by patsy


I was rewatching 6.8 again and something struck me about this scene. 

In this scene we see Delia talking about Patsy, she’s scared and alone. Patsy is the only one who truly understands and knows her. They quite literally piece together like a jigsaw and are not whole without one another. When Delia can’t get in touch with Patsy she fears she’ll never be whole again, she’ll never experience love in that way again and no one will truly understand her. “she’s vanished” and “i’ve just disappeared” emphasises that they cannot truly exist without one another. In this scene Delia is facing the heartbreaking possibility of a future without Patsy.

But what struck me about this scene is that everything Delia is voicing is exactly how Patsy would have felt when Delia had her accident. Delia had no memory of Patsy following the accident, Delia wasn’t herself and therefore became someone Patsy “knew once.” Delia’s memory had vanished and thus all recollection of her relationship with Patsy. She couldn’t be reached during this time. And it was as if Delia had vanished from Patsy. Patsy faced the heartbreaking possibility of a future without Delia. 

It’s not exactly a parallel but it’s interesting to see that they’ve now both experienced the fear of having to live without one another. How they’ve both had to face a future alone, knowing they’d never be who they truly are again without one another.

A lesbian couple just kissed like a proper long zoomed in on kiss on bbc1 in the 8pm slot on one of the most popular shows in the uk and its 40 minutes later and I haven’t stopped crying because people like me don’t get that kind of representation and we definitely don’t get happy endings in tv shows but call the midwife did that and I’ve never felt happier and more emotional