by nica

Lo queramos o no
Sólo tenemos tres alternativas:
El ayer, el presente y el mañana.

Y ni siquiera tres
Porque como dice el filósofo
El ayer es ayer
Nos pertenece sólo en el recuerdo:
A la rosa que ya se deshojó
No se le puede sacar otro pétalo.

Las cartas por jugar
Son solamente dos:
El presente y el día de mañana.

Y ni siquiera dos
Porque es un hecho bien establecido
Que el presente no existe
Sino en la medida en que se hace pasado
Y ya pasó…
como la juventud.

En resumidas cuentas
Sólo nos va quedando el mañana:
Yo levanto mi copa
Por ese día que no llega nunca
Pero que es lo único
De lo que realmente disponemos.

— Nicanor Parra - Últimos Brindis 


Aopadasdkad. My anan magazine arrived today, but I didn’t realize the images were on one (double-sided) poster. How am I supposed to choose? (´;︵;`) I say that but I’m leaning on the one of them sitting outside of the rink. The images of them skating are in the magazine, too, so I could cut them out… but Victor and Yuuri are on the front and back of one page respectively. Please, anan, why are you making me choose?

On another note, they included information about their stats and programs. I guess Victor really is officially 28 now, and apparently enough time’s passed that Yuri Plisetsky’s 16! Since I think some people are still confused about the timeline, it also mentions that the two Yu(u)ris skated their programs during the 2016-2017 season. Victor skated the Aria of Stammi Vicino during the 2015-2016 season.


Soooo some days ago @rosybluesybonesy and I had a talk about the gazette members as months.
Here is what we came out with:
Ruki as January
Reita as April
Uruha as May
Kai as July
Aoi as October
Today I had some free time so I decided to make some moodboards ^^;



day 1 done!! thank you @candynairix for requesting precious itsuki and thank you @sakhmae for the bithday greeting and requesting soujiro!! 

btw do you guys know each other?? cause it’s amazing how you guys sent in asks at the same time :000 and with the same palette too lolololol

i do hope the both of you like it


More on ‘Meanwhile outside of Dipdops mindscape

Part 1/(more parts later)


Demonic Guardians AU belongs to @starfleetrambo


More thoughts on relativity falls that I had to draw out.

GruntyMabel owning a motorbike, wicked.
Grenda and Candy as grannies, these are not sweet old ladies.
Stanleys huge crush on Dan, yeeeeeep.