by oh

One thing that Supernatural has perfected is the act of blocking scenes in a way to convey multiple messages at one time.

I noticed this happening immediately in one particular scene in 13x06.

This one. Right here.

Jack is not just speaking for himself. Who can be seen standing behind him, blurred, but still a significant presence?


Jack said everything that we didn’t actually get to hear Dean say.

Call me crazy, but hey, I’m not making the incredibly detailed directing choices.


“There are some disasters you just don’t see coming, no matter how carefully you plan. A little surprise that changes everything. In surgery, we call it a complication. In life, it’s a catastrophe. In surgery, we call it a complication, a disruption, a glitch, a nasty surprise. It calls for extreme measures. You have to react quickly, try to catch up, because it came out of nowhere. And it can take everything away.”

↳ Grey’s Anatomy ↬ 14x08— “Out of Nowhere”

joon: “that’s a question?”…. “thanks for the advice.”