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My name is Percy Jackson. I’m twelve years old. Until a few months ago, i was a boarding student at Yancy academy, a private school for troubled kids in upstate  New York. Am i a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that.


alternate book covers (1/??) : the lost hero 

EVEN BEFORE HE GOT ELECTROCUTED, Jason was having a rotten day.

dedicated to @charmspeak and @ohgygia

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Jily/Marauders FanFic Masterpost

I wanted to make my own contribution to the fanfic master posts on Tumblr because I know plenty of good tics that haven’t been on any that I’ve seen!
My personal favourites are in italics and bold.



Lead on to Fortune by cgner (Royalty AU)

Runaway Love by WhtChoc (Modern AU)

Definitely Not Perfect by chaseroftheyear

New Year by scared of clouds 

The House with the Blue Window by

Blood Binding by SphinxScribe (Jily come back to life AU)

Porcelain by SpazzAvalanche (TW: Anorexia/Bulimia)

Turning Tables / My Kind Of Love by scared of clouds

Asleep in the Common Room by the potter family

Four Matches (or The Red and Gold Prophecy) by quettlequorn

Summer Surprise by Claudia Crazyfangirl

The Pregnancy Scare by livy bear

To The Ends Of The Earth by Tapi20

If We Only Die Once by Apalapucian

The Rise and Fall of the Stag and the Doe by SiriusUntiltheVeryEnd

In Progress

The Life and Times by Jewels5

Red Amongst the Blue by twilight stargazer (Pirate AU)

The Trials and Tribulations of Hogwarts ‘78 by cassdaft

Fighting Fate by scared of clouds (Pirate AU)

The Potters and the Choices Made by MSupernatural

Odds and Ends by KisstheRain14

Letting Him In by Mwac

Evolution by TidalDragon87

Their Seventh Year by Enlightened Piglet

Petal in the Rain by pratty-prongs-princesse (Royalty AU)

All the Difference by AutumnBelle (Jily come back to life AU)

Alternative Rebirth by Nellark (Jily lives AU)

Series of Oneshots

Light by ohprongs

Alternate Moments by twilightstargazer (AUs)

Nah, She Didn’t! by fawkkes

Defining Moments by scared of clouds 

Fear is Only a Verb by percychased

Moments by twilightstargazer

Oneshots (I read so many oneshots so there are like 6 million here)

And the Wolves All Cry by monroeslittle

Lie In by Emmaphantastic

Protect you by wowcute

The Other Loss by livy bear

A Sister’s Wedding by moreofaguestage

Why Yes, Yes You May by WhoaItsAmber

The Darkest Hour by MaraudersInFedoras

By Morning We’re One by Suzie’s Q

Excalibur by Galindaba

Father of the Year by alwaysmarauders

Test Results by TealShootingStar

Her Realization by alijoz97

Fall For You by CokeBottleK

Push by hannah415

Four Times by twilightstargazer

di immortals by ohprongs

15 - Seeking Solace by kaahiescheck

Thrice Defied by iRawrPirate

The Peace In War by amamour

Three Quarts of Milk by snapslikethis

Today by bullet.sophia

Ten Points From Gryffindor by dance-in-storms (Snape/Lily/James)

Compromises by APhoenixRising

Twenty-four by YumiOCS

Now There’s You by KJ7311

Optimism by october31st1981

The Girl in the Upstairs Bedroom by Layla Wolffe (Nazi Germany AU)

Don’t care about anything else by GinnytheQueen

Luna Plena by Alstromeriae

Who Would You Marry? by PenguinBuddy

What Happened on the Tower by flawsmadebeautiful

Bonus: My Favourite Fanfiction Authors

snapslikethis ( / tumblr )

twilightstargazer ( / tumblr )

ohprongs ( )

SiriusUntiltheVeryEnd ( / tumblr )

scared of clouds ( / tumblr )

Jules ( / tumblr )

livy bear ( / tumblr )

Happy reading :)

(my for anyone interested: rosetylerandthedoctor

anonymous asked:

do you know of any nice established relationship jiy fics? like I love pining and I love the drama but I want some nice relationship building stuff rn? no worries if u can't/don't have the time. thanks!!

Here you go, friend. I scoured my blog, fic recs, other poeple’s blogs, and came up with a good variety of established Jily!

after hours (ghostofbambi) oneshot, post-Hogwarts 

the age of inertia (sevenperseids) multi-chap, post-Hogwarts 

a lavish affair (bigquidditchhero) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / wedding

a little bit futile (bc daily) oneshot, Hogwarts

bloody hypocrite (bc daily) oneshot, Hogwarts

by morning we’re one (suzie’s q) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / engaged

can i tell you a secret? (october31st1981) oneshot, Hogwarts

the cat (bigquidditchhero) post-Hogwarts / baby Harry 

changing times (spaghettisticks) drabble series

contrast (october31st1981) oneshot, dating

coughing (fabiansgoldwatch) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / with Harry

cricket bats & fireflies (me) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / jily camping

dangerous crowds  (cokebottlek) multi-chap, Hogwarts

defining moments (scared-of-clouds) drabble series

domesticity (jamesstruttingpotter) post-Hogwarts / baby Harry 

farrago (bc daily) drabble series

fear is only a verb (percychased) drabble series

feeling maternal (fabiansgoldwatch) oneshot / post-hogwarts / pregnant

feels like love (me) oneshot / Hogwarts

fight and make up (scared-of-clouds) oneshot / post-Hogwarts

finger paint masterpiece (realslytherinchick) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / with Harry

first snow (primelines) Hogwarts 

for generations (suzie’s q) oneshot / post-Hogwarts / engaged 

friday i’m in love (bigquidditchhero) oneshot, Hogwarts

godric’s hollow (bc daily) oneshot, post-Hogwarts

hands (theodoornott) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / married

heroes for ghosts (rienna hawkes) multi-chap, post-Hogwarts

injured lily (bc daily) post-Hogwarts / dating / war

invictus (caithream) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / pregnant

james shrinks the cat (hiddenpolkadots) oneshot post-Hogwarts / baby Harry / cat

lace (theodoornott) oneshot, post-hogwarts / wedding

language, potter (astral symphony) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / pregnant

lie in (emmaphantastic) oneshot, Hogwarts

lily taking care of james (apalapucian) oneshot, dating 

lullaby and goodnight (suzie’s q) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / with Harry

moments (twilightstargazer) drabble series

mother’s day (october31st1981) post-Hogwarts / baby Harry

my kind of love (scared-of-clouds) multi-chap, post-Hogwarts

oneshot (heart ablaze) oneshot, post-Hogwarts

oneshot (october31st1981) dating / at a disco

parentheses (alightwithfuckinghappiness) oneshot, post-hogwarts / engaged

patchwork (sunshinedaisieswindmills) drabble series

potter and potter (ladythors) oneshot / post-Hogwarts / wedding

promising (mckinnonandprice) oneshot / post-Hogwarts / pregnant

sick harry (iamtherealjamespotter) oneshot / post-Hogwarts / baby harry

sick james (hiddenpolkadots) Hogwarts / sick James

slumber party (jamesstruttingpotter) oneshot, Hogwarts

snatches of conversation (ladyknightley) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / pregnant

sugar, we’re going down swinging (hiddenpolkadots) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / with Harry

sun and stars (october31st1981) oneshot, dating

things to do when the war is over (glisseo) oneshot, post-Hogwarts

three quarts of milk (me) oneshot, post-Hogwarts / pregnant

when in manchester (random-musings) oneshot, unspecified, meeting parents

Again all odds (and because the gods must be crazy) I have reached my first 1k followers. So I figured I’d do something special for you guys. This isn’t all the people I follow, and just cause you’re not here doesn’t mean I don’t love you too! (Send me a quick message if any of the links don’t work for some reason)


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Heeey! Umh my name is Lena and this is my first follow forever (I’m deeply sorry for this crappy edit but I was in a hurry when I made it) and I finally got my lazy ass off my bed and made this as a celebration of my 10,000 followers! *throws confetti at you*

When I made this blog I never thought I would go this far and I would like to THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH because I wouldn’t be where I am now if not for you. Thank you, I truly love you every single one of you <3

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Hey guys! This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, so I’m not quite sure how is it done. 

These are the blogs I love the most (and stalk) and the ones everyone should follow because they are awesome. I love you guys!


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And these are my two best friends who I also love a lot:

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Also thank you so much to all of a my amazing followers, you guys are the best. I love you all. 

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Happy Holidays!


This is my first follow forever  (New Year edition) bc is THAT time of the year were everyone starts making follows forever so why not?

First of all i want to thank you every one that follows me and also sorry bc some people here have been following me for so long and they have seen things i’m not proud of 

The people I’m going to mention now has a special place in  my dash and heart, you’re all cuties pies. Let’s start!

Special Mentions

Sofi ☼ Lena ☼ Sierra  ☼  Karen ☼ Cait 

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Hey! This is my Follow Forever 2013. I wanna thank my lovely followers for following me and everyone I listed here, you are all amazing and thank you for making my dash beautiful. Without you guys, your amazing blogs and all the stunning edits and classy posts, my tumblr experience wouldn’t be the same.

I tried to list everyone I follow, but if i forgot you then I’m so sorry! You know you’re amazing :)


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I wish you guys a merry christmas and a happy new year!


So, because i reached 4k followers this week, i decided to celebrate making a follow forever! Thank you for my followers, i love your beautiful faces <3 AND you guys should follow these people, they are awesome (:


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ALRIGHTY it’s that time guys!! my first follow forever! now this has been a long time coming, & since I just hit my first thousand, there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to make this.

there are so many lovely blogs I follow, so without delay…

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hi ladies and gents! it is i, sabrina (aka trisprioring), doing my first follow forever. i just felt like christmas would be a nice time to thank all of the lovely blogs i follow just for being lovely, and for providing me with wonderful things to waste away my life in my bedroom instead of actually doing things. everyone changes their urls so that makes it complicated for me because i’m so bad at remembering urls. but. oh well. this is a list of my favourite blogs and some of my mutuals that i really enjoy! (so basically everyone that i follow haha) look for your holiday url if you don’t see your normal one.

thanks for being perfect and lovely in general, and merry christmas!!

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tonysbanner’s first follow foreverhey guys, i’m here with my first follow forever and i wanted just thank everybody that i’ve met on here for making tumblr such a great experience. and a few days i attained new goal yay and now i’m making this thing so this is already lame i’m super sorry, but i love you guysaugiefarts, a-torvs, boldlygokirk, buckybarrnes, bournetodie, clintbaarton, clintbarttons, downeyist, dylanorbriren, downeyydeardarkness, downeylicious, danielradcliffed, emmagreenwell, ewstark, hutchersno, hawkerly, jakesjohnson, jessepnkman, kingmycroft, lucasbryants, ladymarvels, miserydesigns, markoruffalo, mickmilkovich, mathxsales, missdowneyy, marvelized, markkruffalomattssmiths, meowloki, morsntans, nosafezone, ohrobertdowneyjr, peetamelalrk, percychased, robertdowneyjrs, robertodowney, robbenerys, robertdowneyjr, ruff4lo, sexydowney, tonystarks, tonysassy, twhiddlesston, tonystarksass, thepondsonacloud, tristanpadalecki, ughrobert, victoriouz, yomarvel, watsonizing. +blogroll
super thanks to all. ♥