by mine i mean i made the gifs


My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? 

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Ohmahgashhh. So, I hit ~1,2k followers last night… and I never actually thought that this many people would follow any blog of mine! I mean, I still find it strange that I even made it past 300! Thank you so much for sticking around even though I’m not always here and even when my posts suck (ahaha admit it jk). I was supposed to create this follow forever thing when I hit 500, then I said let’s do it at 1K… then I got lazy, oh my gosh.

wellp, here are some of my favorite blogs, you guys make my dash a better place:
(in no particular order)
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[I don’t get to talk to that many people and I’m not always around long enough to see a lot of blogs, so I’m pretty sure I forgot some people–I’m sorry ;; but it’d be cool to make friends!!]


Sherlock: Is a phone call possible? 

Mycroft: Phone call? 

Sherlock: Sherlock has a brother he may wish to say goodbye. John has a daughter he may wish to say goodbye.


you are the ocean’s gray waves, destined to seek life beyond the shore just out of reach. yet the waters ever change, flowing like time the path is yours to climb