by nikki


i found love where it wasn’t supposed to be (perrie edwards/louis tomlinson) (8k)

she finds her phone and dials the first person she can think of, doesn’t even think through the logic of it. just dials and presses the phone to her ear, desperate and hoping.
“we were engaged,” she says quietly and the person on the other side of the line makes a confused noise.
“me and zayn. we were supposed to be getting married, and he just… left. he left.”
“oh, love.”

perrie edwards and louis tomlinson. who’d have thought.

a birthday present for @outofcases

Say if Nikki were to get up there with her extensions in and her cleavage out and others were to judge her for it, doesn’t that mean that those same people don’t understand what Nikki is preaching in the first place? Female empowerment, letting women do as they please and not putting restrictions on them.

I mean Brie c'mon.

Total Divas cut her speech short, but from what I heard, I thought it was pretty damn good. I really hope Nikki continues motivational speaking because you can clearly see how much she loves it. Not to mention she’s an amazing candidate for women empowerment.

Why is there this divide with wrestling fans?

Why does it seem like the wrestlers that kids/women seem to REALLY like, are the wrestlers that most male/hardcore fans seems to REALLY dislike. Or the other way around. I’m asking, because I was watching Shawn Michaels vs Sycho Sid at SS 96, and the divide was there EVEN THEN! I just wonder why. What makes a segment of the crowd love a wrestler, and the other segment hate a wrestler.

Ya’ll know the usual ppl

-Reigns,Cena,Nikki Bella, Bries Bella: they get a lot of love AND a lot of hate.