by nnbb

Signs when woken at unearthly hours
  • Aries: geez im up im up-- *gets up and goes to the bathroom*
  • Taurus: mmmmshleeepppp-- MMSSHEHEEELLPPPPPPFBJKDKFJBHQSK !!!!!!!!! *stays asleep under the covers you will never see them up before 12 noon
  • Gemini: ok ok fuq im awak-- *falls back asleep immediately*
  • Cancer: but i dontt waannaaaaaaaa- yew cant maake meeeeeeee *whines and rolls around until they roll off their bed*
  • Leo: WHO THE HECK DARES TO WAKE ME BEFORE 12PM ??? *overly dramatic expression; bruh its too early for drama*
  • Virgo: ... *still lookin hella gorg and beaut and they immediately get up*
  • Libra: F iiii vveeee m ooaarrr rrr minu teesss -- ~Nnbb? !! ? ?? *procrastination is their middle name*
  • Scorpio: ...f v c k. *drag themselves up and go around the entire morning with an aura of death*
  • Sagittarius: i swear im awake, yes mom im awake just leave i'll go to the bathroom right away yeah-- *flop back to bed the second their 'alarm clock' leaves*
  • Capricorn: ... s i g h s. *rolls out of bed and d r ag s their feet to the bathroom, thinking about all the other things they'd rather do*
  • Aquarius: screw all of you im staying in bed lets see you try to get me out lol *refuses to budge unless they want to*
  • Pisces: cries ;;;;;;;; *waddles out of bed and trips on the carpet on their way to the bathroom*