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[On the debate on nudity] That’s a massive question. That’s an essay; I can’t give you a sound bite on that question. You know, I don’t believe in nudity for nudity’s sake, nothing gratuitous. But, you know, some of the most successful, talented actresses of our generation, be it Julianne Moore, or Charlize Theron, or Charlotte Gainsbourg, or Isabella Rossellini, if you know your cinema history, have taken their clothes off. There’s nothing wrong with nudity, per se, if it’s part of the storytelling and it’s eloquent and it says something about the raw humanity of the story. So again, you see, we’re getting caught up with labels: “Nudity: bad.” It’s not about “nudity: bad.” It’s about gratuitous oversexualization of children; it’s complicated. And I feel that we live in an age where everyone’s trying to reduce, and soundbite, and cut it down to140 characters, and that’s not what life is. So everyone should stop shouting so much and listen more to what each other is saying, you know?


We chatted to Natalie Dormer and David Oakes, stars of the upcoming Venus In Fur, about hysteria in the rehearsal room, knee high leather boots, and er, sadomasochism.

Natalie Dormer and David Oakes interview for Official London Theatre

anonymous asked:

Lmao people think Leanne is biased and unprofessional because she liked someone’s tweet of asking her if their are any stars left on o*at and all she cares about is cs but why doesn’t NA get called unprofessional because she is just as biased as Leanne

Oh I’ve called Natalie Abrams unprofessional many times, as have many other people. However, if you’re waiting for Lana’s fans to realize they are huge hypocrites when it comes to Natalie, you’ll grow gray and old. I’ll never forget when during SDCC ‘16, EW (Natalie’s outlet) did a photo shoot where JMo sat on Colin’s lap. Lana’s idiot fans raged over this horrible injustice and evidence of the crumbling of western civilization and showed their anger by viciously attacking… Leanne.

You heard me, they attacked Leanne over something Natalie did. They are that fucking stupid.

So, no, they are never going to recognize Natalie’s extreme bias.

Leanne likes CS and her biggest sin is reporting enthusiastically on them. (Which is how she reports on most canon ships on TV shows she covers.)

Natalie has actually skewed the entire narrative of the show’s publicity before with her pro-Regina erroneous reporting. The entire pre season 5 narrative of “Regina is the new Savior” was 100% her and Lana’s fault. Besides before she realized he had a lot of fans who were good for a lot of clicks, she said lots of gross things about Hook. I can’t stand her.