by nicole nodland


i became more independent and more confident. that plays a massive role in who i am and what i do today. if it wasn’t for me having to go out and meet people and talk to people, i don’t think i’d be like i am now, always thinking that the only person who’s going to get me what i want is me. relying on myself.


“I didn’t feel trapped in a trailer park. I felt trapped before I got to the trailer park because I had nowhere to live. When I got my trailer, everyone there had the same taste as I did. We all liked giant, lush, fake flower gardens and liked to decorate the walls with streamers even if it wasn’t our birthday. I couldn’t have been happier there. Before that, I did dream of escaping. I always just figured it was gonna be a man who would take me away. I don’t know if I deserve a good man, but I think about it sometimes.”