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I've been too nervous to ask all day but?? if im still able to get a request i would honestly love to see adult max with mr honeynuts,,, idk i feel like he'd keep his bear until its literally broken apart (tbh preston would buy him a new one. it wouldnt be the same as the original but max would appreciate it)

Oh god I live for this.

Max highkey has re-stitched and patched up Mr. Honeynuts so much, he’s pretty sure he’s replaced all the original fabric and has made an entirely different bear. Preston probably went out and bought Max his second bear, Mr. Quaker-Oats, for a birthday as a joke, but Max genuinely loves it. 

He probably made a huge dramatic show out of throwing Mr. Quaker-Oats away in front of Preston, but in all actuality, he kept it and smuggled it into work with him and he uses it to vent his Retail Frustrations on his breaks. 

Hey, guys!

Just wanted to make a quick little thing saying that I’ve officially moved in to my dorm room on my college campus, and since classes start this week, I’m probably not going to be around much. Queue is running, but if I get any messages, I might not have time to answer them because I’ll either be busy studying or managing my pain (because it’s been a hella bad pain week). Anyway, I thought I would just drop that here, but I hope everyone is doing okay, and I hope you all have spoons for the week! 

after ??? nearly 6 years of being on this godforsaken site i’ve finally made an about page 

a restful home.


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Bon Voyage ✌️ 

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why do i constantly wanna change everything about myself and my surroundings

The Foxes as things my roommates have said
  • Renee: (when asked if she could beat us in a fight) Well I didn't want to brag but I could destroy all of you.
  • Kevin: I have training in the morning but that's for sober me to worry about.
  • Andrew: I only like two things in life: being gay and getting into fights. And I just got done being gay.
  • Aaron: I'm going to the library. If you see me there, please pretend you didn't.
  • Nicky: oh man you're heterosexual? what a shame. what a fucking shame.
  • Dan: My mom was artificially inseminated. I didn't need a man to be born and I don't need one now.
  • Matt: You guys are my friends and I love you but you're fucking idiots.
  • Neil: I'm starting to realize I didn't have a happy childhood. Should I, like, see a therapist or something?
  • Allison: I'd invite you to thanksgiving at my family's summer home in Vermont but I can't let you see me and my family wear matching polo shirts and khakis
  • Bonus from my RA:
  • David: I want you all to consider me a friend! But also remember that I can get you kicked out so don't pull any shit.
  • Abby: No need to call 911. I have some bandaids in my room and also some vodka but don't tell anyone about that.
  • Bee: You can talk to me at any time, day or night. But I know you won't, you emotionally stunted bastards.

i miss being in a relationship and staying up late on the phone or laying in bed with one another wide awake just talking about nonsense in the middle of the night while holding each other or rubbing your thumb along their hand. i miss surprise dates and staying in for movie nights or just running errands together because that’s time spent together and getting butterflies even when you text them.