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Gleggie headcanon's mate, and/or Desus



  • Glenn recruits Carol and Tara’s help to get enough food for a romantic dinner for the two of them
  • It ends up being enough for Stir Fry that Glenn accidentally burns but Maggie still thinks it’s the sweetest gesture
  • They spend most of the day together, simply enjoying the peace
  • Maggie gives him a nice jacket she’s been saving for a special occasion
  • That night Glenn draws them a bubble bath with candles and since he can’t find rose petals he finds some random flower petals to throw in the water 
  • Bath Sex? Bath Sex 
  • They fall asleep thinking about baby names

Darus/Desus/Whatever the hell that ship name is

  • Jesus has been planning this day for weeks, Daryl could not give less of a fuck but indulges him when the day arrives
  • They go on a motorcycle ride
  • Jesus starts a competition on who can kill the most walkers (Jesus wins) (Daryl let him)
  • They have a makeshift picnic of fruit and a squirrel Daryl caught
  • Daryl tells Jesus he’s his first Valentine, Jesus tells him he’s his favorite Valentine
  • Jesus has the perfect spot picked out where they can watch the sunset, Daryl pretends not to care but he puts his arm around Jesus and kisses his cheek
  • Daryl has Carol teach him how to bake cookies the next day so he can give them to Jesus

Send in your OTP

honestly I don’t know why I was freaking out all I know is I sat on this for like a week after it was finished and only showed 3 people… I’m too proud of this… i love my clone sons too much and I don’t want to release them into the dark dangerous internet but now I’M DOING IT! be free and be safE

short(ish) descriptions from the deviantart post of all of them under the cut!

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Cries and tears...

(Warning: angst, one-sided love)

He doesn’t know what’s crueler. The fact that he chose her, as he knew he always would, or because he pleaded for him to be there, standing beside him as his best friend.

It’s all done now. Everyone’s gone.

There’s just some random colored streamers and flower petals left, and Shinya wonders if any of them touched Guren’s feet while he was dancing with Mahiru.

She looked so radiant. They both did. And Shinya was able to smile long enough for someone to snap a picture of the three of them. Two happy lovers and one lovelorn friend.

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Turns out the marker idea was a good one.  It’s not until over a year into the relationship that they do it and it’s not even planned.

They’re signing things, memorabilia and shirts, and when Neil is finally done, he sits back on the couch and stretches.  Andrew stretches too, but since he puts less effort into his signatures and is already done, it’s just to turn and flop his feet onto Neil’s lap.

Without thinking, Neil uncaps his marker and draws a star on the top of Andrew’s foot.  He caps the marker and sits back again but then Andrew wiggles his foot.  At his prompting, Neil uncaps the marker again, drawing this time a heart.  He looks up to find Andrew gazing at him and, on a hunch, Neil pushes up a pant leg, slowly reaching down to draw.

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Modern Times 

More US craft beer goodness, this time imported by those cheeky Scottish lot at BrewDog and again made available to the public through their really quite awesome bars dotted around the country and via their webshop. San Diego’s Modern Times have been a source of intrigue since I first started seeing their beers on Tumblr and Instagram, and as much for their timelessly classy branding as for the killer rep they quickly built up. When these became available in the UK a substantial haul was quickly assembled.

Kicking things off we have the hopped up wheat ale, Fortunate Islands (4.8% abv). The floral and tropical fruit laden aroma follows into the taste, grass and random green things joining the papaya, kiwi, grapefruit, and flower petal salad, hints of subtle malts peeking through. The bright, clean nature and tropical fruit and foliage flavours of this brew actually remind me of a lot of the pale ales / IPA’s that have come out of the UK over the last few years. Gorgeous.

On to Blazing World (6.8% abv), and whether you go with hoppy amber ale or put it under the absurdly wide IPA umbrella I really couldn’t care less. It’s dank and resinous with floral, citrusy, piney hops working their magic and solid support from the caramelised biscuit malt base. Medium sweet turning medium bitter and dry to finish. It’s a blinder alright, don’t really need to say any more.

finishing off we have Black House (5.8% abv), an oatmeal coffee stout. Yup. Oatmeal coffee stout. Rarely do three words complement each other as well, and the beer absolutely lives up to the promise. A sip delivers a sumptuous wave of coffee flavours, with chocolate layer cake, a splash of vanilla, and a smidgen of dark stone fruit puree all joining in. Bittersweet with a more defined coffee ground bitterness in the long finish, it’s well balanced, stupidly drinkable, and utterly delicious. 

So, Modern Times has a new fan. As far as an introduction to their beer goes I couldn’t have asked for more than this diverse and really quite wonderful trio. I hope to see them again soon.*fingers crossed!* Night, all. 

Gem Placement- Pearl

Finishing the series! Find the others here.

Pearl has some similarities to Peridot’s placement, but her Gem extends further upwards. The easiest way to tell this is in most shots, Pearl’s Gem appears tilted upwards, because of the curve of her forehead. Her hairline is actually raised quite a way to accommodate it.

Other than this, Pearl’s gem placement is very standard. It is both on the center line of her body, and oriented forwards.

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i love sylvari and think of ideas of hair and face ideas for them

i think they need more flowers so i drew 2 flower hair ideas (bleeding hearts nad just some tiny flowers on a vines) :3 and 2 jungle themed hairs (thorns and bird of paradise flower hair)

the faces are more random, 2 are petal like faces

i did one of what i imagined the other mama tree would be like (the 2nd mama needs to be real!!! DX)

the 2 very bright male and female faces idk lol there based off of some weird leaves and jungle fruit idk @.@ lol but there different

:3 leaf butts <3


a quick comparison of the most obvious changes from the ruff rabbit shot in episode 3

besides the obvious size of the logo, it seems they…

  • added more designs to the beanie guy’s shirt
  • changed that one dad dude’s hair color to green
  • fixed the lazy coloring on sunglasses guy
  • redrew noiz’s face, along with with the dude in purple’s eyes
  • fixed the random pink petal on the yellow flower on that dude’s sweatshirt
  • fixed some mistakes in noiz’s design

so yeah.. really nothing great. i’m not sure who decided what changes to make, but… there ya go