by molly herself

Okay, but Molly Hooper has once again put herself aside for other people. It must have absolutely destroyed her to say those words to Sherlock.  You could see it in her eyes.  They framed her face literally in the middle of the frame, looking straight at us, to SHOW US that we were seeing her from Sherlock’s own eyes, to show us how much it hurt her to say that, and how much it hurt him.  

Every single time Molly wants to run to Sherlock, she CANT.  

I am dying for Molly because she is the least selfish person in this wreck of a world that exists around Sherlock.  She deserves so much love, and yet…she gives it to everyone else and no one gives it back to her.

Please love Molly Hooper. 


They have both grown so much. Sherlock taught Molly to be stronger than ever, and to stand up for herself. Molly taught Sherlock that to be human is to be vulnerable, to experience love, and that does not make you weak. They have now grown strong enough to confess their true feelings. Sherlock’s I love you was real - Molly can see through his bullshit, remember? Their relationship is built on trust and who do they both trust to give themselves completely with? Each other. (x)

Weasley Parents + Coming Out

The first conversation of this type at this table had been Charlie, at seventeen, so serious and so scared. He’d looked down at his hands, not meeting Molly’s eyes, or even Arthur’s. The word asexual was whispered like something shameful, and the Weasley parents stumbled over each other to explain that it wasn’t. Shameful. That they loved him anyway. 

They walked away from the conversation feeling close to Charlie, glad for the opportunity to be trusted like this, and for the chance to reassure him of their unconditional love. They hadn’t expected the conversation to be the first of many. 

Fred’s turn was next, a few years later. He was sixteen, and Molly assumed when he asked for his parents attention at the kitchen table that he was about to confess to the mysterious burn mark on the outside of the house, just under Ron’s attic window. When he instead said that he was bisexual, Molly found herself almost relieved. It was Arthur who did the reassuring that time, though they both hugged him before he left the kitchen. 

Ginny’s coming out had been almost casual. She, too, had been sixteen, and had addressed her concerns mainly to her mother, sure that her father wouldn’t fly off the handle. As it turned out, Molly nodded and said that she had known all along, and Arthur laughed and started counting on his fingers.

Harry felt the same conversation necessary, after his breakup with Ginny. He looked, while pronouncing the words, as if he had put something very sharp in his mouth and was getting up the courage to swallow it. “You’ve taken me in and I broke up with your daughter, and I might start dating boys and I’m – I, I’m sorry.” 

Molly’s heart broke, like it always does when Harry’s lack of parental affection throughout his life shines through, and she reached for him, reassuring him that of course it was alright, they loved him like one of their sons, he doesn’t need to hide this about himself. Arthur laughed. “You saved three of our lives, Harry, and then the entire world. It would take a lot more than bisexuality to put us off of you.” It shocked Harry that he hadn’t been the one to use the word, but they had known anyway. He felt so much lighter, so much freer having told someone other than Ginny how he felt. The entire world felt within his grasp, now, with such a strong base of love to draw from. 

The last conversation - of their children, at least, their grandchildren were going to have their own sets of comings-out - didn’t happen at the kitchen table, but rather, at the front door on Christmas Eve, when Oliver Wood, dressed to the nines and bearing a beautiful poinsettia and a bottle of elf-wine, trailed happily behind Percy. “Mother, you remember Oliver from our school days. I’ve brought him tonight as my partner,” Percy said, in a voice that left no room for disapproval or argument. “I would have brought him before, but we didn’t want to steal Ginny’s thunder from the wedding.” 

Molly smiled, kissed Percy and thanked Oliver for the poinsettia, seemingly nonplussed, and just happy to everyone she loved, and everyone her children loved all under one roof. 

tbh molly has never been my number 1 fav but i have a really hard time believing after everything sherlock has put her through and after watching sherlock with john and seeing the lengths he will go to ensure john’s safety and happiness (including putting molly herself in dangerous and uncomfortable positions over and over), after like 5 or 6 years of this shit, that she hasn’t a) completely got over whatever fleeting attraction she had, b) realized the boy is gay as a picnic basket, and c) moved so far beyond it that she wouldn’t be upset so much as annoyed af that sherlock still calls her for dumbass shit in the first place

Headconon that Fred Weasley is a Really Fantastic cook!!! This is so important, okay?

- For years he watched Molly cook dinner by herself, even on days when someone else should do it, like Mothers Day and her Birthday. 

- One Mothers Day he decides that she shouldn’t cook dinner, so fifteen minutes before Molly usually starts cooking, Fred sneaks into the kitchen and begins preping the meal Molly always makes on Mothers Day, Beef Stroganoff. 

- Molly walks in as he is slicing the beef into little pieces, meticulously, making sure each piece is exactly the same size. He has her old cook book sitting next to him and everything he will need for the dish already out. 

- Molly is surprised that he can even read the recipe, because she has had that book since her mother gave it to her years ago, and the pages are very faded and caked in spilled food. She could barely read it herself, but she didn’t need to having memorized most of the recipes anyway.

- Coming out of her thoughts Molly asks her trouble making son what he’s doing.

- “It’s Mum’s Day. You shouldn’t have to cook Mum. Go sit down or tell little Ronnie to clean his room or whatever Mums do for fun.” Molly smiled at her son and turned around to leave the kitchen. She expects she will have to whip something up later when Fred messed something up or burned it, as he had never cooked before.

- Fred is in the kitchen for a few hours, going slow and making sure everything is perfect. He may like to pull pranks, but he also knew his mum put up with a lot and he wanted to do something nice for her and he did nothing halfway. 

- The stroganoff is ready when Arthur walks through the door. The kitchen smells wonderful, as it always does when Molly cooks, but when he turns to see Fred stirring dinner he is shocked. Fred turns around and just smiles at him.

- Fred tells his mother that dinner is ready and she calls the rest of the children, they all sit down together and begin eating after each child has said Happy Mothers Day to Molly.

- The entire family gets silent as they dig in, it was absolutely wonderful, everyone makes a content noise as their tummies are filled with yummy food. 

- Ron looks over to his mum and says “It’s really really good mum, one of the best batches ever!”

- Molly smiles across the table at Fred, “Ronnie, I would love to take credit, but I didn’t make this. Fred did.”

- All jaws around the table drop. No one could believe Fred had made this. Except Arthur and Molly, the just beamed at their son. 

- For a moment all the Weasley children are nervous to eat anymore, for fear of a prank, but then they realized Fred would never do that to their mother, no one messed with mum. She was scary when she wanted to be. So they continued stuffing their faces after telling Fred how good it was.

- From then on, Fred made dinner once a week. 

- After a few weeks of this, Ginny started watching Fred when he cooked, as he was her favorite brother, though don’t tell that to anyone else, especially George. 

- One day Fred asked Ginny if she wanted to help him, and she agreed excitedly and they cooked together. 

- The day Fred got to cook quickly became Ginny’s favorite day of the week because she got to help her older brother cook and was finally able to spend quality time with someone she looked up to. Cooking also meant you didn’t have to do dishes, so that was a great perk too, both Fred and Ginny HATED dishes.

- Fred’s cooking skills later came in handy when developing the trick candies for their shop, Ginny also helped with the development, while George came up with more candy ideas. 



bbc sherlock: social media | molly hooper (1/?)

after her role in sherlock’s survival from the events of ‘the fall’ was revealed (by anderson, no less), molly found herself achieving minor celebrity status–albeit, nowhere near the level sherlock is enjoying (complaining). 

despite canon showing that molly uses samsung, i’d like to think that she uses iphone and is a bit liberal with her use of emojis

To be, or not to be...

Something else interesting to note about Sherlock and Molly, and who they ‘pretend’ to be in the real world:

Sherlock only likes himself when he’s something he’s not.  When he’s dressed up in his detective identity.  He hates himself, or is terribly uncomfortable, as anything else.

Molly is only not herself one time in the series, during the Christmas episode.  She dressed up in a ‘costume’, to try and be something she really wasn’t.  It’s the only time we see her look completely and utterly uncomfortable.

In TEH, when Sherlock shyly asks Molly to come and participate in a case with him, she asks him what John usually does.  By this point, Sherlock knows Molly.  He remembers the last time she was at 221B, trying so hard to be someone she wasn’t, for him.  This time, he makes sure she knows all he wants is for her to be herself. “You’re not being John, you’re being yourself.”

Molly is only comfortable when she’s herself.  Something I think Sherlock admires greatly about her.

Sherlock is never comfortable, never okay when he’s himself…except when he’s with Molly.

Sherlock trusting Molly enough to be himself with her is in itself a kind of love. It’s not an everyday romantic kind of love, but I think for Molly, it’s worth far more than any dinner date or night at the pub.  To her, it’s pure diamonds.

Salted Caramel

Just a little ficlet inspired by the end of The Lying Detective…


It takes forever to get Rosie and Sherlock- both crumb-covered and sugar-hyped- out of Emmaline’s.

In fact, it takes so long that the titular Emmaline effectively bribes the birthday boy with a whole left-over salted caramel torte in order to get him to leave.

The gleeful look on his face when she hands it over tells Molly that such behaviour will merely encourage him in the future- Something which the older woman seems to understand too, to her dismay and John’s amusement.

Nevertheless , Sherlock looks so happy as they step out into the London evening that Molly can’t bring herself to be cross.

Grinning smugly with his success he sets staunchly out into the night, Molly at his side whilst John lags behind and tends to a now cranky and tired Rosamund.

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Thank you so, so much @artbylexie for this beautiful gift. It’s an illustration for my story “On Thin Ice.” Isn’t it gorgeous? Don’t you love his helmet hair? Lexie created the team logo, which I also love! And Molly even has the white towel!!

In spite of herself Molly laughed, then swatted him [John] on the shoulder with the ubiquitous white towel she carried during every game.

Thank you again, so very, very much!!!

Molly’s strength

She did it again.

Molly insisted “I’m not an experiment.”

Molly demanded “Why are you doing this to me?  Why are you making fun of me????“

Molly named her fear.  Molly named the thing that “everyone knew” but would never say, and then Molly demanded that Sherlock answer to it - RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT HAPPENING.  She believed Sherlock was mocking her, and instead of ignoring it or running away, she faced it head-on, and turned it back on Sherlock, so much that he broke through his own barrier and told the truth.

Once again, Molly spoke up for herself, stood up to the person who was breaking her heart, and demanded better behavior from him.

“You always say such horrible things.”

“I don’t count.”

“What do you need?”

“I’m not an experiment.”

“Why are you making fun of me?“

“You say it first.”

“Go on.  Say it.  Say it like you mean it.”

And he does.


current state of the runaways (so far)

nico minoru: in a-force, which unfortunately got cancelled
alex wilder: in power man and iron fist as an antagonist attempting to rebuild the pride
victor mancha: dead as of the vision
gert yorkes: still dead.
karolina dean: majesdanian aliens appeared in mighty captain marvel, but still no sign of karolina herself.
chase, molly, klara, xavin, old lace: ????

A lot of people are getting worked up about the Moffat interview, but I really don’t see anything wrong about it.

In my headcanon, Molly is always the mature, sane one, somebody who is emotionally healthy and independent from other people’s expectation of her. Come on, she works for a morgue, makes morbid jokes, has a very unique taste in clothes and has a healthy dating life. That’s not a person who is insecure. She’s someone who knows herself well enough to seek her own happiness. She has always been in control of her feelings, even towards Sherlock.

This is why I argue that her love for Sherlock will NEVER make her less of a person, because love that makes you a better person will never diminish you. She is not desperate, insecure or unhappy. She walks inside 221b with all smiles, head held up high and confident, Moffat commenting that she probably got over it and was shagging someone. They all point to one thing. This is a woman in control of herself.

Molly Hooper will not wait for anyone to make her happy, ladies and gentlemen, not even for Sherlock Holmes. She will find that happiness herself.

Now, what do we say about Sherlock? He is devastated, confused and out of his wits, and this just makes it so much more delicious. He is struggling around the enormity of his feelings. He is someone who has spent most of his life protecting himself from emotions. He has grown up believing that Emotions = Weakness. It will not take just a couple of days to get over it. There will be a lot of contemplation, a lot of fear and denial, a lot of doubt.

And finally, it is Sherlock’s turn to grow. Finally, it’s his turn to prove to Molly that he can take care of her. He needs to sort his feelings out and decide whether he wants to pursue the responsibility of having a relationship with Molly. So many lovely and yummy angsty questions surface: Is he going to chicken out from his feelings and just be friends? Is he going to take the leap and experience the painful transition to an emotionally available man? How will he do it? Who will he ask for advice? I can imagine Sherlock reading books about relationships, having mind-palace scenes with Mind-palace Molly, testing out theories, arguing the benefit between a red rose or a piece of candy… Ahhh so much material….

If anything, that Moffatt interview all but validates Molly as a strong, independent girl. A girl that (LO!) is in love, but still in control. Cos let me tell you one thing. I may ship Sherlolly, but Molly Hooper deserves the world. Molly knows it. Sherlock knows it. She will not settle for a tall, curly-haired ball of a man-child, sorry. If he won’t straighten up his life and fight for her, Molly will move on. Oh, she can still continue loving him as a friend. But how about Sherlock? What are you going to do about it, Mr Holmes? This isn’t like a case, is it? It’s a lot more challenging.

Sink or swim, dear boy. Sink or swim.

Year 7 Part 1: The Love Potion

This is part one of the seventh part to the Sherlolly-Harry Potter series.

Molly stared across the Potions table at Sherlock. He had his head down, reading the instructions for the potion they were making and adding the necessary ingredients. So far, the year had been miserable. The prospects of N.E.W.T’s were disheartening enough without the added layer of the growing gap between her and Sherlock. Every time she looked at him her heart ached a bit, but Molly swore to herself she wouldn’t let it affect her studying or her life.

“Molly, it’s been five minutes. You really should stir it counterclockwise twice now.” Sherlock said, not even lifting his head from the book. She jumped slightly and quickly stirred the potion, its color turning a slight pink. She stood on her tip toes and peered inside Sherlock’s potion, which was the same shade of pink as hers. “Oh, good.” she whispered to herself. “What was that, Molly?” Sherlock picked up his head from the book at looked at her with his startling blue-green eyes. “Oh, yours is the same color.”

“Why are you comparing it to mine?”

“Because your potion hasn’t been wrong once since first year and your brilliant.” Molly was surprised to see a confused look on Sherlock’s face. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Molly asked, putting in the final ingredient. “Have you always compared your potion to mine?”

“Not always. Only when I’m worried I’ve forgotten something. Yours is always just a good comparison.” Something flicked across Sherlock’s face and he turned back to his potion.

Molly followed the final instructions and completed her love potion, turning to help Lestrade, who was hopelessly lost. Sherlock wasn’t quite done with his but his head suddenly perked up when, after restoring Lestrade’s finished potion to the correct color and density, Molly accidentally wafted the potion’s vapor towards him as she picked up her book. “Molly, why have you worn more perfume today? I thought you had broken up with Paul.” Molly turned towards him. “His name was Tom, and I only wore one spritz for your information; you just have a sensitive nose.” She walked over to her potion and, smelling something that reminded her of classical music, inhaled deeply.

Meanwhile, Lestrade stared at the table with a look of concentration, wondering why he couldn’t smell Molly’s perfume as Sherlock had. Shrugging, he looked back at his book and read the description of the potion to make sure that his did in fact match. However, when he reached the last line his head shot up from the book and looked from Sherlock to Molly to his cauldron, which was smoking with pinkish vapor, with a smile creeping across his face. Sherlock Holmes loved Molly Hooper.         

anonymous asked:

A long time ago, I read a fic where Molly cut herself. All I remember is that as she continued to cut on her legs her cuts got more ragged. Sherlock and John find her in the hospital's(morgue?) restroom bleeding and Sherlock freaks. Of course Sherlock then helps her through it and what not, and right now, i kinda need this fic right now(well in the day), I think it might help

I think this was a story by morbidmegz on