by my shirt


And some Aaron broadway SASS from The Belasco in LA 5/14/17 singing Desert Island Top 5 Breakups

Look for his 🖕🏼🖕🏼 in there near the end

So… Today started out fine, Like every weekend, I planned to sleep in until my friend called and told me she was on her way, but… That didn’t happen. I waited since 9am for a friend that would never show. I cried, and several people knew that.

No it is 7pm, and I’m happy. I talked to people, listen to their help, made banana bread, and I’m now going out for a walk. Normally its very hard for me to be happy, but my aunt told me “Don’t let her ruin your day, your better than that”

I’m very happy with myself, and normally, I only post pictures for dares and lost bets, but today isn’t the case. I got ready, and I think I look fabulous, hair and all. So today, was pretty shitty, but now, I’m happier, and I feel pretty too!

I handed my gift for Dan in Zurich to Dick and for two months i constantly tweeted Dan asking if he got my gift but got no answer and eventually i gave up on tweeting him about it. And then this happened. Yesterday when i found out I was out, slightly drunk and couldn’t believe my own eyes and then i started jumping, laughing in the middle of the street. I got some weird looks but I was so happy I didn’t give shit about it. And my friend started jumping with me because she was so happy for me. This means he read my very enotional letter and has Dead poet society bookmark.
I still can’t believe Dan Smith did that.

Hey!! Do you like stuff ? Cuz’ I sell stuff !!

I oppenned a Redbubble account because I really need money to pay my art school and  the supplies (and also food to live, but that’s an another problem)

There is some Steven Universe, Beauty and the Beast, Rick and Morty, Undertale, Alien stuffs and more !! (I will add more things about Disney ,Feminism, LGBTQ pride, manga, anime, cartoon…)

And you can put them on almost whatever things you want : Shirt, phone case, note book, bag, mug, clock etc…

I upload new designs almost every day ! And there’s some of them I’ve never uploaded on tumblr or D.A.

You can find my shop HERE 

Feel free to help me !