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Shuffle Tag 🎶

I was tagged by @neiisim and @diosasims :))

WARNING: My music taste is all over like wow me just wow

On & On-Erykah Badu (Phone Down is my favorite by her but she g8 hehe) 

Drunk In Love-Beyonce (QUEEN BEEZ)

Baby Blue- Action Bronson (Thanks to youtube videos I now know this song)

Suit and Tie- Justin Timberlake (AS LONG AS I GOT MY SUIT & TIE)

Dream A Little Dream Of Me- Ella Fitzgerald (Don’t judge me I LOVE her)

Wu-Tang Forever- Drake (Drake is just oh my..)

I Feel Good- James Brown (I feel old listening to this but pshh)

Single-The Neighbourhood (I haven’t listened to them in like so long <_<)

Six Feet Under- The Weeknd (Don’t get me starteddd)

Break From Toronto- Partynextdoor (Oh my lordddddd my husband *heart eyes everywheree*) 

I shall tag @flowerysim @sim-vibezz @simsonella @simlikethis @le-soleil

and everyone else who wants to do it <3

a/n: typed this up real quick for the free day in 13 days of halloween! i had a lot of fun with these prompts so big thank you to the person who organized this :) this is a halloween-y road trip ft. chowder and the tadpoles. dex is the new team dad. it’s a fun time.

“I’m not going to be the stupid horror movie white kid who fucks with ghosts,” Dex declares in no uncertain terms, giving Tango an extremely judgmental look over his mug of still steaming hot cocoa.

He’s sitting on the couch crisscross applesauce, a fuzzy throw draped across his lap which is kind of a stretch seeing that Nursey has appropriated half of it. The cover of the blanket makes Nursey think it’s okay to periodically run his hand up the inside of Dex’s thigh and make him choke every few minutes. Dex kind of hates him.

“I’m not going if Dex isn’t going,” Chowder pipes up, flashing Whiskey an apologetic smile.

“Yeah,” says Nursey, his thumb rubbing small circles at Dex’s hip. Dex turns to glare at him and Nursey offers a lazy yet stupidly charming smile, “me either.”

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