by rachna


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @barrisshh literally the most angelic person to ever exist shes like worli seaface during sunset but also like chembur sabzi mandi on a saturday but also like tastings every shaam bc thats our spot and i love walking around church w her and i love messaging her everyday and reading her messages every night and listening to her TEN MIN LONG VOICENOTES and sending TWENTY MIN LONG VOICENOTES back shes literally april from parks n rec and im andy and its perfect and shes so hardworking and funny and kind and inshallah she gets everything she deserves in life bc she = an actual breathing live 🐉 fiery and protective and i love Her :) also did u know shes the human form of all the flower emojis ? :) and i cant wait to see her SOOOOOON 🎉🎉🎉🎉


Happy Diwali! *:・゚✧ The yearly festival of lights symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and new beginnings. I went to a Diwali festival today to aid in writing Rachna’s character since she is Indian, and took some extra notes on some things to incorporate into Raising Home!

Also pictured here is my beautiful friend Isha (in the glasses), and her sister Rachna (who inspired the name)! I met with her and her parents this summer to interview them about what it’s like to be an Indian family living in the US, and learn some first hand info about customs, food, clothing, holidays, etc. With their help we pinpointed that Rachna’s profession as a nurse would weave back to the state of Kerala, where medical professions are prominent, and thus how that effects her meals, language, traditions, and more.

Keep an eye out for a scene where John and Ferdinand join Rachna and Samil for Diwali one night :)