by nathalia


“-   You’re shopping for bear traps with Jonathan Byers. Yeah. What’s the weirdest part?
Me or the bear trap?  
-   You. It’s definitely you.

YES. I finished my fanart of Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler, from the amazing Netflix show “Stranger Things”. I love them so much ! They are very badass and so cute together ! 
It’s official, Season Two coming in 2017, I just can’t wait !! 


“In a time before the digital devices that we’re used to today, it was humans that were doing the calculations,” says author Nathalia Holt. “And so you needed these teams of people — many of whom were women, especially during World War II — and they were responsible for the math.”

Holt wrote a book about these badasses (called “Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars”) and we interviewed her. You can read some of the highlights here.