by nicki

no offense but theres something so attractive about a woman who is a boss ass bitch, confident af, who doesnt gaf about what anyone says, independent af gets it on her own, who isnt afraid to speak her mind, who takes care of herself and carries herself like a QUEEN, whos flawless not even phsyically but her whole aura JEEZ those type of women!!! My favorite


Nicki Minaj - Feeling Myself (Audio) ft. Beyoncé

MY Mood for My Birthday!

(So Happy to see another year.)


21st February 1969

‘The more lily-livered kind of singer might prepare for performing with a few scales and some hot honey and lemon. But James?

“He normally screams his head off,” say his band-mates, “and then he has a whiskey and a fag.”- Simon Price, Everything