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Eric and Dylan both followed the throbbing bass of techno, electronica and industrial, whether the beats were melodic or hard-driving. Eric called his favorites - Rammstein, KMFDM, 242, Orbital, and Loreena McKennitt - “fairly unique” although in truth they were still plenty popular. (…)
  And there were other reasons behind Eric’s favorite music. He said he enjoyed Rammstein because they were German and he could understand their words. But in his own mind, any German band, no matter the band’s actual beliefs, probably made him feel closer to the Nazis.
  KMFDM takes the initials from the German phrase Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid, or No Pity for the Majority. The band does not give permission to reprint its lyrics, but Eric wrote that he liked them “because of the points they are trying to get across.” He listened to the song “Son of a Gun,” before he played soccer, and noticed that it, “shows the way I feel about myself.” The song’s fast, tough and overdone beats talk of explosions, apocalypse, and through it all, a superhero. 
  Eric, in true fashion, also pontificated about the bands he hated: 311, Aquabats, Blink 182 Less Than Jake, Pietasters, Reel Big Fish, and “Puff freaking daddy!!! He sucks! He can absolutely NOT rap!!! No one can, because rap is GAY,” he wrote in one of his Web diaries. 
  And he didn’t like rap videos: “They are all the same!! 5 stupid cheerleaders in color coordinated nylon outfits dancing around infront of a curved orblike camera with a dumbass guy walking around swingin his arms sayin ‘uh huh yeyeah werd up you know what im sayin uh huh mmmmhm yeya babey." 
Dylan wasn’t so much into lyrics. When it came to techno, says Devon, "Like, the more bass he could get in that music, like subwoofers and stuff, the better. He really liked that. A lot of it is mostly instrumental, which he liked a lot. He didn’t have to deal with all the lyrics and stuff. He wanted to make up his own mind what the music was about. He did not like to be told what to be feeling. He was an individual. He always strove to be an individual. He didn’t always succeed. You can just lose yourself in techno music. I remember nights staying up with him and he just drifted off. Music shuts off the outside world." 
  Sue Klebold says she once asked Dylan about a poster of shock rocker Marilyn Manson in his room and he replied that he didn’t really listen to the lyrics, but the music. Another one of his favorite bands was the Chemical Brothers. And at one point, he talked with Devon about going to one of their upcoming concerts. But Devon notes, "He obviously never ended up going to it because it came in summer of 1999." 

- Columbine: A True Crime Story by Jeff Kass.
(Drawings; Eric’s drawing of Orbital and Rammstein & Dylan’s quoting of Beautiful by The Smashing Pumpkins in his day planner)

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts on streetlight manifesto? and who are some of your fav ska bands?

I love Streetlight!  Their songs sound like national anthems for a tiny socialist country populated entirely by ska fans and Hemingway books.  But the ska label might even be too narrow for them. In my opinion their style puts their music somewhere in the between of ska and face-paced folk music.

Other favorite ska bands: Less Than Jake, The Pietasters, The Specials, Operation Ivy, Slapstick, The Aquabats, Bomb the Music Industry! (if you can call them ska), Suicide Machines, Link 80.  Ah, now I’m just listing bands.  There’s too many!