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Do you think Alolan Marowak's "bone fire" glows green because the bones have boric acid?

While boric acid (H3BO3) does burn green, so does copper! 

In addition to being closer to Marowak’s color, there’s another reason I think copper is more likely than boric acid in this case. Assuming Marowak makes its own fuel for the fire, the fuel has to be something in Marowak’s body, or better yet, inside the bone itself. What is inside of bone? Bone marrow! Bone marrow is typically made of fat cells, red and white blood cells, and other tissue. In most animals, red blood cells (which are created inside bone marrow) carry oxygen around the body, using a specific protein called hemoglobin to pick up the oxygen. Hemoglobin is made from iron, which gives the red blood cells their red color. But not all animals have red blood. In fact, instead of hemoglobin some creatures have hemocyanin, which picks up oxygen just like hemoglobin, but instead of iron it has – have you guessed it yet? – copper! Hemocyanin causes these animals to have blue blood instead of red. I think this is the case with Marowak. The hemocyanin bone marrow is the fuel source for Marowak’s torch, which burns greenish because of the copper content of its blood. 

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what’s interesting about this whole fat taako vs skinny taako thing is that i initially drew taako skinny bc i hadn’t listened to all of the episodes out at the time and i figured he was described as skinny at some point, since everyone seemed to draw him really skinny

the closest we got was “slight” when compared to mr. brick shithouse magnus, and that’s such a vague description that it can hardly be used as an indicator of weight, and when i finished all of the episodes it really hit me that i didn’t need to make him skinny. i could make him my weight, or even bigger, and it would still be appropriate bc his weight was never really described.

isn’t it really fucked up that i thought he was only ever supposed to be interpreted as skinny because everyone else drew him that way? isn’t it fucked up that fat characters can never be protagonists, without being reduced to a joke, shoved to the side or transforming into a simplified and less compelling version of what they used to be? isn’t it fucked up that someone hears a character described as “ethereally beautiful” and immediately thinks they’re skinny?

moon in scorpio: issues of the past cannot be buried. reminders of pain and trauma can be evoked everywhere without work and awareness. the head of the hydra can only be destroyed with light, and the moon has entombed her even deeper, the wounds are harder to find. superficial scratching only spreads the infection

The Signs as Characters from Hamilton

ARIES: Thomas Jefferson

TAURUS: John Laurens

GEMINI: King George III

CANCER: Aaron Burr

LEO: Eliza Schuyler-Hamilton

VIRGO: Marquis de Lafayette 

LIBRA: Hercules Mulligan

SCORPIO: Peggy Schuyler

SAGITTARIUS: Maria Reynolds

CAPRICORN: Alexander Hamilton

AQUARIUS: Angelica Schuyler

PISCES: George Washington