by miros


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

*Matt returns*

Voltron Fandom: Holy shit our meme son is back safe and sound!! He’s gotten so much hotter! I love him so much.

*Shatt shippers arise from their graveyards and drink from the new content so that they may be stronger*

One person muttering under their breath: Langst where Lance feels like he’s going to be replaced by Matt.

*Entire Voltron Fandom perks up*: Langst? Langst! LanGST?!?!

*Entire Voltron Fandom chanting louder and louder*: LANGST! LANGST!! LANGST!!

*Shatt shippers cry because people are demonising their meme son in order to emotionally destroy the best blue boy*