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* Chara hated humanity.
* Why they did, they never talked about it.
* But they felt very strongly about that.

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On My Game Shelf: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

On April 14th, 1912, the famous ocean liner, known as the Titanic crashed into an iceberg. After remaining afloat for two hours and forty minutes, it sank between the waters of the North Atlantic. I will give you more time. Nine Hours. That is the time you will be given to make your escape..


ultimate shipper meme: [5/5] “for which i started shipping them” moments → the doctor + rose tyler

You look beautiful.


I was home and I really wanted to talk to someone about… us, and Dozerman, and Holt being gone. And then I realized, that the only person I wanna talk about that stuff with is you. So, screw just being colleagues, and screw “light and breezy”. Right ?

“I’m just a girl, looking for a partner in crime.”


Lydia was nine years old, sitting in the cafeteria and the boy who always stared at her in class just gave her his apple because the school bully took hers. Then she was fifteen and the same boy from the cafeteria was screaming out her name as she fell onto the grass of the lacrosse field. 

And now she was here, with her hands around her throat thinking of the boy who had always been there even when she hadn’t noticed, wondering if he’d make it through this and praying that he would.

a chubby sirius part ii because my nine year old cousin sent me down a spiral of body shame (part i)

  • chubby sirius who rested books on his belly  so he could read while lying down without having to worry about his nose breaking because a hardback fell on it
  • chubby sirius who caught everything that he dropped while he was sitting (who needs a thigh gap when you can have chubby thighs perfect for catching pens and chocolate pieces)
  • chubby sirius who loved the way his thighs jiggled when he wore tight shorts and went up the stairs
  • chubby sirius who smirked every time he caught remus staring at his legs and biting his lip when he ran up the aforementioned stairs 
  • chubby sirius who charmed all the rings in the jewellery store to be the size of bangles because “it’s not my fault they don’t realise not everyone has just-bone fingers and let’s be real these are just as impractical”
  • chubby sirius who pinched his stomach rolls to ground himself when yet another one of malfoy’s little lackeys teased him about his weight
  • chubby sirius who loved the way his face fat accumulated on his cheekbones to make him look even more like a greek god (remus loved it too *wink wink nudge nudge*)
  • chubby sirius who along with lily plastered every advertisement that claimed to make you look thinner and thus more conventionally attractive with pictures of his and lily’s faces with their tongues out and eyeliner on fleek
  • chubby sirius who felt most comfortable in crop tops and absolutely rocked them
  • chubby sirius who loved himself and didn’t let any judgemental idiot change that

     “Stardate 51030 - Seven of Nine is severed from the hive mind. The Captain tells her not to resist, and she’ll learn to accept her humanity. Seven complies, and slowly begins to embrace her individuality. Does she regret that decision? Stardate 51652 - The Captain encourages Seven to develop her social skills. Seven insists it’s a waste of time. But after further requests, she pursues it, and begins to develop her first human friendships. Did Janeway lead her astray? Stardate 52840 - The Captain orders Seven to study her parents’ journals. Seven claims they’re irrelevant, but eventually she reads them, and rediscovers part of her own past. Stardate 52841 - For the first time… Seven tells the Captain ‘thank you’. “

    “It was stardate 52842 - 0600 hours, in the mess hall. We had just finished breakfast.“

Janeway/Seven requested by anonymous


I saw some posts about #NoShameDay and I was very touched. Your stories are inspiring, tumblr! Here’s mine.

Nine years old, I almost bled out after a misdiagnosis. Apparently, I had a tumor in my mouth, not a pus sore. About half a year and ten operations later, I had a stroke during one operation which paralysed the left part of my body. I don’t remember waking up, but I remember the hospital me and my mum lived in for a year as I went from operation to operation. I learned to walk again, defying every ‘you will never be able to … again’ the doctors predicted. I would never feel parts of my body, I would never walk, never move my hand… now I know that’s doctors’ talk for not giving promises they cannot keep.

About half a year later, I went into a surgery about which my mother cried for weeks. I didn’t understand why she was crying; this was my final treatment. Fear hit me when they started wheeling me to the OR with a wheeled bed. I asked to take my toy with me and cried before the anaesthesia hit.

I woke up thirsty, I remember that. That was the end of my disease, I now had a clean jaw bone and ¾ of my teeth left. I went to my second grade graduation and continued with my class in the third. I could hardly move my left arm and couldn’t eat for the cafeteria because my mum was afraid other kids would laugh at me when my face was full of food. I still can’t feel part of my face but I eat with others often now. (They usually smile and tell me that there’s something on my face.) I started walking more every day and got less tired with each time. I remember that part of my physiotherapy was to ride a stationary bike, so they had to tie my hand to the handle because it wouldn’t stay up otherwise. 

I was very small, so for many years I thought the experience didn’t really affect me, especially when I got prosthetic teeth a few years ago. The more I talked to people and a therapist, the more I realised how much had been robbed from me. Since my hand moves now but has little motor skills, I can’t apply for any jobs for the summer with all my friends. As an exchange student, my host mother flat out admitted she wouldn’t have hosted me if she had known I had the disability. I can’t hold a ball or knit so I was always side-eyed in arts & crafts and gym class. I got the reputation of lazy and I tried to fit it because anything was better than the disabled girl. Boys in my class made grotesque faces to mock me when the teacher wasn’t watching. I did nothing but sit on the computer, lost in RPGs and books so I could pretend to be someone else. I didn’t have any confidence until I was 18 years old. You might have an idea how many times I’ve thought that no one would ever kiss a girl without teeth.

I’m nineteen now and I don’t talk about my disabilities. People notice, though, because I can’t hold two things at the same time and I type very fast with one hand. I tell them, ‘I once had a stroke and it left my left arm partly disabled.’ Nobody laughs at me anymore because I’m not ashamed. Fuck the fact I don’t have teeth, I can tie my shoes with one hand. Thank you so much for reading, and thank you for boosting my confidence, people of tumblr!