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Hana Ni Nare + Coach Hanyu’s cute advice

It’s okay to fall a lot. Skating is about falling. Sensei fell a lot in practice just now.”

“Keep your arms straight.”

“Extend your arms and go ton-ton-ton-suuu.”

“Look at Sensei~”

“I will skate till I’m middle-aged so that I can compete with you.”

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favourite programs of Yuzuru, Shoma, Patrick, and Boyang?

okay so all i remember atm are

Yuzu: RJ1 @ 2012 worlds, POTO @ 2014 gpf, Ballade @ 2015 nhk, Hope and Legacy @2017 worlds (or 2016 nhk), requiem @ 2016 worlds, hana ni nare, notte stellata, etude

Shoma: legends!!!!! @ 2016 tcc or 2015 teb, turandot @ 2015 gpf, blessed spirits @???, this town @ 2017 worlds, also (lowkey) loco @ 2016 gpf (unpopular opinion? but turandot > loco for me idk)

Patrick: chopin!!!! @ 2016 4cc or 2015 skate canada, elegie @ 2013 teb, take five and aranjuez @ 2012 canadian nats, a journey @ 2017 nats, dear prudence/blackbird @ 2016 worlds (ex >> sp for me), steppin’ out, also (lowkey) mack the knife

also im not a fan of mannish boy but i want you to watch it lol

Boyang: Spiderman @2017 worlds. and his EXes technologic and nitro ofc. idk junior programs tbh

too many to link so ill just direct you to @shoma-uno @fypchan @jin-boyang they have video pages surely. idk if there’s a yuzu video page sorry

It’s probably because I just did some translation of Yuzuru’s interview back in 2014 today, but for some reason, I was weirdly very touched to know the reason why he chose Kanagawa rink for his skating class and performed ‘Hana ni Nare’ there.

We all know that Yuzuru has a good heart, but I’m still glad to see that since 2014, every year he spends some of his precious time before the season starts to come back to Japan and do charity events to help those affected by disasters and show his gratitude to those supported him. You can watch/read about his activities every year here: 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017

His actions touched my heart in a very personal way as someone who was very concerned about the 2011 Earthquake disaster, and it warms my heart to know that he’s still constantly thinking about those who helped him and those who are still in pain because of those hardships, that his mind hasn’t changed at all since the day he won the Gold medal:

“…During the time I lost my home rink, I could skate thanks to being asked to do ice shows for a few months. At that time,  Arakawa Shizuka, Daisuke Takahashi, Kozuka Takahito, Asada Mao, and many other skaters planned charity events for us, and thanks to that I was able to come back and skate.

I am not a pro, so I think I cannot do much now, but in the future I want to do charity events to thank and show my gratitude in some way, to not only skaters, but also to people who were affected and suffered from the earthquake disaster.

I’m here by myself right here right now.  Though the gold medalist is only one men skater from Japan, but when I got onto the podium, I’m truly happy that I could perform carrying on my back the wishes of Japanese people and those who supports me from around the world. I wonder if I was able to return the favour to them.”

(excerpt from Aoi Hono II)

why do people keep thinking snorting and wheezing pugs and bulldogs are cute??? brachycephalic dogs have trouble breathing because of unnecessarily short muzzles and stenotic nares, it’s not cute it’s terrifying, and it needs to change for the good of the dogs.

Aqours 1st Live - Aida Rikako’s post-live thoughts

Aqours 1st LoveLive!
Thank you very much for the past two days at ~Step! ZERO to ONE~!! It really, really was a marvelous time. I had fun from the bottom of my heart, and I’m not even exaggerating. It really was a great feeling that made me feel like I was truly alive. I cannot forget everyone’s faces that I saw while I was going around on the trolley. Everyone was shining!!
In truth, when I first heard about the results of Sunshine’s audition, I was at Yokohama Arena with my mother. I can still remember when we were embracing each other even now. It has been 2 years since then. I would never have dreamed that we would be able to stand on this stage now. Love Live! Is something that a lot of people have given their love for, and I once again felt really blessed to be able to take part in it.
I learned the real value of becoming a team and going up from 0. There were 9 of us on stage, but the stage that we created was because of the all the team members, as well as the fans.

This is all I can say!
There was a lot of love enveloping us, and it really, really became a marvelous live!!!!!! However, I have something I must apologize to everyone for. I would like to apologize for the worries that I felt. After discussing with the rest of the team, I decided to perform on the piano. I never wanted to back down, so I requested to be given the chance to do it.
And so, I really give my apologies to the rest of the team who believed in me until the end; I betrayed them. It was exactly because of that that we did not discuss the possibility of failure. Also, having made the other members feel worry in that moment, as well as all the people who had paid money to watch a professional fail, all these emotions mixed together in my head and I panicked. Somehow, I was able to complete it on Day 1, so I calmed down and decided to play with more of a smile like Riko’s on Day 2. To be honest, I cannot remember that moment very well. But the members rushed over to me during the dance, and I also heard the voices of everyone there, so I was able to stop crying and bring back out the “Sakurauchi Riko” within Aida Rikako once again. Without that, my heart would’ve surely broken, and I would’ve regretted it for the rest of my life. Thank you very much for giving me another chance. And then the lyrics of Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare also resonated in my chest and supported me. I was once again able to realize how great the power of music was, and that it was able to give me so much courage.

“It was really the greatest performance by everyone! I was moved!” was what I heard from a lot of people, but a failure is a failure. I am no longer qualified to be a professional standing on stage. I really reflected on it.
And after that I had to perform with a smile. Because I was no longer qualified to cry. But I was able to continue until the very end thanks to the warmth of all the fans. Thank you, thank you very much for supporting me.
Also, I will never forget the members who rushed over so that I wouldn’t be alone, and held me and my hands in that unbelievable location, all the time from before the beginning until after the very end, as well as the fun after the live as they greeted me with smiles and laughed it off. Those 8 people who were there definitely felt the same way as everyone. I was glad that it was 9 people once again. Thank so so much for saving me.
And also, I am very grateful to the piano teacher who seriously taught the amateur me who could not even read musical notes for 3 months.
It was really difficult; my fingers did not move as I expected, but I was able to slowly get better and better at playing, and I was able to think, “Playing the piano is fun!” And that was definitely thanks to the people who told me so. I started the piano from this age, so I was worried about whether it was truly okay, but I was told many times that it was important to challenge that thought.

It’s getting quite long, but I wanted to tell everyone as soon as possible.

Now, the second season of the TV anime, as well as 2nd live tour and many others were announced! Aqours is advancing from here onto the next Step once again. In order to make all of you know more and more about Aqours, I will put out my heart and try even harder than my best that I have done until now as a member of Aqours!!!
So please cheer me on as a member of Aqours and as Sakurauchi Riko from now on as well.

I will forever treasure everyone who supported me.
Let’s go and see more marvelous sights together! The voice of Sakurauchi Riko 🌸 Aida Rikako

Holy shit.