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Hiccstrid or not Hiccstrid

Hey there! So here’s the beginning of my Hiccstrid one shot’s collection! I tell already: they will follow RTTE Season 4 and follow each other!

I hope you’ll like this one though.

Enjoy some Hiccstrid fight and Stoïck’s reaction to Hiccstrid!

Thanks my friend @wolfie-dragon-rider for make some reajustements! And @noura-fanart for this beautiful cover! <3

Happy reading!

Weeks after the Grimborn brothers’ death, the dragon riders were living peaceful days on Berk. They didn’t leave the Dragon’s Edge with pleasure, far from it, but the erupting volcano had not left them the choice. So it was more with regret that the gang was forced to leave their outpost where they have been through so much.

“Okay gang, take all you can save before the lava comes to your huts!” Hiccup ordered.

It was too late, the Edge was condemned. The Baby Eruptodon couldn’t have held back what was coming anyway. The situation was under control.

The dragon riders had rushed inside their respective huts to get their personal effects. Snotlout was trying to pick up his ‘S’, the twins were wallowing on the boar pit while Fishlegs handled the collection of most books and maps containing Dragon Eye’s information. As to Astrid, she moved to take the weapons she left in her hut.

And then there was Hiccup. The young boy had made his way to the Clubhouse to meditate, closely followed by Toothless. He examined the place, and then sighed. The night fury approached his friend and rubbed him in an affectionate embrace. He uttered a plaintive cooing. The auburn-haired boy stooped to his level by stroking his head.

“I’ll miss this place too, Bud.”

He bounced back and then he moved to the table where the dragon riders and him used to meet up. Hiccup recalled with nostalgia the crazy talks the gang shared, Heather’s great food and Tuffnut’s compliments on it. But he also reminded himself of the gravest moments when the teenagers’ mutual aid reached its peak like after the ‘Viggo fiasco’ for example. This place was full of memories. It was really a part of their life that came down on this island.

An important part.

The young man was now in front of the stables. A smile came to his face at the sight of it. That was where he and Astrid kissed for the first time as a couple. It was in this place that they finally confessed their true feelings for each other. It took time but Astrid’s blindness pushed Hiccup to step outside his comfort zone. Thankfully, her state was temporary.

“Are you okay?” asked a voice behind him while placing a hand on his shoulder.

He turned back, it was Astrid, of course. He gave her a smile he wanted reassuring.

“Just trying to remember the great moments we’ve spent here all together…” he admitted in a sigh.

The night fury rubbed him affectionately. His friend petted his head while smiling.

“It’s true that we had a lot of memories here,” Astrid agreed, taking Hiccup’s hand.

So the teenager moved in front of her and took her hands in turn. Their faces approached until their lips found themselves at only few centimetres from each other as their foreheads touched. They closed their eyes and both smiled before exchanging a tender kiss.

After that, they definitively left the Edge.

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I was thinking of a way to do a big collaborations and came up with this idea:- Luigi enters Mario’s dreams only to see the massive living collection of Mario styles! 

Anyone can reblog and add their Mario to the collection, you may invite your friends too. Just make sure to put your initials on your Mario!

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Looking forward to see how this goes, & I hope you all have fun with it! 

By Your Side

And here we go for another one shot! A big thank you to my friend @JoyOfBerK who did the correction and @noura-fanart who did this amazing cover! Thank you so much guys! <3

Anyway, I hope you’ll like this OS! It follows “Hiccstrid or not Hiccstrid”. So please enjoy your reading and tell me what you think ;)

The heat in the forge was intense. Breathe. Blow. Sweat. Wipe his forehead. Breathe again, then return to the task he had begun. It’s very warm, thought the young boy who finally brought himself to remove his top, ending up shirtless. He could allow himself to do so; after all, he was alone.

Hiccup wasn’t used to working here anymore. He had abandoned metallurgy and creating inventions, to lead the war against Viggo. But now, he was out, the young Viking had decided to have his fun by letting sprout in his mind all the craziest ideas that could improve his life and the lives of his people on Berk. He was actually working on a new leg that he could use to control Toothless’ tail.

“Hey,” a voice pronounced in his back.

Startled, he turned around and discovered that it was Astrid. He scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. The blond slightly blushed at the view of his torso.

“Sorry Hiccup, I didn’t want to bother you. If you want me to leave…”

“No! Astrid, wait. Stay,” he whispered, taking her hands, smiling.

She smiled back in putting her head on his shoulder, surrounding him with her arms.

“So… what are you doin’?” she asked, kissing his shoulder-blade.

The young boy suddenly got excited with the idea of presenting his invention.

“Aha, you’ll love it!”

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favorite ladies


↳ [12/100] Jelena Noura Hadid: “Yes, I have boobs. Yes, I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, but I’m not asking for special treatment. I’m fitting into the sample sizes. Your mean comments don’t make me want to change my body, they don’t make me want to say no to the designers that ask me to be in their shows, and they definitely don’t change the designers opinions of me… At least be open, if not part of the change, because it’s definitely happening.”

arslanaltans-archive  asked:

henrygansey obv

[screams eternally] 

who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave

  • dick “cooking fail” gansey

who forgot to put the cat outside before sex

  • tbh though he’s soooo thirsty all the time 
  • he will do literally anything for sex
  • a whole SWAT team could be outside his door and he forgot to turn the oven off and he still wouldn’t care 

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit

  • this is HENRY
  • he probably has about 8000 vines of gansey just. speaking. usually about glendower or history
  • and gansey always asks him “WHAT DID I DO THAT WAS EMBARASSING NOW” and henry just [looks into camera] 
  • oh gansey. when will u learn that literally everything you do is embarrassing 

who breaks the most phones

  • i will bet you $500 that henry has an instagram feed/snapchat story of just him breaking expensive phones in increasingly creative ways 
  • gansey generally disapproves, but even he can appreciate the aesthetic of a brand new iPhone 6 being dropped into a priceless antique vase full of champagne

who dies first

  • :))))))))))))))))) i decline 2 answer

which one I could see as being lactose intolerant

  • so henry always buys soy ice cream and stuff with the most martyred expression
  • and finishes every vent about almond milk with “…but at least the sex is good” 
  • which leads to gansey swatting him with the newspaper he’s reading
  • pLS

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t

  • gansey thinks he’s a good kisser 
  • he’s a terrible kisser. henry teaches him [50 smirk emoji] 
  • he also thinks he can dance. henry can actually dance
  • he tries to teach gansey this too but anyone who actually thinks the scuba diver is an acceptable form of flirting is beyond hope 

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed

  • gansey because he always spouts this pseudo-intellectual bullshit at 3 am when henry is trying to sleep 
  • “henry-”
  • “WHaT iS IT nOw GaNSeY”
  • “what is the reasoning behind the forms that a wizard’s Animagus takes? do they get to choose their animal form or is it purely a manifestation of their personality? if so, it is very interesting how the personalization of animals comes into play in light of the psychology of the Animagus themsel-”
  • and then suddenly gansey is in the hall with a pillow and a blanket. he has no idea how he got there 

who uses the computer most

  • henry 
  • gansey is a technological dinosaur oh baby

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