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Requested:  Anonymous said: Hi i was wondering if you perhaps do a angsty kind of sad yoongi scenario where the reader is in love with him but he is in love with someone else. If you could, can u please base it off is there somewhere by halsey? thank you ♥️

Excerpt:  ‘ “I’m sorry but I fell in love tonight.” 

Genre: angst, imagine

Length: 0.7k

A/N: i understand this feeling too well :(

Originally posted by yukidinme

The train ride seemed longer than usual, Yoongi sat next to you yawning as he pulled your joined hands to his mouth. You had been forced to wake him up for a party and even as his head landed on your shoulder, nuzzling it slightly to get comfortable you couldn’t stop your heart form fluttering as his mouth opened slightly letting the odd snore as he fell deep asleep. You looked down at him trying to desperately shove the hopeless amount of love you felt away.

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Derek And Spencer Finding Out Your Pregnant

Author: Me!

Pairing: Derek X Reader and Spencer X Reader

Summary: Preferences fo Reid and Morgan

Requested: Yes, ‘AHHHHHH REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!! Sorry, I found your blog and I find you to be such a gifted writer, you know your characters well! I was wondering if you could do something like how Derek and Reid would act if you told them you were pregnant? Or if you were hiding it and they found the pregnancy test? If you can only do one, pleased do Derek. Thank you! Love the blog btw.’

Word Count: 1063

Derek And Spencer Finding Out Your Pregnant…


He came home from work late but you didn’t hear him, let alone acknowledge his presence, you were too busy locked in the bathroom shaking with tears rolling down your cheeks staring at the pregnancy test which was showing the small positive sign. You had been starting at this goddamn stick for over a hour and the tears hadn’t stopped since they started.

There was a knock on the door which made you jump out of your skin, “Babe, you okay?” You sniff as quietly as you can and pray your voice doesn’t crack, “Yep, I’ll be out in two seconds.” You respond as calm as you can, but what you don’t know is that even through the thick wooden door Derek could tell something is wrong.

After another 2 long minutes of trying to clean yourself up, you unlock the bathroom door and walk back into the bedroom you share with him. You can hear him in the kitchen downstairs, whistling and cooking something, he probably heard you come out of the bathroom because you hear him yell “Do you want anything to eat?” up the stairs you reply with, “No, I ate before you came in.” That obviously was a lie as the mere thought of eating made you feel sick already.

You decided to go to bed and figure things out in the morning, with fumbling fingers you get changed and into bed, it was now around 2AM and you could hear Derek putting his dishes in the sink. Slowly he walks up the creaking stairs and you silently pretend to be asleep. You hear him dragging his feet along the carpet, he cant even be bothered to pick them up, he’s too tired. “I know your not asleep” He says with a raspy voice making you jump yet again. You turn over to look at him, even though its dark you can just about make out his outer shape.

“Now tell me whats wrong.” Derek bluntly says, telling you his profiling skills are intact. The simple question brings a whole new wave of tears and you start sobbing, Derek instantly holds you and you explain that your pregnant and you know he won’t want to stay because this isn’t what he wanted.

After you finish, Derek holds you and looks you directly in the eyes as he says, “Who said I was going to walk out? Yes maybe this wasn’t planned but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stick around, I love you Y/N and I want to stay and raise this child with you.” You stop sniffing and just hold him and thats how you two fall asleep, for real this time, not worrying as much anymore.


The second the timer on you phone dings you sprint back to the bathroom to check the small device on the side of the bath. Your heart beat increases rapidly as you see the positive sign. How will Spencer react? You two have never discussed having kids before what if he doesn’t what any? What if he walks out? You can loose him. Calm down Y/N you tell yourself. With your hands shaking out of control you pick up your car keys and head straight for the building where your boyfriend and your best friend await.

As soon as you park you speed walk through the ground floor and into the elevator, once in you jab the button with your thumb and wait. With your head pumping in your ears you step out, your legs feel like jelly but you still strode the BAU desperately trying to avoid anyone at this partial time, successfully getting across you going into your best friends bat cave. Hearing someone close the door you see Garica’s head poke up and for her to swivel on her chair to face you. “What can I help you with sugarplum?” She asks innocently.

At that basic question you burst into tears, your legs give out but just before you can hit the ground Garica has ran over and caught you, she strokes your hair and rubs your back as you cry onto her shoulder, when your finished you look up at her and explain.

When your finished your slightly hiccupping still but continue to look at her for help “Pen, I don’t know what too do.” You whisper, the look you give Garcia breaks her heart, “Oh sweetie, I know it hurts and you really don’t want to but your going to have to tell him, I’m sure it’ll be fine, you and I both know what Spencer’s like.” She explains maintaining eye contact throughput the whole thing.

As if he heard his name Spencer swings open the door, not bothering to look up from the papers he was holding, you spring into the chair next to Garica’s as you feel your legs go wobbly again. “Hey Garcia, could you possibly find out if this person has any criminal records?” Spencer questions without a worry in the world but as he looks up, his smile drops as he comes face to face with you. “Y/N whats the matter?”

You think of what Garcia told you and know thats what you’ll have too do but then again you could avoid it as much as you can. “Nothing” You says looking into his brown eyes, Garica leaves at this point, “But you’ve been crying, I mean I know I’m not very good at social clues but people usually cry when they are sad or maybe when they are happy but the rest of your body langue does suggest your happy but I could be wrong but-“ He begins to ramble but you cut him off “For God’s sake I’M PREGNANT.” You exclaim waving your hands franticly, “And I’m scared Spencer, Im scared you wont want a child, or you’ll leave, I can lose you!” You finish with heavy breaths. “I’m not going anywhere. I think this is brilliant!” He starts off whispering but has he gets happier his voice raises. “I mean I might leave to go to the library but thats only because I have to read up on the books of course! And, and, and this is brilliant Y/N I love you.” You break out into a huge smile, “I love you too Spencer.”

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     ( ——–———— if anyone ( mutuals only ) is familiar with Ace’s firstmate Masked Deuce and is interested in playing his character seriously– and by that I mean you won’t drop him in a day or two– let me know! With the lack of official art / fanart, I’ll be willing to draw icons for you as well ( example art @stelloink ). On the condition that you’ll be my main deuce for ace and vice versa, so please, only raise your hand if you’re actually interested in interacting with my Ace otherwise what’s the point of any of this )

excerpts from sabrina benaim’s poetry

  • ‘ snap ,  crackle ,  or pop ? ’
  • ‘ when i say hello ,  i mean thank you . ’
  • ‘ he doesn’t like bananas .   i mean ,  who doesn’t like bananas ? . ’
  • ‘ trick question :  girl is always right .
  • ‘ love made me feel like i knew the answer ,  but when i raised my hand ,  i was the only person in the room . ‘
  • ‘ it was always , but never ,  the right time . ’
  • ‘ … i will check your horoscope . ’
  • ‘ she is laughing with you & at you ,  because she is indecisive . ’
  • ‘ i don’t even use my loofah ,  i just like to say the word . ’
  • ‘ rest in peace mufasa . ’
  • ‘ i wouldn’t say i’m sensitive ,  i would say i’m highly susceptible to feeling a lot . ’
  • ‘ obviously ,  he has terrible taste in football teams . ’
  • ‘ love is only a house i can recognize as home once i’ve left it . ’
  • ‘ my lonely looks a lot like insomnia when you hold it up to the light . ’
  • ‘ yeah ,  i’m talkin’ ‘bout dicks . ’
  • ‘ i am not the path of least resistance . ’
  • ‘ sting like a bee … well ,  bees die after they sting ,  so sting like a wasp . ’
  • ‘ i am best prepared for the worst case scenario . ’
  • ‘ thank you is biggest poem i’ve got inside of me . ’
  • ‘ i am the worst kind of forgetful :  i remember everything . ’
  • ‘ my body’s got moves ,  y’all . ’

The story begins about 12 years ago, when my mom would try to make me wear all the pretty dresses. Every time she would put one on me, I would scream, kick, cry. I would do everything except take it off (but that’s only because I didn’t know how.) I wanted to wear the overalls and mud boots that I had. I wanted to wear a tshirt, not a ruffled dress. I wanted to go out and play in the mud, get dirty, not stay inside and play with Barbies.

Fast forward to about 4 years ago. In gym we were split into boys and girls, and the girls had the big gym because the guys were always outside. We would be inside jumping rope or hula hooping, and the guys would be outside learning how to play football. I asked my coach several times if I could go play, and her exact words were “no honey, you’re a girl. And girls don’t play football. You would get all dirty, you’d get all sweaty, you might get hurt.”
Apparently, because I sprouted breasts, I was more fragile, and seen as inferior. Most of my friends spent all their time talking about football, and typically excluded us from the conversation because I “didn’t know about football, just because I was a girl”. I quieted down at the lunch table, and eventually stopped talking to my only friends because our “parts” were different, which apparently means that we are completely different people.

Two years ago, I get my first girlfriend. I would cry to her at least once a week that I wasn’t fitting in. I didn’t like what any of the other girls liked, but I wasn’t a guy so I’d never fit in. She’s the one that opened my eyes, she told me that there were more than two genders, which is when I realized who I was. I am an individual. I don’t strictly fit into any gender, but I’m still valid. I’m gender fluid, but prefer non-binary or male pronouns. She accepted me, and I’m hoping that eventually it won’t be something that I have to explain. I’m hoping that eventually I won’t have to correct people who use the incorrect pronouns 97 times per day. 

Sadly, this isn’t going to be easy, or cheap. I want to start small, with binders and the likes, but I just don’t have time for a job. My life is overrun by debate tournaments every weekend, and practice every day, my summer is taken over by marching band and debate camps. 

So, here’s my idea: pride beanies. I knit and crochet, and figured that I could put that to use. For example, if you messaged me saying that you wanted an asexual pride beanie, I could crochet a beanie that is black, gray, white and purple. Or a gay pride beanie would be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. I can do any combination of colors, but I thought that it would be appropriate to spread LGBT+ pride. Included in the package (probably an envelope, so shipping is free) will be a beanie of your choice that was hand knitted or crocheted by yours truly, and a hand written thank you note. I know it’s not much but I promise it means a lot to me.  

There’s no set price (as long as it’s not free, afterall, I’m trying to raise funding.) Just send me an ask (I won’t publish it), a fanmail, or a kik message at hellaboveheavenbelow.

Help out a little trans boy, buy a beanie (or you could just donate???). 

I know that money is tight, but reblogs are free.

Thanks for reading this (I didn’t think it would be this long, it’s like a novel, geez)

Anti-whitewashing post tag appreciation!

So a few months ago, I made an anti-whitewashing post (which i just reblogged if you haven’t seen it!) It’s got almost 3K notes, which is AMAZING. In honor of that, I went through and wrote down a bunch of the tags people added, so that you guys could see just how people feel about whitewashing.. ENJOY (this includes non-pop blogs as well!!) Also, if you don’t like swearing, I would steer clear because not every post is exactly clean.

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First Mistakes

This is Part 4 of the Your Mistake story I wrote a long time ago! I know I have requests, but I hadn’t written in a long time and I needed to get back into the mindset. I had a lot of this stirring in my head so I hope you guys are okay with me getting it out! I really enjoy writing it, but I know it’s really different from what I usually write so I’m sorry if you aren’t interested! I REALLY hope you like it!

Your Mistake

More Mistakes (Part 2)

Our Mistakes

Word Count: 2247


Summary: Meeting the real Sam and Dean Winchester was dangerous enough, but what about Demon Dean?

Sam caught Demon Dean.

You listened as the screams erupted from the far away dungeon. Sam had found Dean as a demon and was working on curing him. The entirety of your being was filled with horror. When you tried to tell them that Dean would escape and try to kill Sam, you froze up. That meant you had to hide as soon as things turned south, unable to give them any more information.

Suddenly the lights flickered off. Your breath stopped and you felt tears begin to form.

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excuse me.....

A selection of lesser known and seen photographs and art from the world of tumblr.

It has been a while since I sent out a message about this tumblr that I am humbled to be part of, along with the very talented Nur Nielfa.

‘Excuse me…..’ aims to share images that have not had the wider audience that we feel they deserve (very subjective we know). This usually means that the images have under 100 likes or shares and generally have not yet been reblogged elsewhere.

There are so many fantastic photographers and artists on tumblr who have great work that is seen by but a handful of people (perhaps I am referring to you and your work?). We hope to help raise their profile and bring them to the attention of others. A few of the images we have shared, have been reblogged by the other bigger tumblrs, which has been great to see.

We are sometimes a little left of center and are always diverse in our selections. From landscapes to streetscapes, from street photography to portraiture, experimental work, iphoneography, lomo and more. A blog that I think  is a fine companion to the many other wonderful sharing tumblrs out there.

We welcome submissions and hope that you may drop in from time to time to see what we have shared.

kind regards

Matthew and Nur