by possibly i mean definitely

I adore angsty Keith as much as anyone ...

… but sometimes I need to remind myself that he isn’t brooding one hundred percent of the time?

He’s also capable of cracking jokes:

And being sweetly confused:

And look, he knows how to respond to a show of battle bud camaraderie:

And he’s not always cool in the face of danger:

And while I’m all about his mysterious-tortured-soul-loner vibe, boy knows how to laugh and get along with people on occasion:

Even though he and Lance get under each other’s skin often, they’ve been able to interact for a few minutes here and there without descending into arguing:

So I really need to learn to keep these things in mind when I write our beloved emo (possibly part Texan, most definitely part Galra) Red Paladin.

I mean, I say all of this, but you better believe the angst is still gonna be there. It’s a habit that I may never completely break ;D

Association Ch-2

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Rated: Smut

Pairing: YutaxReader

Summary: She really hated the guy, his stupid smirk, and flirty attitude was an annoyance at work. Outside of work though, matters were different.

(Y/N): So many of you wanted this Jesus Christ. I don’t really question why but I mean it definitely got me thinking of possibilities with this one. So I guess I’m back to quench your thirsts. I hope you enjoy!

“This is going to be a lot of fun.” Yuta announced brightly, sitting back on the chair. She turned to him confused.

“An old client of our’s has been arrested in a foreign land. Which is the fun part here?”

“We’ll need what, two days to work out his mess? The rest of the week is ours.” He leaned in and winked.

“Do you think ensuring someone doesn’t end up in a foreign prison is easy? He’s been accused of insulting a prostitute, I didn’t know he could get any worse than he already was.” She huffed out in annoyance. The old man was a sleazy pervert and she wasn’t enjoying the idea of bailing him out from anywhere.

“We’ll just pay them.” He said while cutting into his food.

“That’s offensive to everyone involved.” She laughed incredulously. He just shrugged at put a shrimp in his mouth.

“I don’t care, I want my vacation. He’s rich and guilty, at least the poor girl will make some money off this,” He raised his glass waiting for her to do the same, when she didn’t he only shrugged again and took a sip. “And so will we. We can bill him for the whole week.” He said causing her to choke on her drink.

“That’s a lot.” She said a little surprised.

“Consider it the price for your conscience.” He finished his drink as their flight was called.

After the flight finally took off, she got busy with reading the relevant laws of the country they were currently off to to find a solution. When Yuta realised this he sighed.

“Don’t bother, laws for prostitutes are very strict in this country, paying her to drop the case is the only way. Tourism is one of their largest income, if this story goes public a lot of people might be scared off for a while, putting a large dent in their economy.” Even with her disapproval of his methods, she was mildly impressed at his research.

If it goes public?” She raised her brow and he grinned. She sighed at sat back.

“Fine whatever, as long as we are done with this as soon as possible.” She sipped on the wine they gave as a welcome drink.

“I don’t get the appeal of wine.” Yuta announced as she turned to him with an offended expression before it subsided into one of bemusement.

“It’s not for everyone.” She said simply, taking another sip.

“What I mean is, it costs hundreds of dollars and for some imaginary flavours. What even is a tanin?” He laughed shamelessly at his own sad attempt of a joke.

“I’ve seen you spend half your wallet on a glass of scotch.” She said with a sigh.

“That’s not the same thing,” He said with a patronising tone. “Scotch has something to show for it’s price, It’s much smoother.

“Wine prices depend on where it’s from, a good province gives wine with very complex flavours.” She explained.

“All I taste is booze.” He shrugged.

“That’s because you’re about as cultured as a herring.” She deadpanned making him laugh at the very random comparison.

After a meal, and a joint decision to make each other like the other’s choice of alcohol, they were both sufficiently drunk and tired, neither more accepting of the other’s preferences than when they started.

She faced away from him, curling up to sleep through the rest of the flight. Yuta turned to her and pouted to himself, he wasn’t tired.

“Hey.” He whispered in her ear and she only hummed in response, “Are you sleeping?” He asked stupidly.

“What does it look like Nakamoto?” Her voice was a sleepy groan. He chuckled so close to her ears that she shivered.

“But I’m bored.” He whined and she just sighed and ignored him. After sitting back for a few more minutes he got restless again and turned back, whining her name in her ears, only partially enjoying how she shivered again.

“I know you’re awake come on.” He whined.

“What do you want?” She spat out annoyed of being deprived of sleep, he smirked at her, and it left her both confused and curious. He slipped his hand into his blanket and then into hers making her eyes shoot open.

“Yuta!” She whispered urgently, “What are you doing?”

“What? You’re so cold so I’m just keeping you warm.” His hand landed on her thigh. When she tried to push it away he only gripped on tighter.

“You are such a nuisance.” She chastised but his smirk only grew as he pushed his hand higher, her protests getting weaker.

His hand reached the band of her tights, as he got slower with his persecution. She shifted in an almost unconscious attempt to give him access but it only made him grow more smug. He slowly slipped his hand into her tights, relishing the idea of her growing impatient but being unable to show it amongst all the other sleeping people. He traced circles inside her thigh, keeping up his maddening rhythm for so long that she let out a whine before she could stop herself, slapping her hand over her mouth and thanking the seat distance business class provided. He sniggered to himself, knowing she would be too proud to say anything but seeing how far he could take it. He watched as she raised her blanket to cover her face, he stopped and drew his hand out. She pulled her blanket down and stared at him while she took shallow breaths, confused.

“It’s no fun if I can’t see your face.” He shrugged, her features turned rigid.

“I hate you.” She whispered with pure betrayal in her voice and turned away. He smiled, finally tired enough to sleep.

They were woken up for breakfast by a flight attendant and the next few hours were spend watching Yuta flirt with the flight attendant incessantly. She decided to just do some work to have something better to do than watch his terrible misadventures. She reached into her bag and took out a file. Yuta turned to her after finishing what was his third conversation with the same attendant and sighed.

“Can you not stop working for a few hours? You know addiction to your work is also a real problem.” He put a hand on hers with mock sympathy. She pushed it away a little too harshly.

“Then what do you suggest I do with all this free time?” She raised her brow at him.

“I don’t know. Don’t you have any hobbies like most people?” She stared at him like he was speaking in ancient greek.

“In a flight? I’m sorry but my hobbies don’t include chatting up flight attendants.” She knew how it sounded the moment she said it and groaned when the expected smirk tugged at his lips.

“Are you jealous?” His eyes danced and she threw her pillow at him.

“Yes,” He looked shocked at her unexpected words. “Of all the people who don’t have to endure your terrible method of flirting.” His face fell before he smirked soon after.

“So it definitely isn’t my flirting that gets you so hot.” He said next to her ear, “I’d say it’s my fingers, but we couldn’t get to that part could we?” She really wanted to kick herself for how much his voice affected her right then, but she was damn well not going to show it. She turned to him, ignoring the proximity of his face to hers. This isn’t the first time he’s that close, don’t act like a teenager.

“When I ride you till I can’t feel my legs and,” She looked from his lips and straight into his eyes, as he sucked in a breathe, smiling, “when you don’t open that irritating mouth of yours.” She smirked this time, “That really gets me going.” She scoffed and sat back.

“Now, I’m not disrupting your rudimentary play time so leave me be.” She went back to her file while Yuta sat back, suddenly in need of a breath, or maybe a cold shower.

As Yuta had predicted, it took two days to sort everything. Once everything was settled, their client made a gracious offer to take them to dinner at an extremely exclusive restaurant.

“Yuta this is going to be too much. I mean I didn’t even bring something to wear to such an opulent place.” She said looking up from her laptop as he emerged from the shower.

“We could go shopping, we have the whole day.” He looked up at her while drying his hair with a towel, repressing a smirk when he noticed her stare at his exposed chest.

“Or we could stay in and you can just wear jeans to a michelin star restaurant.” He bend down and put his arms beside her, caging her in. She looked up at and gulped which didn’t help his dwindling resolve.

“I-uh.” She used all her will to look away from his face and how good it looked with wet hair, “I’ll go shower, I’ll met you outside my room in an hour.” She coughed and slinked off the bed somehow.

“Whatever pleases you.” She heard him say as she walked to the door.

This is the opposite of that.

To say she looked good in the green dress she got would be an understatement, saying she looked absolutely ravishing wouldn’t quite cut it either.

To put it simply, Yuta really loved the dress and he also loved the idea of slipping her out of it even more, which was a sudden but not necessarily unwelcome thought.

He stood outside her door, staring at her, already wishing for the dinner to be over

“Here.” She said handing him something, he looked down at her hand confused staring at the small silk cloth in her hand the same colour as her dress.

“It’s a pocket square, it was displayed beside the dress and I really liked it.” She mumbled, Yuta looked up unable to process this. Instead he took the small gift from her hand. The article, unlike her monochromatic dress, was intricately designed with white flowers and hummingbirds. He traced the patterns with his thumb.

“It’s beautiful.” He pulled out the small material already present in his breast pocket and throw it inside her room.

“Why are you throwing that around? It’s expensive.” She stared at his wide eyed. He just smiled, deciding not to say what was on this mind.

It wasn’t a sliver as meaningful as this one.


Imagine coming out as asexual to Tony Stark.

You had been meaning to bridge the subject of your sexuality with Tony for awhile. To be fair, you were still figuring it out and you figured that he’d be more up to date on the whole idea than most. Nothing against Steve, but you didn’t get the feeling that he knew much about asexuality. He had been brought up in a time before other sexualities were really explored by society. You didn’t doubt that he was open-minded. He just had a lot to learn.

“Hey, dude, what’s going on?”

You looked up at the sound of Tony’s voice, drawn back out of your thoughts. “Just thinking, I guess,” you admitted, leaning back against your wall. “Tony, do you think it’s possible that I could be ace?”

Tony considered it. “You mean asexual?” He shrugged. “It’s entirely possible. I mean, there’s a lot of space within that definition. Gray, demi, so on and so forth.”

You picked at your cuticles, “You don’t think it’s too early for me to be labeling myself?”

Tony shook his head, “Nah. If the definition fits you now, then you’ve got a right to it and it’s yours if you want it. If you feel differently in a month, so what? Sometimes sexuality is fluid like that.”

Gif Credit: Tony


okay so these are examples of cosplays I’ve done in the past year. sardonyx, stevonnie, and cecil palmer (with my best friend as carlos). keeping in mind that these are the only wigs I can guarantee having by the 26th, what characters could I conceivably pull off for anime north? I want to be out there looking goooood y'all

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Hi Sasha :) Since you are my original stress reducing lifesaver blog, can I ask you how you see the chiam debakel play out for Liam? It all looks pretty bleak at the moment. Have a fabulous day x

Aww, thank you lovey. That’s high praise. Honestly, if there is a resolution for either babygate, it’ll probably be crafted by the stunt coordinators in a way that will bring Liam and Louis an avalanche of bad press. There’s no easy way out. It’s very possible that there will be no resolution. At least not in the way that fans want.

For example, Tom Cruise and company made a huge deal out Suri Cruise’s birth. They didn’t allow her to be seen until she was 6 months old and that was was via a very A list Vanity Fair cover shoot which hit newsstands a month before Tom married Katie Holmes. Very Hollywood PR.

But fast forward to the present and…

Welp. Gossips blame it on Scientology. But maybe he’s also just done with what was clearly and obviously a PR move to begin with.

So that’s where I’m at. The stunt could just be allowed to fade with time. Eventually Liam’s obligation to participate will be done and there just won’t be any more interaction. That’s hugely difficult to wrap my mind around. But then I have to acknowledge it’s possible because Suri Cruise is living it right now.

I mean, Cheryl could definitely play it to her advantage. If Liam and Zayn are ever publicly revealed to be together, Zayn could end up being blamed in the press for the “estrangement”. Same goes for Louis/Harry/Babygate 1.0. We’ll see. But as of now, I’m not expecting any bombshell revelations that will free him from this mess.


Yoshiko: Our newest recruit, the little-animal type little demon, Kurosawa Ruby! Fufu. Both Heaven and Hell will be shaken up after the rumours about this cute little demon spreads.

Yoshiko: Ufufu. The costume’s made to fit Ruby, she’s definitely fitting to be Yohane’s little demon with that appearance.

Yoshiko: it can’t be helped, I can’t let Ruby in the rain. Let’s switch the shooting
location to the classroom.

Yoshiko: Yohane’s a true fallen angel, after all, this kind of unfortunate
situation is within expectations. I thought that with Ruby around
my luck would change somewhat, but apparently not.

Yoshiko: Oh, the rain has stopped…I can see the clear sky now. That’s great… With this, I can continue the shooting with Ruby.

Yoshiko: Could it be that Ruby’s a really lucky little demon after all? Ruby’s really unfair… No, that’s not it. I’m sure she’d make a good little demon.

Ruby: Today, I’m going to be Yohane’s little demon. Ruby’s happy to be able
become Yohane’s little demon.

Ruby: I’m sorry to keep you wait-…that’s not it…. Sorry to keep
you waiting, Ruby’s l-lovely s-servant…

Ruby: Yoshiko-chan’s a cool fallen angel you know. I think it’s lovely that she
has a world of her own! It’d be great if Ruby could become one too.

Ruby: Maybe being Yohane’s little demon brings happiness. Ruby would like to see the rainbow with Yoshiko-chan at the beach.

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BEAUTIFUL AND KIND YOU ARE!!! THE BEST OF THE WORLD!!! VERY FUNNY AND AWESOME!!! -the totally not Falls anon strikes again

!!!! *places hand on chest and gasps* me?? How could this be possible?? I never suspected!!! Thank you so much anon that is totally not falls!!! You made me smile :) and I’m definitely not smiling at how beautiful and kind and amazing and funny and awesome you are either. Thank you!!!

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Oh shit, you do book recommendations? I don't suppose you'd know anything reasonably accessible and not hopelessly out of date that focuses on Japan's prehistory? I've been chomping at the bit to learn more about that, and haven't had much luck.

Yes and no – I haven’t read every book out there - so I’m not always giving out personal recommendations. But, I can definitely help people find possible resources and means with which to find books that might interest them. 

So I have good news and bad news. 

The bad news is that from what I know, most prehistorical books on Japan are either academic monographs (and therefore expensive if you were thinking of buying it yourself), or in Japanese. While I don’t know if you’re fluent enough to navigate Japanese, much less Academic Japanese, I know I’m not. Part of this  is that it is incredibly difficult for foreigners to do archaeological research and fieldwork in Japan - so the majority of prehistoric Japanese research is by default going to be in Japanese.**

The good news is that there are two free resources while I think will interest you! 

The first is ORJACH - The Online Resource for Japanese Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. It’s designed for students and educators and has short introductory modules, put out by the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture. 

The second is the completely free Japanese Journal of Archaeology, put out as the English Language journal of the Japanese Archaeological Association. It has the years 2013-2017 available free online. They also have a page on interesting archaeological sites.

**The JAA notes that: 

For a variety of reasons, there are very few opportunities for foreigners to participate in fieldwork in Japan. First of all, competence in the Japanese language is essential for anyone who would want to join a Japanese excavation team, because the English skills of most Japanese are limited to reading. Second, it is extremely difficult for foreigners to obtain visas that permit them to receive pay for fieldwork, so the only possibilities would be as volunteers. Third, prior field experience would be essential.

Partly because there are so few field opportunities available, the Association does not maintain information on which organizations plan fieldwork that might be open to foreigners. To the best of our knowledge there is no clearing house for such information in Japan.

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After what Misha said, what if Cas comes back but it's Cas from the alternate reality and they end up teaming up with him instead? Dean would be upset because it isn't really Cas...but why else would Misha say that we need to consider the different realities?


Originally posted by disneyboost

Jared had just revealed that Misha was still in the show, it’s a generally known fact anyway, they need us to think of all the possibilities…

I mean yeah AU Cas is definitely a possibility, a big possibility in my opinion, but they won’t REPLACE our Cas with Au Cas in the long run.

 Don’t worry :D

madegeeky replied to your post: “TIME FOR A CHANGE I THINK”:

I’m sad it’s come to this but I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve noticed the past couple days you did the manga that your enjoyment was going down. Do what you need to do to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. I’ll definitely miss the jokes, I mean, googly eyes Metallia? Minako getting turned on my transforming? How sad our lives were before that.



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who do you think made the first move? it obviously couldn't have been a conscious decision between both of them at the same moment. who do you think grew the balls amd kissed who forst?

I don’t think the kiss was the first move. Maybe it sounds illogical, but kissing is so much more intimate than just jerking off next to each other. So I think it started with them just jerking off next to each other (which is not that uncommon) and maybe after a while one (I think Grayson, for some reason) offered to do it for the other, if he reciprocated. I mean there are a ton of scenarios possible, but I definitely think kissing was nowhere near the first thing they did together.

It could have been Ethan too, I don’t have solide reason to think it wouldn’t be him honestly. I can actually see him being the first to start jerking off next to Grayson, or him proposing that they do it together (individually). 

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do you think it's possible that roxy could be pan

yeah, absolutely. i mean she’s definitely attracted to girls and probably attracted to boys, and although we haven’t seen her interacting with any confirmed NB characters, it’s not unreasonable to think that she might be pan

Updated Idea List 🌴🌴🌴

I am going away the first week of June and I want to get a lot of stuff done by then (and queued for that week, I won’t have internet…)

-Negan/Rick - possibly inspired by the vibe of the chipmunkson16speed version of ‘Call Me’ by Blondie. (and by possibly I mean definitely)
-Negan as Beetlejuice - haven’t forgotten about this idea! lol but again I know very little about Beetlejuice so I’ll try to do the idea justice!
-Tulip & Jesse - Preacher
-Obviously more Negan lmao
-Saul & Kim - Better Call Saul
-A beach Richonne?! 

Basically I’m gonna try and get a ton done. I am still kind of going through a bit of an art block but I’m gonna do my best.

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Bernie and Kate?

Also possibly?? I mean I definitely think they would get on, after all they do have a lot in common:

They both have the military backgrounds, two distant kids, they’re both strong af (mentally and physically), could trash talk u to the end of time, both masters of card games!!!

So I reckon they would get together every now and again and play cards (maybe one very inebriated night Kate suggests strip poker or something knowing that she will lose because of Bernie’s track record of being unbeatable on tour), definitely try and drink each other under the table, and inevitably end up making out by the end of it.

So probably not romantically, but I can totally see them as like super buds/fwb who just wanna get drunk together and talk about shit!

[give me two characters and i’ll tell you if i’d ship them]

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What do you think about the fact that Al and Scor are slytherins? I mean, do they actually have slytherin's traits?


While I do think it’s too-little-too-late to use this play as a Slytherin redemption device, and that it’s massively disappointing that the wizarding world hasn’t gotten over it’s anti-Slytherin bias and that Albus’ and Scorpius’ sorting is framed as a lazy us-against-the-rest-of-the-world isolation both in the context of their house as well as the general Hogwarts population, yes, I do think both of them exhibit significant Slytherin characteristics.

Albus! Albus’ Slytherin traits set the whole story in motion: he is so desperate to prove himself that when he sees an opportunity he pretty much falls to the first trap Delphi sets for him. As far as we know, Albus’ desire to show that he is his own person and his unwillingness to live in his father’s shadow started long before the events of TCC - remember the “oddly public parade of familial dissent” at QWC'14? (as a sidenote, this is when the entire family was wearing Bulgaria red except Albus who was in Brazilian green, supposedly to support the Brazilian Chaser Gonçalo Flores)

When asking the big question from Harry at 9 ¾, I think at some level Albus already knew he'd belong in Slytherin, and perhaps a small part of him actually wanted to get sorted there. While it’s obvious that he did have a choice (as in the AU he was able to choose Gryffindor just to spite Panju - this seems like a very Slytherin thing to do tbh), I think that like Harry, Albus didn’t truly make the choice during the sorting but at Hogwarts Express when he chose to stay with Scorpius.

The whole Cedric shenanigan seems to emphasise Albus’ Slythern traits: he’s not really saving Cedric only because it’s the right thing to do - given their willingness to use a Time-Turner, they could have worked out plan to save a greater number of people. Albus ends up screwing up everything because the story Delphi tailored to him resonated with Albus and provided an opportunity for him to prove himself, to accomplish something on his own terms.

Scorpius? Well, every Black kid, apart from Sirius (and supposedly Teddy Lupin) has been a Slytherin, and I don’t see why Scorpius wouldn’t. Scorpius is loyal. Not Hufflepuff loyal to those who need it, but the possessive kind of unconditionally loyal that will do anything for those who are his. He remains loyal when there’s very little to gain from his loyalty. He is probably the most risk-averse character of the entire play, and he’s instantly willing to confront Snape and mess with time for a chance to, well, give up his kingdom for Albus. This is probably the only time we see Scorpius show zero regard whatsoever for any long term consequences of his actions, just to get the world with Albus back.

Both of them prove to be cunning, adaptable, resourceful, comfortable with lying, sure. Both of them exhibit characteristics of other houses, too: thrist for knowledge for the sake of knowledge, recklessness, disregard for rules when it’s convenient (though I’d argue that this, too, is a Slytherin trait). Both of them seem to value academic recognition: Albus finds his shortcomings disappointing, and AU!Scorpius had been striving to be a Head Boy. Both of them seem to think they’re failing to live up to their personal or their own family’s expectations.

What makes them Slytherins, in my books, is their ambition.

In terms of ambition, well, the dissonance in being self-proclaimed losers in a house that represents cutthroat striving for greatness is certainly interesting, but I wouldn’t say these two aren’t ambitious. To quote Scorpius: “My point is - there’s a reason - we’re friends, Albus - a reason we found each other, you know?”, well, this is it. While these boys might not want power over others, both of them crave power over their own lives: isn’t the reason these two found each other, the two kids who entered the Hogwarts Express craving for a chance to find their own form of agency and control over their own lives, not as a son of Voldemort or the Boy Who Lived, but as themselves? Both of them were deprived of power over their own lives by prejudices attached to their respective family names, and in each other they found the one person willing to look past all that and see the real person underneath.

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56? Thanks, love your blog btw! ❤

first of all, thank you very much. that means the world to me like you don’t even know thank you so much. 

56. “I’m late.”

Open communication was something that Harry and Y/N prided themselves on in their relationship. She never had a reason not to tell him any and everything, but now she was a little hesitant. Her period had never been extremely regular, but she usually knew the realm of when it was coming. It was nearing the end of the month, though, and mother nature had yet to thrust her ugly head upon her. 

She didn’t realize that until she saw the unopened package of pads when she was searching for the shampoo she kept under the sink in her bathroom. She tried very hard to remember the last time she’d gotten her period but was at a lost. Now, she knew that being late didn’t necessarily equivocate to being pregnant, but she also knew that she ran out of birth control a few weeks ago and had been too lazy to restock and Harry had been handsy. It probably wasn’t anything she had to worry about, but there was a chance it was.

Her mind continued on a downward spiral as she took her shower. She was nowhere near being remotely close to being ready to have a child. She was barely successfully adulting now. How was she supposed to adult full time and care for the physical, emotional, and mental well being of a whole other person? She was so caught up in the possibility of her body developing a life within her that she lost track of time.

Harry had been waiting for her in the restaurant for fifteen minutes when she finally arrived. Her mind was scattered as she followed the hostess to the table he was waiting for her at. This wasn’t necessarily something that she wanted to top off their date night with, but she wouldn’t be able to properly think about anything else, much less enjoy herself, until she had at least let him know. He stood up up to greet her, kissing her cheek. “I’m late,” she blurted out, once sat down. 

“I know. I was starting to think you were going to stand me up. Was pretty embarrassed for a few minutes,” he chuckled, picking up his menu.

She shook her head. “No, no. Harry. I’m late.” She hadn’t taken a pregnancy test, yet, but she felt it was something he ought to be aware that she was going to do.

“Late… for… what?” he asked cautiously.

Her eyes shifted around the restaurant before she whispered, “My period. I,” she cleared her throat, “I haven’t gotten my period this month, yet.”

“How late?”

“A few weeks.”

He visibly gulped, setting down his menu. “So… you think you might be…”

She shrugged her shoulder. “I mean… definitively. There’s a possibility.”

“Have you taken a test?”

“No. I didn’t realize until I was getting ready earlier.”

He sighed. “Well,” he struggled for the right words to say then placed his hand on top of hers. “I’m here for you. You know that, right? No matter what happens. I’m here for you every step of the way.”

She closed her eyes for a moment just to bask in his words. She doesn’t know how she was blessed with his presence in her life, but she was extremely grateful for it. Never was she one for PDA, but she couldn’t help leaning across the table to press her lips to his. “Promise?”

His dimple caved into his cheek. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

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