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Can you tell us a little bit about nameless? I've heard it was made by cheritz but like nothing else! You dont have to of course~ I hope you have a calming day

Sure thing and thank you~

So the premise of the story is the MC (Her name is Eri but you can change that if you want) is in high school and lives alone after her grandfather passed away because her parents are always traveling for work. 

For the most part she’s a pretty normal student and has a few friends, but she’s also really self conscious because she collects ball-joint dolls (she has five) and one day these dolls come to live, so now she’s living alone with five guys who are pretty new to being human. 

I’ll try and describe them in reference to Mystic Messenger characters. 

Yeonho (he’s most like Yoosung)

Lance (he’s pretty unique to the series, i’d say he’s like Jumin and Jaehee if you mixed their personalities)

Red (He’s really like Seven) 

Yuri (like Zen and Jumin if their personalities were mixed) 

Tei (he’s like Jaehee I guess, he’s also pretty unique to the game) 

Some things happen, they talk a bit, and Eri is supposed to go to school, but her principal (who lives in the same building or something, that’s kind of vague) notices the boys so Eri comes up with an elaborate story for why they’re all there and while Eri’s at school, one of the dolls decides it’s best to enroll the others in her school and become a teacher there to be their legal guardian

Hope that helped~

That’s pretty much all I can say without spoilers, if you have any more specific questions, I’d be happy to answer them. 

Congratulations to @therealjacksepticeye for 15million! That’s a number we can only ever dream of!
I’m sure you’ll get a load more in the future!
(And don’t ever stop being a precious green bean, okay?)

And I’m currently looking at the other fans milestone drawings, then looking at my own and holy mother of st baytins, is my stuff cringe. But anyway jack, you’re just a really great person. My friends, and my family may not understand my love for your videos, but me, my fellow fans and my frog(s) do. Your a light in the dark, i can’t honestly remember how long I’ve been watching your videos, but i doubt that accounts for how good a fan you are, sure, there’s loyalty and stuff, but as long as the person who your viewing makes you happy, well. That’s all that matters, really. And i may not be like the fans who you’ve helped through depression, or who have met you and cried their hearts out over that fact, I’m just a regular young female who has a frog problem. But when I truly felt isolated, and alone, and i cried myself to sleep, your loud intro and your contagious laugh made me smile. I’m still dealing with aphobia (i advise you reaserach it, and it’s not the fear of nothing) and my asexuality, but your company makes everything that much better. Like a friend who will always listen, even when they’re doing the talking. Thank You, Sean, for everything you’ve done for me. For everything you’ve done for us.

I saw this crack theory that Uta was actually a human and I can’t stop thinking about it. Because that really would be the biggest troll of all. Except no one would ever believe him..