by pei

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The hug was good but that hand Steve keeps on Tony's waist for a bit got me, it's way lower than their usual zone of touching

my god tell me about it?? because in the past everything was strictly ABOVE THE SHOULDERS save for the occasional “““prolonged handshake””” but like

what the FUCK is with this tender “let me hold you by the waist while I stare into your eyes” bullshit LIKE COOL I’M NOT CRYING AT THE CLUB OR ANYTHING,,,,,,,


I don’t know how to explain it but the little detail of Bitty’s hands still covered with flour really intensified this scene for me? It’s such a tiny but purposeful detail…….not only does it ground us in the moment but it really highlights the immediacy of Bitty’s support, the way he drops everything instantly because nothing else matters except helping Jack through his anxiety attack

and now I’m just imagining in-universe how those same, floured hands are what really help to bring Jack back to himself, the faint smell of bread yeast, Bitty’s unyielding warmth as Jack curls around him. He’s here, Jack thinks, I’m here, and the world slowly comes back into focus