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hi, I wouldn't be surprised it was Rebecca (I'd stick around although I don't know if many more will) but having Adam find it and it actually be Moira's would be great and I've been thinking this for a while. Instant soapy drama for Moira/Cain/Pete/Leyla, it could be what brings Coira back together and it's added drama for Adam and Vic because if they are having issues conceiving how will they feel when it ends up being Adam's mother who gets pregnant (even more spec here but the (1/2)

(2/2) stress of all that could push Adam into one of the known summer affairs, I love Vadam but I’ve thought from the beginning that he might cheat because they haven’t done a lot with them for a while and that is a soap’s go to thing). I’m not going to think about it to much because it probably will end up being Rebecca (maybe we’re a bit late in the soap game for moira to suddenly discover she’s pregnant) but just thought I’d share some thoughts.

It’s just – if you are doing a baby story then this is IT! It involves SO MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE? Especially if we are starting up with the Cain/Harriet pairing which would bring a different dynamic to Coira (WHO BETTER END UP TOGETHER OR ISTG). It would have all the Bartons at each other’s throat, give Pete/Leyla drama and airtime, piss Adam off because why the hell is his half-brother sleeping with his mom (vice versa), put stress on Vadam in their stuggles to have a baby, pit Moira and Emma against each other…

CHRIST. THAT is good soap. 

I’m never getting it. 

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Arrow 5x17 “Kapiushon” Review: Journey To the Dark Side

This episode of Arrow is by far the darkest episode of Arrow we’ve ever seen. It’s darker than Shado vs. Sara or Moira vs. Thea. Darker than even during the Al Sah Him time. I think that we have absolutely reached the crushing rock bottom in the journey of Oliver Queen. And thank God because I’m really not sure we could survive going any further down this dark rabbit hole.

Stephen Amell was utterly fantastic in this episode. The raw emotion in his scenes with Josh Segerra—who was equally amazing—were painful to sit through. Yet Amell also managed to balance this with the flashback scenes where we saw Oliver reaching his darkest point in his five years of hell. Somehow even juxtaposed with each other I was able to still feel so bad for Oliver in the present day. Amell did A+ work and should be commended for it.

Oliver Queen and Adrian Chase (plus OTA/Olicity)

It’s a cold open of torture as Adrian holds Oliver’s head under water for 145 seconds because that’s how long Jason Clayborne took to drown. As Oliver is drowning—like he was in the pilot episode—he flashes back to the people that he killed in season 1. This is day six of torture for Oliver.

Physically, Oliver is holding up relatively fine, if a bit tired. Mentally, he seemed to be doing okay in that first scene too. So far Chase had only been physically torturing Oliver. Oliver knows how to take pain. That’s not going to break Oliver. In fact, he seemed kind of bored when he told Chase, “If that’s what you’re going to do to me you’ll need to come up with something better than whatever this is,” in regards to Chase telling Oliver he took the name Prometheus because he took away power from the Gods. Chase told him he had something better.

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And he did. He broke Oliver when he stopped trying to physically torture him and went back to mentally attacking him. He poked at all of Oliver’s greatest fears—that he ruins everything he touches. But still as Chase was dancing around this he wanted Oliver to confess a secret. The secret. Oliver didn’t know what it was that Chase wanted from him and thus he couldn’t stop the psychological torture.

Chase starts his psychological attack by hanging pictures of people the people that Oliver killed. Oliver argues that these people were bad and had victims of their own. Chase argues they also had spouses and children too. I see both sides of the argument here. Did Oliver need to kill to get justice in season 1? No; we know that and we knew that then. But at that time that’s what he’d been conditioned to believe was the only way to see real justice done. An eye-for-an-eye kind of thing. And Chase is correct—he’s an example of it—that bad people also have people in their lives that aren’t bad and would miss them if they were gone.

Harry Potter reference. Draco Malfoy loved his parents but they were still Death Eaters. Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy may have been parents who (sometimes) loved their son but they also still chose to be Death Eaters. People are all complicated. It’s as I’ve said—what like 99 times now?—we all have light and dark in us but it’s what we choose to do that matters. Jason Clayborne had good things in his life; he apparently had a close relationship with his shithead of a son. A son, by the way, born out of an affair if I recall because he has been called his “illegitimate” son. So that’s hardly honorable. Then there is all his criminal activity. No one forced Clayborne to partake in all of that but he chose to. He chose not to think about the people that he would be hurting.

The difference is that Oliver made the chose to change his ways. And that matters. If the bad counts than the good has to count too.

When Oliver brings up Adrian’s hypocrisy because Chase murdered his own wife to further his agenda against Oliver, it’s important to note that Adrian couldn’t fight against that. He chose to ignore it. Because he murdered a woman who was innocent and there was no defense against that. Doris Chase wasn’t a woman with a criminal history; for all intents and purposes, she seemed like a loving wife to a man who played her and then murdered her.

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"I honestly think it’s Moira" i think you're right :)

1. It’s way too soon for Bex to know if she’s pregnant.

 2. It’s gonna be a ‘who’s the baby daddy’ storyline Pete vs. Cain, and I honestly think in the end it’ll be Cain’s and Coira will get back together. Cause the spoilers say it tears them apart or brings them together.

3. April 11th is my birthday, and I refuse to believe anything negative will happen on that day.

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      A small update on how things have been going, since it’s been a while and all  I’m still on hiatus, but I’ve been getting glimmers of muse now that things are starting to become a little less hectic around here. The next couple weeks are going to be interesting with having to help my friend move out of her current apartment as quickly as possible, but I’ve definitely been getting little bursts of muse for Liv, Cassie, Moira, and even a new oc I’ve been making because I have a problem and no force on this green earth will be able to ever stop me. But, once things even out a bit more ( and I hopefully get this job I’m interviewing for tomorrow ) I might be around with a bit more stability, either here or across my other blogs. Hope you’ve all been doing well though !!