by nico2

Magician Giveaway-EN

Hi everyone,

After a very very very long break, we’re finally having the long awaited Magician giveaway on EN (which you guys all voted for so thank you!). We are currently deciding the next set for our JP giveaway so keep a look out for that one~
I’ve included enough accounts so that there will be one of each Magician card (including both URs but excluding Honoka since I couldn’t reroll her ^^’’’).

-Reblogs count as entries
-Have either your ask box or messaging system open!
-Ends: Aug 26th. (10 days instead of 7 since it’s been a while~)
-More details when (7) winners are chosen~

Accounts under the cut (1 SR, 2 SR, 3 SR, UR).

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