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I’m drunk cus it was 2 for 1 cocktail nighr but i want to say things

1. I like that season 10 showed more of the relationship between cas and sam
2. Sam is so big
3. Sam is reallt BIG like his chest is HUGE
4. Sam
5. When sam shouts “dean!” In a realy deep voice.

sooo it’s only 1 night and 1 morning of work left until I finally see you again c: and I’m really glad cause I’m really excited to go to the movies again, it’s definetely one of my favorite kind of dates c: and we’re going to see wlw on the big screen which is coool :p and to continue series (especially ouat) and finally make a bucket list, we have plenty of time for that this time soo we should make it :p


When your piece of shit sister calls u ‘mentally ill ’ as an insult ,when you are suicidal , and deals with ton of axniety problems , she keeps to abuse you in any form she can , make you feel like gross piece of garbage for even breathing ,pushes herself into everything you do and simply loves to ruin it, touching your private stuff to a level where you’re scared to leave the phone for a few moments when it’s charging because she can look at it , hits your head powerfully in the middle of the nighr for 'snorting’ , and forcing your parents to make you sleep on THE LIVING ROOM’s floor. And threats to slap you if you’ll touch her cat.

And then she acts to be the victim , makes you look like a drama queen for having breakdowns , and manipulates everyone to think it’s okay.

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okay but related to your rp last nighr i could see harry being rlly conflicted on last names because he would want to hang on to the potter name because it's one of the few things he has from his parents but he'd also love to be harry weasley. what im saying is harry and ginny and their kids are definitely hyphenated

this is Good Shit™

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SAME i just want a leveled up best friend who i can spend the rest of my life with an never have to be alone. And have weird conversations late at nighr aboutnthe meaning of the universe. And thsts what makes me frustrated tbh cause like i seriously have no clue if i like ppl romantically or only platonicly. (Feelings are very difficult) - ^-^

SAME. i completely agree, feelings are difficult. i would much rather have someone who is up for late night/really early is-it-even-night-anymore chats at any time. what makes people want a romantic relationship instead of a close friendship anyway i don’t understand. when will i become a robot so i don’t have to think about this anymore.

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Makeout scenario with Jun please! Your second base with woozi & movie nighr wirh wonwoo gve ne the feels!

Hehe, I’m glad you liked it! I’m not sure why (maybe it’s because of my school hiatus) but I’ve been shooting these scenarios down one by one! Also a small little hint: I’m planing on doing a giveaway at 1k followers (if we ever reach)! Thank you for requesting!

Have you guys kissed yet? 

You roll your eyes at the text message your friend sent you as you crossed your legs, folding them under the table. I’m only helping him practice his lines, you reply. 

Your friend answers almost immediately. There must be some kissing scenes in there. You wished. Apparently, the role Junhui was applying for was some vampire movie and as much as you hated sci-fi, you also wished to kiss the quiet, shy guy from your drama class, even though it seemed a little far fetched.

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