by mimi

It’s the birthday of our Sunshine man, Zhou Mi!!!!

Okay, I admit, author-nim might love Mimi just a leeeeetle too much. I only wrote a 143-chapter fanfiction with him in it…


April 19th means time to celebrate the sunniest sunshine in the world, our Gentleman Mimi, with his gorgeous smile!!!!

Yes that gorgeous smile

We all would like to give Mimi a hug

This was iconic


He’s such a cutie all the time when he’s excited


seriously, he… he’s just… so adorable… how can you possibly hate this man?

this is my favorite gif ever and I NEVER get to use it

kisses. Give Mimi ALL the kisses!!!!!

Iprom15eScenarios’ Zhou Mi Selection (there is not nearly enough. I love writing about Zhou MI~~~)

A Petite Problem (fluff. Definitely fluff)

My Love For You (spontaneous fluff)

Words Without Thoughts (angst)

Finding the Right Words (aforementioned 143 chapter fanfic)

And that’s all, folks! 

Let us always continue to love and support our wonderful Sunshine Mimi, because goodness knows he needs it. We need to always make sure is is able to smile that beautiful smile for us. Always. <3