by nobody i mean anybody who's seen my blog at any given point

Makoto IS a Scorpio

I address this post to all those people who say Makoto doesn’t fit his zodiac sign.

People often say “Makoto is blushing mess when it comes to love and sexual intercourse “He could not possibly be a Scorpio”. Yeah, Scorpios might be the most passionate sign and stuff but there’s a lot more than that. They’re really dependable and it’s said “Once you’re in a Scorpio’s inner circle, you got a friend for life.” Isn’t that just how Makoto work? As you can see, he can be really friendly, but this doesn’t mean they’re in his inner circle. If you just ponder over the count of people who Makoto puts before himself, you could see the number could be counted on the fingers of your hand.

The meaning of his name is “sincerity” which is something very Scorpio like. He wouldn’t waste his time “playing” as someone’s friend. There’s no middle state for him - he is or he isn’t.

If you’ve paid attention to the episodes, then you should have seen the little hints. His motions suggest the typical for a Scorpio sex-appeal - palpable but not persistent. The aura he radiates with his behaviour also depicts it. Take notice of how he takes of his shirt:

or how he runs his fingers through his hair:

or how innocent he is, asking for a towel:

Makoto is clear about this and knows exactly when and where to put it in use. It’s no accident that nobody could every be mad at him, not yet to say “No” to his request. Scorpios love getting what they want and know how to obtain it, therefore manipulation comes natural to him.

Something else to mention is his affinity for “playing” with Haru - the ability of reading his mind. The smile which appears on his face, while doing so, speaks for itself:

I have always believed Makoto had a “dark” side. Side he shows extremely rare and not to just anybody. I could compare him with a cat - cute and innocent looking, but behind the fluffy paws there are sharp clutches to fall into. This facial expression indicates it pretty good:

No wonder he’s the captain of the team.

Also, you’ve probably noticed he never had a bad opinion about himself, nor yet left himself in the background. Just because he doesn’t point it out, it doesn’t mean the contrary. After all Makoto uses “ore” to say “I”, which hints a lot of things. As a Scorpio, he knows exactly who he is and what he can do.

Self-esteem is very initial for Scorpios, and I don’t see lack of any in this smile.

“Scorpios can be very nice. They just have low tolerance level for people and their bullshit.” In addition, I think Makoto is being underestimated when described by different scenario blogs on tumblr - like being called clumsy. The Scorpio-like finesse, given him at birth, is present at his overall behaviour throughout the series.

In my opinion, in episode 11 Makoto wasn’t fully understood by Haruka. When advising him to look round for a dream, followed by the fact that he’s going to study in Tokio means, in Makoto’s language, that he’d like Haru to go with him. Makoto is the one who offers Haru an idea. It was suggested in epidose 9, during the conversation between Mako and Rin, that he’s going in Tokio to swim. Until now, everybody admonished Haruka to find himself a dream but nothing more than that. While Makoto tried to give him a notion, but was interrupted by Haru’s reaction, who refused to hear it all.

“Having a Scorpio as a friend means they’ll call you out when you are in the wrong and keep it 100% with you.”

This conflict wouldn’t shake their friendship, but give a topic of thought for both of them. No one of them is able to separate from the other, but I don’t see why they have to, since having the rare gift of sincere friendship.

In conclusion, I think Makoto is a Scorpio and nothing else.

I’m just gonna talk for a little bit, you don’t have to read it but I just wanted to touch on some things. It all ties together eventually like all my extended rants so….

I’ve mentioned before that the only other band “fandom” I’ve been super active in was for Avenged Sevenfold. And honestly, it was because of tumblr that I stopped being active…
There’s always been issues in the A7X fandom, I know it’s totally different now, there’s a million more people…But back in the day, like 2005-2009 it was easily the most competitive and nasty fandom to be part of. Yes, I met a bunch of cool people through it, because I had 2 of the more well known fansites on myspace dedicated to them…I also encountered so many vicious people.

Like, I don’t know if anyone remembers that confession box you could add to your profile where people could anonymously leave you messages…kinda like on here but if you really wanted to respond to someone you’d have to take the time to screenshot and upload the photo, code it and make a bulletin post…you’d really have to want to respond if you had to. Anyways, I was just telling @grucified about the time I kept receiving death threats via the confession box because Zacky V used one of the VU layouts I made and he posted a shout out to me thanking me for it…And I’d get random anon messages calling me a groupie slut, and just continuous things like that…and I was maybe 17 at the oldest at this point. So i just deleted the app, I got nice messages too of course, but when people send you that kind of hate daily, there’s no need to keep it.

So, dealing with things like that was….ya know….i have no real words for it…especially since i had a private profile, whoever sent those messages was a “friend” of mine.

When myspace died, really the only other place for fandom sites was tumblr. At least with myspace you can pick and choose which fansites you add and what you see, kinda like facebook. But here, if you search a tag you see a lot of everything. There were of course oddball fansites for band members wives/girlfriends on myspace, but again, you could easily avoid those.

But I’d come on here seach for “syn gates”, for example, and photos of his wife, his house, his family…anything and everything would come up basically. And then you get sucked into reading things that just infuriate you…it just turned into “what fuck are these fans”…kinda thing.

People just infuriated me so much I don’t even have words for it…so i unfollowed any blog dedicated to Avenged because I…can…not.

Moving on though, I was (and still, regardless I will always be an elite Avenged fan. FALLEN 4LIFE) basically chased away from the fandom because of the way other fans were. It was constant competition, constant bickering and people just constantly starting shit just for the sake of it.

And for a while, the Ghost fandom seemed like a breath of fresh air in comparison. For me personally, I haven’t really ever received any malicious anonymous messages that others have, like the ones that were going around today for no good reason. But I’ve obviously dealt with plenty of people that just, I swear, purposely annoy me for the ha-ha’s of doing so.

I mostly get asks that I’m like “why are you asking me this?” and then it sometimes turns into a domino effect of chaos. And here’s my only real issue, I’ve made several posts that if I don’t give the proper credit to things I post, just let me now so I can source accordingly…I have no reason what so ever to not give credit where credit is due as long as I know the actual source. JUST TELL ME. I WILL CREDIT. I WILL EDIT WHATEVER AS NEEDED. But I have had 2 people, that I know of at least, make comments that a certain photo was theirs, I apologize and I edit the post. But they still went on to make their own blog posts, one of them made repeated posts, dragging me down. And I just sit here like, oh okay, fuck me then….

Do you know how many of my photos I’ve seen on other sites? How many times I’ve seen edits or gifs I’ve made reposted? A lot, dudes, A lot. It’s annoying, and most of the time now I just let it happen because I don’t care. But before it was so frequent if I saw a photo I took reposted by someone else I would just comment and say i took it, BAM I’m set.

I’m kind of all over the place here…but I wanted the main point to be here: stop being jerks.
Stop being anonymous jerks, especially.

If you don’t like something, you don’t like someone…scroll past them. It’s that easy. Nobody is hurting anybody here, it’s almost mind boggling where some people get off being so plain and simple mean sometimes. Don’t try to chase people away from something they love because you like to stir the pot.

I’ve met a lot of people on here, only a small amount actually in person and one that I know well…but there are still people I talk to on here and other social media sites that I do like and consider online friends. But I still just know them from what I see what they post, just like people only know me by my posts…and I know I come off a certain way probably, but you don’t know everything about me or what goes on in my daily life other than what I share. Because you don’t really know or understand someone, is all the more reason you shouldn’t go anonymously attacking them just for the sake of doing it.

Excuse me for sounding like a mom, but that is flat out bullying. How many people have you seen say Ghost has changed their lives and given them a purpose and something to love and look forward to? Me being one of them, I know that because I’m so preoccupied with Ghost that personal issues with relationships and friendships that have blown up in my face this past year seem so minimal. So I understand other people who are so “obsessive”, because it’s an escape. And whatever makes you happy, please do so. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others, why does it matter?

Don’t let other people’s negativity take you away from your happy place. Fuck that.