by pink floyd

The song I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)  is about someone sticking to what they know and not changing. It’s in the verse/chorus/verse structure of most popular music
The whole purpose of progressive rock was to break the status quo of music so that song could be interpreted as a commentary/satire of pop in general
how did I not realize this until now


The clapbacks from Biggie’s mother, Suge Jr. Knight, and Sharon Stone though 😭😭😭And that apology was probably written by someone from their team cause it says the exact same thing and was posted at the same time. But how did Kendall and Kylie think this was gonna go? Then had the nerve to sell it for $125 😭😭


Some Pink Floyd doodles inspired by a few of their songs :)

💎 Syd Barrett: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
⌛️ David Gilmour: Time
🕊 Rick Wright: Learning to Fly
💫 Roger Waters: Astronomy Domine
💵 Nick Mason: Money