybe Irene did fall for Sherlock romantically while just trying to play the game. Maybe she didn’t intend to. Human mind and sexuality is sometimes difficult.Pretty flexible things. I am no expert in these things.But still I never saw Irene as romantic interest. 

Her “look at us both” of course translates as “ We both like women, but we’ve also both fallen for Sherlock. Confirming John had fallen for Sherlock. But falling can be different. This is the fun with open ends. Pretty much open for any interpretation. Battersea is one of the most important johnlock evidence scenes. But if you accept the Johnlock evidence, I think you have to accept Irene falling for sherlock as well. Falling for the brain. Not the groin.

But the thing is, Sherlock never fell for Irene. She is one of the most interesting people he came across in his life. That I truly believe. But in his whole life sherlock fell for only one person. And that is John Watson.

This was a mess. I hope you get my point.

“Why do you think Seto Kaiba is gay?”
*writes long insightful essay about cinematography, queer subtext, subversion of narrative, character arc, and the plot’s rejection of compulsory heterosexuality.*

“Why do you think Atem is gay?”
*points at this*

(have a nice clean one under the cut)

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Natsume Asaoka Review

Natsume’s route is very sweet, realistic, and probably presents the healthiest relationship out of all the guys including Toma (and I loved Toma!)
This is the only route where there’s no one night stand and the relationship’s growth exists outside a physical one. 

Mild Spoilers Under the Cut!

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I don’t understand the Dany hate on tumblr.

People are hating on her for burning people, fighting in battle etc. I’ve read things like “those Lannister soldiers had families” etc. Does that mean we should hate on every single person on GOT who went to war?

Don’t get me wrong: of course those are bad things, yes burning people is awful and yes, those Lannister soldiers had families.

The thing is, that there are almost no characters on game of thrones that haven’t done horrible things - a multitude of characters have fought in battles, killed people etc. That’s what most people love about the characters, they are neither good nor bad.

Dany (in my opinion), just as 99% of the characters, should neither be idolized nor hated, because painting a picture of good/evil is not the point of the show/books.

Some examples of bad things done by beloved characters (regardless of motivation or gravity):

Arya (killing countless People in Braavos, mass murdering the Freys, still has a list of people she wants to kill)

Sansa (feeding Ramsay to his dogs)

Jaime (pushing Bran out of the window, killing the Mad King, fought in battles, killed Olenna)

Robb (depends on whether you count going to war as a bad thing)

Jon (executed a boy)

Ned (executed a deserter of the Night’s watch who ran away from WWs)

Catelyn (freed a prisoner without the kings approval, hated Jon)

Yara/Asha (fought in battles)

Oberyn (killed many people)

Ygritte (fought in battle)

Khal Drogo (rapist; fought in battle)

Daario Naharis (killed his Captains + other people)

Stannis (let Melisandre kill people; fought in battle)

The Hound (killed people)

Jorah (sold slaves)

Again, those things are terrible. We know that, and we still see them as interesting characters, without having to agree with their crimes.

I don’t see why that’s not possible with Dany.

ID #68613

Name: Jared
Age: 18 in June
Country: United States

Ever since I was little I loved talking about myself, and I can talk about myself for hours and what I like and what I dislike and my views and standings on certain issues. I have a really open mind and I try to be a positive force in as many people’s lives as possible. Even though I like talking about myself, I’ve been told I can be a good listener, and I’m usually quiet in class unless I have something meaningful to say.
I really like sports, so like football, basketball, and baseball, and my favorite sport is baseball. I play some computer games when I can, but I also enjoy reading books and time to myself. I like most types of music besides any of this new age rap junk. I listen to classic rock, chill beats, jazz, classical, rap, power ballads, and I’m open to new types of course. I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t detest or look down at people that eat meat (as some would guess).
I’m a bi-romantic asexual, basically meaning that sex is on the lowest priority for me as far as relationships go. Quality time is my main love language so I would take a good hang out over a quick sex session. I lean towards non-binary people, not as like “Oh man they’re soooo hot, I just can’t get enough” but more as like “Wow that’s so cool that they have the courage and the confidence to be who they wanna be, and they look good as their true self” I pretty much hate my gender tbh, like why are most of the guys I see on the internet horny, sweaty, hairy, unemployed men? It just sucks that most people have to take extra precautions when interacting with people on the internet because of men like that. Just speaking from experience.
As a male, it’s harder for me to express my interests in things like writing, flowers, floral fabrics and designs, animals, feelings, and art with other males ore even people in my friend group. Consequently my best friends are girls, which is perfectly fine with me. I think having a pen pal is a great way to form a really cool friendship with someone in a way that is more interactive and meaningful than just texting a random person on the platonic page of craigslist.
If you haven’t already noticed by now, I enjoy writing in all forms. And when they said I could type as much as I wanted, I took them seriously. Thanks for reading all of this if you did. I really appreciate it.

Preferences: Someone around my age so 17-19 of any gender

territorialoak  asked:

About fourth-wall breakage: There's also Napstablook talking to the narrator, and Mad Dummy getting cotton all over the dialogue box! Maybe undead-like monsters are just really good at knowing they're in videogames.

(undertale spoilers)

Thank you! I knew there must have been a few that slipped my mind. Napstablook’s CHECK reaction is a great case of breaking the fourth wall. Like you say, this means all three ghosts the player meets in Undertale have an affinity for breaking the fourth wall. Of course, it’s not just limited to them!

» read more: Which monsters besides the skelebros and Flowey break the fourth wall?

anonymous asked:

So do you speak any other language besides English? <3

Spanish! (I’m not fluent by any means but I can have conversations, when I worked in retail I could sell to Spanish speaking customers).
A tiny bit of French. I’m extremely basic. I took a few courses in college but my teacher was terrible.
And Japanese. I’m currently teaching myself, and it’s been tough! But I’m proud of myself and I play my favorite otome game in Japanese and can translate almost all of it and read the stories that haven’t been released in English :)
I just love languages. I’d really love to be fluent in many because my dream is to travel and eat food and see different cultures, maybe move abroad. :)

So, I’m a bit further ahead in my reread, because I’m starting with an anniversary reread (five years! I’m such a nerd!), and am almost finished with the first book.

It’s been a while since I’ve really dwelled much in the Hunger Games world. I mean, I’ve never stopped loving it, but recent years have been focused more on a lot of other things. So I feel like I’m reading them almost with fresh eyes again, so to speak. And the thing that’s really, really obviously to me now, that I know I picked up on previously, but was never keenly aware of as I am now? It’s just how much Katniss struggles not to feel Human Emotions, and how the events over the course of the book force her to begin feeling things. 

She pushes her mother away, she keeps Gale at something of a distance, even if she knows she does care about him. There are multiple times through out the book where she unconsciously lets on that she is, very naturally, attracted to Peeta in a way she really can’t help–but she’s so determined to prevent herself from being hurt, she refuses to even acknowledge to herself that she’s drawn to him. The only person she will openly allow herself to admit she cares for is Prim.

It’s interesting, because I think this is a pretty typical defense mechanism for someone who’s actually really tender at heart. Over the course, you really see her begin to break down these walls, and maybe even begin to understand how unhealthy and unobtainable it is to not care about anybody. Katniss wants to be a robot so badly in the first book, but the Games, the very reason she tries to be that way, are exactly what force her to confront and accept that she isn’t. That does, in fact, care a great deal about people, and even more, she actually does want them around. And the part that I think is really interesting is that you can see this as being something of a metaphor for Panem as a nation. Snow uses the Games to keep everyone divided: the Capitol is divided from the districts, the districts are kept away from each other, and even within the districts themselves we see division, such as the Seam vs. the Merchants in 12. But by Mockingjay, the nation has learned to come together, and people are allowed to mix and mingle with citizens from other districts and the Capitol.

I feel like the question Suzanne Collins wants us to be asking ourselves is, how can we apply this lesson to real life?

Hello! My name is Emma and I’m a 17 y/o living in Sweden!

Facts about me ♕

– I’ve just started my second year of gymnasiet (secondary school in Sweden).

 – I’m attending a social science program with a focus on “digital design”. This means that as well as taking classes as psychology and philosophy I also get to take courses concerning photography, 3D modeling, etc. 

– I’m fluent in swedish and english, and am currently studying french as well!

– I have loads of hobbies like playing the guitar and piano, writing, playing video games, drawing, reading, doing pilates, etc.

The courses I’ll be taking this term ♕

– Swedish 2 

– English 5

– French 4

- Media production 1

- Digital design 2

- Math 2b

- Science 1b

- History 1b

- Social science 1b

- Religion 1

- Music (this is an add on curse I choose this year)

Why I started this studyblr ♕

At the beginning at this year I promised myself I’d be more organized and less stressed. As a result I started a studyblr and picked up bullet journaling, but I soon found myself falling off the wagon. This time I want to commit to it, and what better way to do that than to take part in the studyblr community? Hopefully I can stay inspired, and maybe even inspire and motivate others!

(I haven’t made any original posts yet, but I’m working on it!)

Some of the studyblrs that inspires me 

@studyquill @studypetals @studyguideverified @academiix @studypool @stvdybuddies @studynostalgic @studytherin